Input + JavaScript to roll up text

The Helper home ( provides an alternative usage of a text box, and uses JavaScript to slowly crawl text. This allows you to create a lot of special text effects. text crawling-LIEHUO. NET If the effect cannot be displayed,

JavaScript array example: Click to read text one by one

The Helper House ( provides an example of a JavaScript array. we store the text in the array and output the text in a loop, just like an announcement, however, this is not the case now. You can learn JS arrays as an example reference.

CSS + Javascript to create tabs with animation Effects

This is a selection plug-in similar to the TAb function. The difference with the ordinary TAb is that the animation effect is added. It is mostly used for product websites and product classification functions, however, other websites can also be

Right-click prohibited in javascript, copy prohibited, and paste prohibited

Sometimes webpages that have worked hard for half a day, especially some of the special effects of javascr into pt, can be easily copied by users who can view the source files. So how can we prevent people from viewing the source code? We can use

Example code for verifying the password strength using Javascript

Today, with the development of web in the tutorial, many forums and bloggers have added the function of verifying the password strength during user registration. Recently, I received a letter from the webmaster asking the customer to

Details about typeof, instanceof, and constructor in js

Typeof returns a string of the expression data type. The returned result is of the basic js data type, including number, boolean, string, object, undefined, and function. the syntax is typeof (data) or typeof data. Instanceof is used to determine

Method 2: Hide controls using JavaScript

The Helper House ( Tutorial uses JavaScript to hide controls in two ways, namely by setting the "display" and "visibility" attributes of the style of the control. When style. display = "block" or style. visibility = "visible" when the

Dynamically add JavaScript Event code

Add JavaScript Event code dynamically in the tutorial Reference content is as follows: // Form objectFunction GetObject (Name){Var inputlist = document. all. tags ('input ');Var I = 0;For (I = 0; I {Var input = inputlist

Javascript plug-in class library organization and management

Tutorial on helping customers ( large number of js plug-in class libraries are used to develop a large website. Naturally, there are many script and script-related link tags on a page, which makes js organization and management a

Verify ID card validity using Javascript

Please refer to the instance code for the tutorial of helper House ( Reference content is as follows:

Example code: JavaScript to create a simple scoring function

  TutorialToday, when I turned to the blue ideal, I saw a good guy with a very good technology. I went to his independent blog and turned around. I didn't expect a lot of benefits, especially seeing an instance code similar to star rating, what's

Javascript mouse event Summary

  Tutorial on helping customers ( mouse events are a huge family. There are eight common examples: Mousedown: the mouse button is pressed. Mouseup: the mouse button is released. Click: click the mouse button. Dbclick: the

Example code analysis: How Baidu implements AJAX cross-Origin AJAX tutorialWhen you are doing a website, you may encounter the problem of cross-subdomain AJAX. This problem may not be difficult for technical experts, but it may be difficult for new users, occasionally, baidu passes are handled in the

Use AJAX to build better Web Applications

I. Introduction Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) is a web development technology used to create interactive Web applications. This type of program uses JavaScript and XML to submit server requests from the client, and only a small amount of data

Code example: CSS + JavaScript create right-click menu

right-click css and javascript creation page right-click the menu to create a test result! Backward Forward webpage taoba quick query manual taoba Map posting Tianji software Tianji website about this site fire station

AJAX Tutorial: understanding how to process AJAX Response Information

Users' interactions drive the Web site. Understanding how to process response information, especially when using new interactive operations (such as AJAX) is very important. Kris Hadloc explains the nature of the AJAX request-response process. You

How to Apply Javascript to webpages

This article is also the content of my students. The focus of my courses here is not to show students how to compile JS, tell them how to apply the special effects of Javascript in other websites, that is, webpage special effects.This section

Firefox 6.0.2 document click

Today, I wrote code and bound the click event to the document. When I right-click the event, I did not expect firefox to start the click event. The test on ie8 chrome13 did not trigger the click event, only triggered by firefox. Put the click button

Powerful JavaScript Form Verification plug-in

Creating your own JavaScript Form Verification plug-in may be a tedious process involving planning, development, and testing. Without the necessary knowledge of Javascript, it can lead to setbacks and a waste of time. In this article, I found 10

JS Tutorial: String object and its common attributes and Methods

The purpose is very simple. I will mainly review some of the common attributes and methods of String in javascript. Although they are often used, some details are not noticed. It will be a waste of time to check them when they are used, therefore, I

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