Use Javascript to check whether the case-sensitive key is on

I just read a piece of code, I found that does not work, I use the MS IE6, but I did not open the capital key, press the letter also promptedFunction capLock (e ){Kc = e. keyCode? E. keyCode: e. which;Sk = e. shiftKey? E. shiftKey :( (kc = 16 )?

JavaScript implements data swap between two select controls

For the tutorial of helping customers (, you may have seen that the customized bar of IE can swap the data of two select boxes, and implement two Select interchange data on the webpage. Have you ever seen it? It is simple and practical,

Dynamically add and delete tables using JavaScript

:Page code:Fault Code & nbsp; Fault count & nbsp; JavaScript code:

Use Javascript to unselect RadioButtonList

The Helper home ( Tutorial recently implements the single-item selection function when it is working on a project. It can be implemented with RadioButtonList. Unfortunately, the selection of RadioButtonList cannot be canceled.

Also talk about Ajax technology (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

The popular Ajax is not a new technology. It is just a combination of old technologies. You can see from its full name that Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (and DHTML) that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. To understand how Ajax works,

Use Javascript to randomly redirect to any webpage

Fire Station building school ( NewsToday, we will tell you how to use javascript code to randomly redirect different webpages. In theory, this method can implement N webpages. Here, the fire station School of small make up only set two

Brief Introduction to the application of JavaScript bitwise operators

Most languages provide bitwise operators. bitwise operators are widely used in c, c ++, and other languages. There are not many application examples in JS, AS, and other scripting languages, sometimes, the proper use of the bitwise operator will

Ajax example Tutorial: simulate dynamic google prompts Ajax tutorialThe implementation method is very simple. The procedure is as follows: Click the text box to obtain the x and y of the text box. After the content is entered, the request will be sent to the server after a delay of 1-2 seconds

Huoshi Website: CSS attributes and JavaScript encoding table

  DocumentCSS and JS work closely together to add a lot of unique effects to our pages. To achieve some special effect, we need to use Javascript to dynamically change the CSS attribute of a tag. For example, when the mouse goes through an image, we

How to Implement the most basic AJAX framework

Client callback provided by Asp. Net 2.0 Asp. Net 2.0 has been released. 2.0 has many new features, and client callback is one of them. Client callback allows us to call methods on the server without sending back. It is consistent with the functions

Lexical scopes of javascript

You should have written a similar code. In fact, what I want to express here is that sometimes a method definition is 108,000 different from that used. When the method is executed, what variables can be accessed and what variables cannot be accessed?

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 4) Type

The types of Mootools mainly include the following parts: String; Number: Number; Array: Array; Object: Object; Json:; Cookie :. This is also the focus of our speech today. each data type Mt has extended its own method, which can be seen through the

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 6) Animation

Let's take a look at the animation parameter settings: Parameters:Fps-(number: The default value is 50) number of frames per second.Unit-(string: false by default) unit, which can be 'px', 'em ', or' % '.Link-(string: ignore by default) can be

IE6 dynamically creates a bug where iframe cannot be displayed

The floating layer is displayed dynamically. An iframe page is loaded across domains and cannot be displayed normally under ie6. See the figure below: Initially suspectedinnerHTMLMethod To create an iframe

Five Practical js lustful Techniques

Tip 1: setTimeout. Application Case: for example, if you want to execute a function ten times in a loop, what should you do? SetInterval and clearInterval are usually used in the past. Skill 1 is to overcome this problem. (Function (){Var I =

Call and apply in Javascript

In JavaScript, call or apply is used to call a method instead of another object, and the object context of a function is changed from the initial context to the new object specified by thisObj. Simply put, the context of function execution is

Absolute solution to "completed but incorrect webpage"

Sometimes the webpage we create will prompt "completed, but there is an error on the webpage", which is a JS script problem. For some cainiao and novice webmasters, solving these problems is an astronomical solution. Because Javascript is copied

Solve the problem of image onload event invalidation in IE

In the past two days, a simple Image Viewer is created, where "Previous Page" and "next page" are used, new image () is used for Image loading, and the src attribute of image is set, everything works normally in Google Chrome/Opera/FireFox. The Code

Call method of ExtJs and JavaScript

I have read javascript call in the tutorial video. This method is very common in ExtJs.In the past, when ExtJs was involved, the initComponent code was always ignored, as shown below. Today, when reading other people's code, I found that the called

Usage of href = & quot; # & quot; and javascript: void (0)

Generally, we set the href attribute of the tag that is not oriented #1 Delete For example, when we do not need to add or delete a new link, we do not need to do any guidance, but click this link to execute a string of javascript code.However, when

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