JS + XML implement the linkage between provinces and cities

The tutorial of helping customer House (www.bkjia.com) uses JS to operate an XML document to implement a simple form interaction. Aspx page: Reference content is as follows:Aspx page:UName: UCountry: UProvince:UCity: Aspx. cs:

Javascript + CSS: code for creating a text fade-away Effect

The JavaScript text in the Tutorial "www.bkjia.com" is gradually displayed. A more professional saying is "fade in and fade out". It was originally used in the production of video montage and Flash animation, and now it is not uncommon to use text,

JavaScript creates a progress bar for loading Images

The help house (www.bkjia.com) Tutorial shows the code and the Loading effect of the picture. As you all know, this may be displayed from 0% to 100%, and then the picture is displayed, to see the effect clearly, you can load more images. If there

Relationship between objects and functions in JavaScript

In JavaScript, the relationship between objects and functions is subtle. They are an "instance" of each other ".Function instanceof Object and Object instanceof Function are both true1. We can think that an Object is a special "class", and the

AJAX client calls the Server Page Method

1. The client code is as follows:// Function: the client calls the webpage server method.// Example:// Parameter description:// IsStaticMethod: whether it is a static method// MethodName: Method Name// MethodParamter: [Optional] method parameter,

Conflict between css and javascript and Analysis

The following code: homepage Use. nav ul li {background: url (../img/bg. jgp);} After DefinitionThis style. nav_ul_li_1 {background: url (../img/bg1.jpg );}}You cannot use document. getElementById ('nav'). className = 'nav _ ul_li_1 ';To change

OO features of JavaScript: Static Method

The so-called static method is a method that belongs to all instances of the class and does not belong to a specific instance of the class. It can only be called by the class, but not directly by the class instance.In C #, it is easy to declare a

Using JavaScript to control web pages with buttons

After this article, the Helper House (www.bkjia.com) is very interesting. I wrote the code provided in the original article of the Web egg, which is very simple. I added some control in actual use, for example, if it disappears after a certain

A Javascript mask layer and window Effect

  Helper House (Bkjia.com) TutorialThis tutorial describes a Javascript mask layer and window. In fact, JQuery also has many such plug-ins. I think this is good, so I will share it with you! View the Code directly: A Javascript mask layer and

Example Tutorial: Use JS to change the FORM action

Document reprinted by the Fire Site Building Institute (bkjia.com)Sometimes we have to change the form action to submit data. Of course, in most cases, we use hidden fields to make actions get different data. For example, the form action is search.

Use JavaScript + CSS to create the website navigation menu

Agami CreativeDesigners sometimes use tooltips for their navigation. However, tooltips and aqua are quite an unusual combination. Whitehouse.govA perfect example of how one shocould organize huge amounts of content into clear and easily

Javascript code for using the hotkey function on webpages

[Document of the institute of fire station website] This article uses javascript to implement the use of the hotkey function code on the webpage. You can enter the keyboard button on the webpage to implement the corresponding functions. P

In-depth analysis of the future of the JavaScript function library

Over the past few years, function libraries have contributed a lot to the sudden popularity of JavaScript. JavaScript developers solve this problem. In addition, developers can develop solutions for problems they are interested in and apply these

How to optimize the performance of JavaScript scripts

With the development of the network, network speed and machine speed, more and more websites use a variety of client technologies. Ajax is currently the most popular method. JavaScript is an interpreted language, so it cannot reach the level of

Java application-write Advanced JavaScript code

A constructor is a function that calls it to demonstrate and initialize special types of objects. You can use the new keyword to call a constructor. The following is a new example of using constructors.[Keyword] javascript constructor Java 1. Create

Javascript notes -- some things about the String replace Function

The basic knowledge of javascript reinforcement is designed to pave the way for future research on jQuery source code. I recently consulted javascript and found a function: function format(s){var args = arguments;var pattern = new RegExp("%([1-" +

Use session in Express and Socket. IO

Session is required for some authentication in the nodejs project. For example, the demo of the nodejs chat room I wrote is the authentication implemented through session. If a session exists, you can directly log on to the chat room without logging

Judge whether the visitor's browser is IE6 and prompt for code upgrade

I would like to share with you a piece of code to judge the visitor's browser. This is mainly designed to "kill" IE6. We all know that IE6 has a user share of more than 50% of the world's browser shares, internet Explorer 6 is troublesome for WEB

Example code of converting numbers into Chinese Characters in js

Js converts a number into an example code of a Chinese character and directly references the following code. If you have any questions, please leave a message. Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] var _ change = { Ary0: ["zero", "one", "two",

How to use JavaScript to obtain the coordinates of mouse clicks

In some DOM operations, we often deal with the location of elements, and a common aspect of mouse interaction, it is disappointing that different browsers have different results or even some browsers have no results. In this article, we will give a

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