How does Javascript pass values between two forms?

As we all know, the window. open () function can be used to open a new window. How can we pass a value to the parent form in the child form? In fact, the reference of the parent form can be obtained through window. opener.For example, our new window

Javascript object-oriented programming function is a method (function)

During programming, you must inevitably encounter complex functions. Beginners are most afraid of complicated functions. because they cannot well divide functional boundaries, they can only stack a large string of if, loop, and case. As a result,

Dynamic generation of JavaScript anonymous Functions

An example in the book of the Helper House ( is incorrect. Modified it. Below is my understanding! This is what I wrote in the book. I added some annotations: Reference content is as follows:Function User (props ){For (var

JavaScript + CSS implement vertical sliding menu

( Tutorial vertical sliding menu, sliding control on the right side, JavaScript + CSS, compatible with IE6/IE7/FF/opera and other browsers, gray style, practical and simple, I hope you will like it. You can make a standard sliding door

List of common JavaScript Functions-click, location, scroll and confirm

Examples of common JavaScript Functions-click, location, scroll, and confirm are provided in The following content is collected on the Internet:Click () object. click () enables the object to be clicked.Whether the closed object

Debug the JavaScript/VB Script program (Wscript)

In the previous article "Debug JavaScript/VB Script program (IE)", the tutorial on helping customers ( introduced how to debug the Script program in IE. During routine operating system maintenance, we sometimes write some small script

The browser supports JavaScript and Cookies testing.

Many websites require the client to do a lot of complex work. For example, the client JavaScript is used for Data Validity verification, which requires the client's browser's JavaScript enabled; Session variables are used to record identity and

Differences between IE and firefox in javascript and css

1. firefox does not support innerText or why. Firefox supports innerHTML but does not support innerText, so I checked it online and changed it to support textContent to implement innerText. However, the implementation is not so good. By default,

JavaScript optimization: converting Chinese characters to PinYin

Similar examples are emerging on the Internet, but most of them remain unchanged: put all the words with the same pronunciation in one row, which corresponds to a pinyin line; search for the row where the Chinese characters are located during

Use css and javascript to implement the Tab

  Tutorial on helping customers ( the previous tutorial, we once talked about an article titled "automatically switch the mouse over a Tab". In this article, we have already introduced three forms of tabs similar to IE browser.

Effectively improve the efficiency of Javascript DOM operations document DOM performance bottleneckThe bottleneck of DOM operations is screen re-painting. Reducing the number of redraws may increase the efficiency of DOM operations. Reduce re-painting to improve efficiency concentrate DOM operations at

Use js to implement ajax without refreshing and modifying the image title and description

  Reference content is as follows:Use js to implement the front-end code of the image title and description without refreshing ajax; an html file with the following content: ajax modification click to add a photo name click to add

Javascript Tutorial: Change the full check box status

[Fire Station school documentation] Please directly view the javascript code provides you, you can also modify and then use. Reference content is as follows: // Change the full check box status

Example code: Use Ajaxt to update data without refreshing

DocumentIn program design, you often encounter a situation where you cannot know in advance what data the user needs. You must extract the data from the server and then feed it back to the user based on the user's selection. For example, if you

JavaScript instance link buttons are constantly changing

Buttons are common in Web pages. However, you may not have seen the link using buttons. In this way, you can use buttons to create links, and the links in the buttons are constantly displayed. The results are very nice and can save page space. You

Determine whether the client supports JavaScript and Cookies

Many websites require the client to do a lot of complex work. For example, the client JavaScript is used for Data Validity verification, which requires the client's browser'sJavaScript enabled; using Session variables to record identity and other

JavaScript Tutorial: Nine traps that make mistakes easily

From Nine Javascript Gotchas, the following are Nine traps that JavaScript is prone to mistakes. Although it is not a very profound technical problem, please note that it will make your programming easier, that is, make life easier. I will give some

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 3) Events

Today, we will explain the event part of mt. The event description mainly includes three parts: binding, removing, and triggering. Let's take a look at an example. // Jquery event binding method$ ('A'). click (function ){Alert ('A ');});// Or$ ('A').

Use nginx to add password verification for forever-webui for external management

By default, forever-webui installation is not accessible through the Internet, and you do not need a password to enter the management interface. I believe that many developers need to manage their own nodejs services in the external network ~ I want

The magic (+) plus operator in javascript

Javascript is a magic language, but there is no magic plus operator in it. Common addition operators can be used: Addition operation, such as alert (1 + 2) ;=> 3 String connection, for example, alert ("a" + "B"); => "AB" "+ =" Is also advanced,

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