JavaScript Error: unterminated comment

I have been studying the DOM (Document Object Model) in JavaScript recently. Of course, it cannot be said that it is a study. At most, it is just a study. It is not very difficult to understand the logic Syntax of DOM, it is only possible that some

Javascript Implementation of Slow Pop-up and shrinking Layer Code

The instructor assigned a thinking question in the tutorial the day before yesterday. He wrote a layer that can be scaled up slowly using Javascript. After several hours, he finally wrote the result. The Code is as follows: layer

High-simulation controllable spring vibrator written in JavaScript

after setting, activate the element and click me! activate the element again after running it! (!!! If it fails to run after the setting, click (stop now) and then click the element. Do not refresh it any more! It depends on you! Haha !) initial

Example of using JavaScript to receive keyboard commands on a webpage

For example, if you press a different key on the keyboard, the program will jump to a different webpage. In this example, press the B key to go to the home page of the helper, realize the function of Button jump. press the key B on the keyboard

Click the hyperlink to call the implementation of javascript Functions

Click the hyperlink to call the javascript function. Generally, however, this disadvantage is that after you click the link, the GIF animation on the page will remain static.Compile the following code:   link to make GIF animation static for

Detailed description of Element positioning in Javascript

ScrollHeight: gets the scroll height of an object.ScrollLeft: sets or obtains the distance between the left-side border of the object and the leftmost end of the currently visible content in the window.ScrollTop: sets or obtains the distance between

What does escape in javascript mean?

DescriptionEncode String objects so that they can be read on all computers,SyntaxEscape (charstring)The charstring parameter is a String object to be encoded.DescriptionEscape returns a New String object (in Unicode format) containing charstring

Several access methods for frame Objects in Javascript

The Helper House ( Tutorial in js calls the frames set in the window object by accessing the frame. The methods for accessing frame are as follows: Reference content is as follows:Window. parent. frames [frame index

Use JavaScript to translate numbers into English

The knowledge introduced in this tutorial can be translated into English JavaScript, which can automatically determine the size of the number you entered, and it will be automatically combined, it is very practical to translate the syntax of

Example Tutorial: JavaScript code to implement seamless image scrolling

The Helper home ( Tutorial recently designed a non-gap scrolling effect on the homepage image. It was originally prepared to use marquee, but there was a gap during loop scrolling. I found it online. This is relatively simple.

Example of how Javascript binds events cyclically

Let's take a look at an example of using cyclic binding events in Javascript: For example, a list with an uncertain length changes the background when the mouse passes through a certain line. Reference content is as follows: Untitled

Analysis on the ten reasons for using AJAX

AJAX is currently a hot technology. No one can deny that it has a large number of supporters. On CNN, it grew from an undesirable word in February to a prototype technology in October. Therefore, it is necessary to see why AJAX can evolve into the

Javascript variable type (figure)

Javascript variable types are really difficult to understand. Even if you are a very experienced js engineer, it is hard to say that you are clear about js types and classifications. Recently, when I was talking about the javascript Getting Started

Use socket. io and node. js to build a websocket Application

Websocket is a new communication protocol of html5. it implements two-way communication between browsers and servers. In the WebSocket API, the browser and the server only need to perform a handshake, and then a fast channel is formed between the

Easy Grid simple and Easy-to-use javascript table plug-in

In daily webpage design, tables are one of the most commonly used html controls. For convenience and beauty, Easy appears. grid, this table is Easy to use, and the symbol is Easy. Users only need to use html and Javascript, and read the Demo of Easy.

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 5) Ajax

Ajax is very important in our front-end development, so let's take a separate lesson. First, let's take a look at the ajax structure of mootools. Syntax:Var myRequest = new Request ([parameter]);Parameters:Url-(string: null by default) the URL to be

JS vector rotation achieves webpage image movement and collision Rebound

There seems to be a course called web script design last semester. Now I think about it carefully and find that I have never been to the course, and the book is still new. At the end of the course, the teacher asked me to hand in a work and make a

Ajax interacts with PHP through GET

Ajax introduction: The English translation is often the same as that of the Ajax football team. Web application interaction, such as Flickr, Backpack, and Google, has made a qualitative leap in this regard. This term is derived from the conversion

Object. prototype. toString. call () differentiate Object Types

In JavaScript, typeof is used to determine the data type. Only the basic types can be distinguished, namely, "number", "string", "undefined", "boolean", and "object. For arrays, functions, and objects, the relationship is complex. If typeof is used,

Allow IE to support function. bind ()

The front-end developer should be clear that the function objects of the Javscript can change the objects pointed to by the internal scope (this) through the call or apply method to achieve more scalable function development. Ie native supports the

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