JavaScript enables the mouse to trigger the zoom-in and zoom-out animation effect of the container

Tutorial for ( The JavaScript imitation Flash Animation zooms in/out the Div container, is compatible with IE and DOM, and sets parameters: Element objects and style features, which can be reused, the size of each container can be

JavaScript does not prompt to close the window code ie6/ie7/Firefox universal

Some time ago, a fellow manager asked me in the Group how to close the window without prompting me on the webpage. So he found a piece of data from his house and gave it to him, today, I was contacted to say that the Code is not compatible with

Javascript retrieves the final style of webpage Elements

As follows:# Div1 {Width: 100px;} If you want to use document. getElementById ("div1"). style. width, It is unsuccessful. Inline css is requiredHowever, line css often does not meet the requirements and does not separate the structure from the

Summary of several methods for defining classes in Javascript

Method 1: factory method --- create and return the factory function of a specific type of object)Function createCar (color, doors, mpg ){Var tempCar = new Object;TempCar. color = color;TempCar. doors = doors;TempCar. mpg = mpg;TempCar. showCar =

Dynamically add 'onkeypress' event in JavaScript

The following code is used in the tutorial of helper House ( window. load = srchtxtAddOnKeyPress () is equivalent to the onload () event of the body. Generally, we place js in the head part of the page. However, here, if you put it in

Ajax tab, line separation color change, pop-up Layer Effect

This tutorial mainly introduces three main functions of css, ajax, and Javascript: Ajax tab, line-by-line color change, and pop-up layer, you are welcome to go around frequently. Ajax tab, line-changing, pop-up layer 2: line-by-line color

Tree menu written in JavaScript

The tutorial of helping customer home ( suddenly burst into a whim today. It may be too long to write something with js. As a result, jsTree is coming out. He said that his Shanzhai is based on limited js levels and that he can write

Controllable switching effects of JavaScript Images

  Tutorial on helping customers ( feels good to see an image Switching Effect of alibaba. But there are a lot of code. If you look dizzy, come on your own. With experience in performing image slide display, it is much easier to do

Confirmation before closing the browser using JavaScript

For the project, you need to click the close button in the browser to save the login times and Logon Time of the current user. In view of ASP. NET does not close the page event, nor can it disable the button of the browser at the front end.

Solve the problem of not running Ajax: dynamic page client webpage Cache Ajax tutorialYou may need to use Ajax when registering programs such as checking whether the verification code user name is available, uploading files online, deleting files, and voting programs that do not need to be refreshed. The

JavaScript code snippets related to AJAX and some browser Models

In. net development, making full use of free controls is a good thing. Similarly, in the opening of php, ajax class libraries can be used, however, if you cannot modify the control or class library to meet your needs, you must use the JS algorithm,

Javascript fixes headaches in browsers

[Document of the fire School of website construction] we advocate the use of CSS whenever possible, so that we are more likely to succeed. the support for CSS in the browser is already very good. It must be enough for you to control your webpage

Amazing JavaScript object-oriented

JavaScript is based on objects and events. How should we understand the meaning of "Object-based? JavaScript does have the object-oriented feature, but its representation is quite different from that of other object-oriented programming

Use html5 postMessage and window. name to implement multi-browser cross-Origin

Cross-OriginThis is an "very old" problem. Because of the same-origin policy of the browser, different domain names cannot request data across domain names. Although this design is much safer, however, cross-domain operations are required for large

Javascript to obtain the width and height of the hidden dom

A hidden DOM cannot be obtained in width. If you want to obtain it, use the following method: First, clone a DOM, set position: absolute, set top to a relatively large negative value, and display it. Finally, retrieve the width and height of the DOM

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 2) Functions

After learning the last lesson, I believe that you should have a certain understanding of the mt selector. I will put a few more examples to help you understand the complex application of the selector: Single images Well, our course today is

Create a pop-up layer using javascript object-oriented method

Because I used to be. net programmers, so even if you are working on the front-end, you are also used to writing js scripts in an object-oriented way. I think if you were or are still a third-generation programmer, you should be familiar with

One trick to crack the JavaScript code after Obfuscation

  JavaScript is not very powerful. How can it be cracked!This article teaches you not only about cracking solutions, but also about source code protection!   I. Principle: JavaScript is an explanatory language with no suspense. It relies heavily on

Javascript inheritance Summary

This article is my summary after reading "Return of the Javascript King". The detailed chapter of this article is in chapter 21st, P537. Inheritance generally has the following three meanings: 1) subclass instances can share methods of parent

Conversion code of string xml in JavaScript

> During Normal XML data exchange, I prefer to pass XML strings instead of formatted XML documents. This involves the conversion of XML strings and Xml documents. To put it bluntly, this is a very simple problem. This article lists the various XML

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