JavaScript mobile focus amplification code

Let's take a look at the effect: Magnifier select test overwrite if the effect cannot be displayed, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page. For more webpage code: Tip: the code can be modified

AJAX basic Tutorial: Learn AJAX applications in three steps

AJAX is called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. It organically includes the following technologies:Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript

Use JavaScript to implement code for foldable Areas

This is a very simple application, which has been widely used to create foldable areas on webpages over the past few years. The basic idea is to use the display feature of CSS. use JavaScript to implement code in the foldable area-LIEHUO. NET

JavaScript code writing in three different locations

There are actually many methods for writing client-side script JavaScript, and there are a lot of places to place them ..The following describes how to write JavaScript code in three different places. To achieve this, click the button to bring up

The typing effect created by JavaScript changes the speed by dragging entries

The help house ( Tutorial uses pure JavaScript to achieve the typing effect. It is very attractive to simply "type" and has a more personalized function, you can drag a bar to adjust the typing speed, automatically scroll the screen,

JavaScript to create a foldable scaling menu

This article is mainly about the foldable auto scaling drop-down menu. The foldable auto-scaling drop-down menu is suitable for websites with a maximum number of level-2 menus, a large number of menus, and exquisite page requirements. When one menu

Javascript refresh Page code Daquan

Javascript is so powerful that it does not have a good coding tool. I heard that. net2008 has a syntax prompt, but I still haven't used it. Let's talk about it in a few days! Solve the problem! I searched for the code snippet, and found the code

JavaScript knowledge: trigger events

1. Click Event ___ onclickEvents generated when you click the mouse button. At the same time, the event handler or code specified by onclick will be called and executed.For example, 2. Change event ___ onchangeThis event occurs when the character

The custom dialog box appears in JavaScript and the page is displayed.

( Tutorial HTML page pop-up custom dialog box and jump to the page in two ways (using JavaScript) Method 1 system API method:Call window. showModalDialog to open the dialog box with the custom page as the content. Based on the returned

Example: how to display xml Code returned by AJAX on a webpage documentI want to learn an example code Tutorial: how to display the xml Code returned by AJAX on a webpage, which consists of three parts, with comments added to the Code. 1. PostingXMLExample. java Reference content is as

Ajax example Tutorial: How to Solve ajax cross-origin problems

To solve cross-origin ajax problems, the following methods are provided on the Internet:1 is to build a server-side proxy. In short, it means that the essence of ajax calls is the local url, and the server side retrieves the remote address for js.2.

Explain in detail how to implement the most basic AJAX framework

Asp. Net 2.0 has been released. 2.0 has many new features, and client callback is one of them. Client callback allows us to call methods on the server without sending back. It is consistent with the functions provided by AJAX, but it is not as

Javascript script compatibility in Firefox

The FireFox and IE scripts are incompatible.   1. Windows. event compatible scripts     Function getEvent () {// get browser events, and be compatible with ie and ff expressions if (document. all) return window. event;

10 cross-origin resource sharing methods

Same-origin policy In client programming languages such as JavaScript and ActionScript, the same-source policy is a very important security concept, which has an important significance in ensuring data security. The same-origin policy specifies that

Javascript Side Bar webpage Side menu plug-in

  Javascript Side Bar-Side menu plug-in   1) SticklrA Side Panel Implemented Using CSS3 technology. You canSide PanelPlace various elements, from the inbox to the custom form. Home

JavaScript implements a lightweight animation library

Javascript animation actually changes the DOM style. As long as you clarify the attributes of DOM elements in mainstream browsers, JavaScript animation is not difficult. There are also a lot of encapsulated JS animation libraries on the Internet,

Common methods and comparisons for creating custom objects in JS

I am a beginner in JavaScript. I am reading the "JavaScript advanced programming" by Nicholas C. Zakas. I have seen the creation object and briefly summarized the content in the book! Copy to ClipboardReference: []

Several clone methods in Javascript

I. In Javascript, if the cloned object is of the basic type, we can assign a value directly: 1 var sStr = "kingwell"; 2 var cStr = sStr; 3 alert (cStr); // output kingwell4 sStr = "abc"; 5 alert (cStr ); // output kingwell; When a value is assigned

Translation: JavaScript: void Operator

SyntaxVoid expr The void operator calculates the expression expr and returns undefined. Example:> Void 0 Undefined > Void (0) Undefined > Void 4 + 7 // because the void ratio + has a higher priority, this expression is parsed to (void 4) + 7 NaN >

About the JavaScript garbage collection mechanism

JavaScript has an automatic garbage collection mechanism. The execution environment is responsible for managing the memory used during code execution. The garbage collector must track which variable is useful and Mark variables that are no longer

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