How does Javascript obtain the height and width of a network image?

The Helper House ( Tutorial provides a work und: how to obtain the image height and width of the network address in a Javascript file, simply put, put the image into an auto-scaling DIV, then obtain the DIV. The following figure shows

Differences between the substr method and the substring method of JS string Truncation

Substr MethodReturns a substring of the specified length starting from the specified position.Stringvar. substr (start [, length])ParametersStringvarRequired. The String text or String object to extract the substring.StartRequired. The starting

Copy the information to the clipboard using Javascript. [IE and Firefox are supported.]

I have been searching for code for a long time today, but I can't change the code one by one. Obviously, many people say it is feasible. Why can't I do it here. Finally, I found some comments in an English blog post. Because I do not understand

JavaScript calls to local computer programs

The Helper House ( has written a tutorial.. net program test. The environment variable is set at the beginning. If the result is not correct, copy it to the C: \ windows directory. The result is OK. The following problems are described:

Simple calendar created by JavaScript (detailed description)

Simple calendar created by JavaScript (detailed description) [Program description] It mainly refers to the calendar class, and the methods in it are described as follows:GetFirstDay: Get the day of each month before the day of the weekGetMonthLen:

JavaScript achieves transparent PNG images under IE6

The tutorial of helper home ( has been engaged in web page design for many years. Every time you encounter a problem, you will waste a lot of time searching for special effect code of JavaScript (java script, therefore, every lazy

Example of a layer that can be dragged using Javascript

The help house ( Tutorial helps a friend temporarily write "javascript implementation can be dragged layer example (layer drag, compatible with IE/FF)", it feels concise, the effect is also good, remember to avoid re-engineering the

How JS calls Google AdSense advertising

After consulting and confirming with the Google AdSense team, the tutorial of helping the customer House ( allows the webmaster to use js to call Google AdSense ads. The following describes how to call it: First, write a js file in

JavaScript custom multi-level linkage floating menu [1]

There are also many instances on the multi-level floating menu network, which is similar to the tutorial for the customer's house. However, most of them are only applicable to one situation or not flexible enough. Simply put, they are just useless.

JavaScript optimization: BASE64 quick Edition

  Tutorial on helping customers ( BASE64 principle is very simple, but to write an efficient script, especially the highly flexible and low-efficiency script such as JS, you still need to consider it. Let's take a look at the

Javascript selects XML nodes and xslt deformation-IE XML documentLet's take a look at a piece of code: Reference content is as follows:Var doc = null;Var sdoc = null;Try{Doc = new ActiveXObject ("MSXML2.DOMDocument. 6.0 ");Sdoc = new ActiveXObject ("MSXML2.DOMDocument. 6.0

Use DWR to easily implement Ajax Paging documentThis tutorial uses DWR (a Java Implementation of AJAX) as the page!  1. The following is the configuration of DWR. (1) Configure DWRServlet in web. xml as follows: Reference content is as follows:         dwr-invoker   

Ajax-supported Google map MASHUP tutorial

The new era of Web development has reached its peak. This stage is called Web 2.0. This period ushered in a new batch of prototype Web applications, including blog, wiki and mashup. Mashup is the focus of this tutorial. You will learn how to use a

How to solve cross-browser AJAX Problems

I. Solve the Problem of cross-origin access failure in firefox In essence, AJAX uses the XMLHttpRequest component to send HTTP requests to the server. Please receive the relevant information. The operation after the response information is

Implement JavaScript to hide Script code

For JavaScript beginners, they often forget to hide JavaScript code in old browsers (such as Netscape Navigator 1.12. You may ask why to hide it? The reason is that the old browser does not support JavaScript. If you do not take the correct measures,

One week learn Mootools 1.4 Chinese tutorial :( 1) Dom Selector

To do things well, you must first make good use of them. Well, because our time is short and we only have six days, then we will learn Mt in a hard-to-remember manner in six days, therefore, we need to learn from the Editplus material bar to help us

GoogleMap map image request data restrictions Solution

Recently, GoogleMap is no longer completely free of charge for requests to access the map service through APIS. You can generate up to 25000 map download tasks per API every day, and the number of map images is limited to 2500. This will have a

Inexplicable JavaScript string line feed

Today, I read the blue ideal post and talked about a string Line Break Problem. Generally, if HTML code snippets are stored in the Code, the plus sign is used to connect strings.Of course this will be a little troublesome, so we have the following

HTML + JS enables local preview before uploading images

How to implement local preview before uploading images seems simple but tricky. I have encountered such a problem during project development before. I had written the code and thought it was a good function, So I am not particularly concerned about

Javascript simulates the html element scroll bar jscroll

By default, the scroll bars provided by mainstream browsers for html elements are not beautiful, and front-end developers want to beautify them with a uniform style through css. For example, ie can achieve simple beautification through styles. The

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