Native INI file parser Code implemented by JavaScript

The native INI file parser Code implemented using JavaScript is reproduced in this article by the Helper's house. below is the author's description: An INI file parser written in Builder mode, which is implemented in JavaScript. It just expresses

The shortest XML formatting tool in JavaScript

Use E4X to implement the shortest XML formatting tool. Unfortunately, IE does not support this standard feature so far... Please goFirefox or ChromeRun under! Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Indent XML Indent

Extjs General CRUD Method

Extjs General CRUD method, you can complete CRUD of extjs table as long as you input the corresponding parameters Code: /*** Add events* @ Param {} saveButton* @ Param {} gridObj* @ Param {} idName* @ Param {} treeObj* @ Param {} url* @ Param {}

JavaScript retrieves URL parameters of the current page

LieHuo76.Net teaches 79 Cheng a very simple and common JS to get the URL code of the current webpage. In fact, this is a useful function, sometimes we do not want to use dynamic Web languages such as ASP, PHP, and JSP to intercept strings in URLs.

Javascript implements URL submission between different encodings

When parameters are submitted between different websites. For example, if website A is A UTF-8 code, submit A link to (GBK)Http:// /? Q = Cup & sp = on will cause transcoding problems. Provides a function. To /

Javascript is simple to achieve full selection and inverse selection of checkbox

Today, I encountered a problem when a netizen asked the Forum about all and invert selection of the input checkbox. I summarized it and wrote a simple jQuery checkbox invert selection plug-in. I hope it will be useful to everyone.The following

A simple js method for filtering array repeated Elements

Js Filter Array repeated elements:Function filterArray (str, array) {// This function filters repeated elements in the array and does not allow null values to be inserted. The function returns an array.Var isnull = false;If (str = "" | str = null |

Javascript Regular Expression Code Summary

// Check whether it is composed of digits Function isDigit (s){Var patrn =/^ [0-9] {1, 20} $ /;If (! Patrn.exe c (s) return falseReturn true} // Check Logon Name: You can enter only 5-20 strings starting with a letter, which can contain numbers, "_",

Open the webpage with javascript, and the window gradually becomes larger.

Open the webpage with javascript, and the window gradually becomes larger. enter

JavaScript Lesson 3: Making Decisions [I]

Course 3 of JavaScript 0 basics Making Decisions (I) (This article is long and smelly, but it is extremely easy to understand. It is only suitable for beginners of JavaScript, especially those with no foundation) Author blog:

ECMA-262-3 in-depth analysis. Chapter 3. this

Introduction In this article, we will discuss more details directly related to the execution context. The topic of the discussion is the this keyword. Practice has shown that this topic is difficult, and the determination of this value in different

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks (1)

Abstract: modern websites and web applications tend to rely on a large amount of javascript on the client to provide rich interaction. In particular, you can return data or get a response from a server script (or data system) by not refreshing the

Chapter 9 JavaScript Event Learning: mouse events

Mouse events are the most important events so far. In this chapter, I will introduce some of the most common problems and tips for mouse events. First, let's take a look at the mouse events: mousedown, mouseup_and_click, dblclick, mousemove, and

Javascript instanceof and typeof

Both instanceof and typeof can be used to determine whether a variable is null or of any type.Typeof is used to obtain the type of a variable. Generally, typeof can only return the following results: number, boolean, string, function, object,

Simple implementation of hashtable javascript

Javascript does not implement a hash table (hashtable) like c # and java. In js, the implementation of object attributes is the hash table. Therefore, as long as the point method is encapsulated on the object, the simple and efficient hashtable can

Obtain the image file name in Exitjs DataView.

Obtain the image file name in Exitjs DataView. 1. Front-end Copy to ClipboardReference: [] 2. Background Copy to ClipboardReference: [] protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) { String path = Server.

Simple Javascript selector tutorial

Author: Ruby's Louvre Original article: I was going to start talking about jQuery source code study note 6, but there are Buddha in my heart to see Buddha. Some people don't even know

JavaScript scripts control target attribute values

In HTML 4.0 Strict and XHTML 1.0 STRICT, the target attribute cannot be used in the tag. This is a headache for web designers. it is still allowed in the Transition specification. however, we can solve this problem through some methods.The target

JAVAscript code that automatically attaches copyright information when copying an article

Many of my friends asked some questions in Q group. The small editor on this site is an enthusiastic person, because only when others are happy can they be happy. This is the motto of all the staff of the fire station College. in the previous

Improved Method for converting JSON objects into strings in JS

Because of work requirements, JSON objects must be converted into strings on the JS end and written to users' cookies to save users' personal operation habits. I searched the internet and found that there were many methods, some codes were not clear

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