Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-mutuallyexclusivecheckboxextender (17)

The mutuallyexclusivecheckboxextender control is used to select a project so that only one project can be selected. If it is not possible, you can also choose not.See an example below: 1) Create an ASP. NET Ajax-enabled web project in vs2005 and

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-modalpopupextender (16)

The modalpopupextender control is used to set the text style on the webpage. The following is an example: 1) Create an ASP. NET Ajax-enabeld web project in vs2005 and name it modalpopupextender1. 2) Add a text section to the label of default.

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-animationextender control (3)

Animationextender Controls are controls that add animation effects. Events that can be added to an animation combination include onclick, onload, onmouseover, onmourseout, onhoverover, and onhoverout. Onload : The action when the page is imported.

Ajax controltoolkit learning logs-maskededitextender and maskededitvalidator (15)

Maskededitextender is used to specify and modify the content in the text box, so that the user input format can meet the needs directly.Maskededitvalidator is used to verify the value entered in the text box to meet the requirements. The following

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-alwaysvisiblecontrolextender (2)

I learned about the alwaysvisiblecontrolextender control this morning. In the afternoon, I will write something and summarize the usage methods. Simple Example (display current time) 1) Create an ASP. Net Ajax-enabled web project under Vs and name

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-listsearchextender (14)

The listsearchextender control is used to quickly search and locate the content in the list. Applicable to the ListBox and dropdownlist controls. See the example below:1) Create an ASP. NET Ajax-enabled web project in vs2005 and name it

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-accordion

Today, I want to embark on the journey to learn Ajax controltoolkit. It provides many encapsulated controls that can be used directly. Today I learned the accordion control, which is a foldable control. (1)Introduction to important attributes of

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-filteredtextboxextender (12)

The filtertextboxextender control is used to filter the text box, so that the text box can only enter the set value. The input types include numbers, lowercaseletters, uppercaseletters, and customer. First, let's look at an example: 1) Create

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-dynamicpopulate (11)

The dynamicpopulate control is used to dynamically Replace the content of a control. Its content comes from a function call or web call. Here is an example:1) Create an ASP. NET Ajax-enabled web project in Vs and name it dynamicpopulateextender1.

Ajax controltoolkit Learning Log-dropshadowextender (10)

This control is used to implement the shadow effect on a panel. You can set different values for attributes to achieve different effects. Here is an example: 1) Create an ASP. NET Ajax-enabled web project in Vs and name it dropshadowextender1.

Jquery Ajax request (2)

I have summarized some $. getjson () applications. I hope you will like it. First, I use newtonsoft. JSON. netw.dll. You can use it by adding a reference DLL file. In the jquery library, getjson is actually called: Query. Get (URL, Data,

Jquery Ajax request (1)

Jquery. Ajax (options) Request Http://s.click.taobao.com/t_8? E = 7hz5x % 2bozdswsvvyc5jts79au1q % 3d % 3d & P = mm_24156262_0_0 Jquery underlying Ajax implementation. For easy-to-use high-level implementation, see $. Get, $. Post, and so on. $.

A simple Ajax

Because the template page is long, only Ajax is logged out. Code Part, that is, the part before the label Doctype HTML public "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd" > Script

Interactive drop-down box using Ajax in MVC

  Sometimes, our webpage requires cascade menus or cascade drop-down boxes. For example, when selecting a province, city, or county, we must set the drop-down box as the linkage drop-down box, in order to obtain the county under the province! The

Ajax Based on jquery framework

Ajax Based on jquery framework I posted a post a few days ago, sharing the prototype framework about AjaxLearningProcess. Some people say that the jquery framework is more convenient. Just because thickbox is ready for use in the project, we

Use ajax to implement dropdownlist multi-level linked instances

  We often use dropdownlist to bind data, which involves the issue of Multi-Level Association. refreshing the page is not good, so it took some time to use ajaxpro to bind dropdownlist data without refreshing.---------------------------------------

A method for developing Ajax, Ajax. dll

From: http://www.jm-zy.net/Notes/Article-611.html 1. Download Ajax. dll, which is available everywhere. Http://ajax.schwarz-interactive.de/CSharpSample/ 2. Create a website project ajaxsample 3. decompress the downloaded aajx. DLL to the

Jquery + Ajax for refreshing data queries

There is nothing left to worry about. I wrote a small function for refreshing new data queries to display the information. It is similar to Baidu and Google's search prompt functions. Hoho Implementation principle: When a value is input in the

Javascript-based browser-compatible Ajax

Note: XMLHTTP. status value (HTTP status table)0 **: not started1 **: request received, continue processing2 **: The operation is successfully received, analyzed, and accepted.3 **: the request must be further processed.4 **: The request contains

(Original) also writes Ajax entry-1

The page calls JS, and JS accesses the WebService method to implement asynchronous data calling. Create default. aspx and drag and drop the scriptmanager control to the page. As follows: Create a JS file using the following method:  

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