One link between the three-tier architecture and Ajax

Considering the relationship between the three-layer architecture and Ajax, the customer-server architecture (Client/Server Architecture turalmodel, C/S) is the most typical example. The client integrates most of the logic functions, such as online

Ajax. NET 2.0 sys undefined Solution

Ajax. NET 2.0 sys undefined Solution Add the following to the Web. config file:Code:

10 websites with special ajax/JavaScript effects abroad

Jquery   For interactivity or visual effects. Ajax and javascript can always add some charm to webpages. This article collects 10 foreign sites with special ajax/JavaScript effects. These sites collect many Ajax and

Delphi retrieves Ajax webpage content

InProgramThe twebbrowser control or the Indy control is used to connect to a webpage using Ajax technology. The source code of the webpage does not contain any updated content from the client. In the IE browser, you cannot view the source file and

Get started with Ajax

Some time ago, I had been worried that I could not use JS to call the background method. Now I finally learned how to use it. I think I should write it down and share it with others, hoping to help some birds like me.1. If no parameter method with

Jquery + ajax instance

        & nbsp; input name: enter the password: ajax submit post submission get submit

Cross-origin ajax implementation

Two days ago, xz asked me if I knew how ajax implemented cross-origin calls. Because I have never heard of this concept, I also knew how to implement it. Xz says there are several methods for ajax cross-origin calls. One is iframe, which is

JavaScript series: a better and more efficient Ajax framework XCallback

After preparation, my blog will be hosted here. csdn will give people the feeling that it is too impetuous, the academic atmosphere is not enough, and all technologies will be given. People are very messy, or cnblogs is good, mainly focusing on. net.

Javascript self-built Ajax wheel xcallback.2 only 6 KB

You may be bored with the configuration of the ajaxpro server and client, as well as Ms. net Ajax is huge, inefficient, and difficult to adapt to Clumsy styles, so many people are addicted to the JQ world, including me, so many Ajax frameworks have

How to export excel under Ajax

EXCEL in AJAX cannot be exported in the original method, because Response in asynchronous mode. write errors occur. When loading a page, you can register the export button as a synchronization method. At the same time, you cannot register the export

JQuery ajax implementation.

Let's take a look at it first. The top of this blog is to use a plug-in prepared by others. This effect was used last week and I went to study it. The following is a step-by-step implementation of the entire effect .... Demo page

Ajax garbled Problem Solution

During WEB development, consistent data encoding is often required at the front and back ends! On pages with non-English character sets, if Ajax is used for data interaction, you must ensure the unified encoding of the front and back ends of the

Use jquery ajax. net

Jquery is an excellent javascript framework, which greatly improves the simplicity of javascript code and reduces the difficulty of javascript. For more information about jquery functions, see

Passing arrays through JQuery ajax

Page call: $ ('# Btn '). click (function () {$. ajax ({type: 'post', url :'. /GridTable. aspx/call', contentType: "application/json; charset = UTF-8", data: '{"userinfo": [{"name": "zs", "age ": "21" },{ "name": "ls", "age": "25"}]} ', dataType:

Scope of JavaScript and ajax

Var sort = 0; Function createHidden (){ Var htm = " "; $ ("# Id"). append (htm ); $. Get ("xxx. aspx", function (data ){ // 1. Callback data = 1234 $ ("# H _" + sort). val (data ); Alert ($ ("# h _" + sort). val (); // enter understand });

Ajax calls the [webmethod] Method

No need to call ajax, there are a variety of methods such as (webservice (. asmx), ashx page, and some call the [WebMethod] method) Now we are talking about ajax calling the [WebMethod] method. foreground call back-end method Using

Four Ajax asynchronous submissions commonly used in extJs

/** * The first Ajax submission method * In this method, you must directly use the ext Ajax Method for submission. * To use this method, you need to encapsulate the parameters to be passed. * @ Return */ Function saveUser_ajaxSubmit1 (){ Ext. Ajax.

Share several foreign Ajax and jquery websites

  1. Ajax Rain: has a lot of examples of perfect integration of AJAX, CSS, DHTML or Javascript, there are some demos really worth looking 2. Ajax Daddy: Daddy collects a lot of beautiful

Ajax registered users do not need to automatically verify the code and call code

The following is the JS Code to be used. Generally, a separate JS file is put, and this example is placed in myjs. the following code references the file in the JS file: code is as follows: VaR icon = ' '; VaR NS = ["loginname", "password", "passw",

[Recommended] common Ajax get and post Methods

Learn Ajax tutorials and learn more about get and post GetMethod:Function: Transfers simple data.Size: The maximum URL length is 2083 bytes. The length of data transmitted by get is 2048 bytes.Body: append data to the URL for sending, that is, HTTP

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