When Using ajax to upload XML data, You must escape some xml characters.

The "value" in XML contains five reserved words: &, , ", ', which must be escaped during the transfer process, otherwise, an error is reported during browser parsing. Private Static string check (string in_val) { // remove the five Reserved Words

Ajax verification repeat issues in a timely manner

Ajax is often used on e-commerce websites. Today, we found that the registered account was not verified in time when it was re-registered. The verification result was passed and we checked the reason for the existence of JS cache, the solution is as

Two different methods of Ajax Development

Ajax applications in recent years Program There are two completely different methods in development. Each method extends the previous structure model. because the two methods seem to be different in nature, one of them should be selected in actual

Ajax returns JavaScript to the page for execution

Guidance:If there is no data after the query due to a requirement, an alert will be returned to the user. I am too lazy to write alert on the page. In addition, a lot of data is written.Code.After many experiments, the original eval () function is

Prototype uses the Ajax. Request class

Guidance:This is a post. Article Prototype has been used for a long time. This lightweight framework is used in many parts of this blog. If jquery and prototype are used together, you must first understand jquery, because it modifies some prototype

Upload files using Ajax and JSF Components

I. Introduction Browser-based file upload, especially when the tag is included in the web page for upload, there are still serious performance problems. We know that uploading files larger than 10 MB often results in a very painful user experience.

Introduction to Ajax

Ajax is composed of HTML, JavaScript technology, DHTML, and Dom. This outstanding method can convert clumsy web interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how these technologies work

Ajax application scenarios

  Ajax application scenarios 1. Form-driven Interaction For traditional form submission, after entering the content in the text box, click the button. After the background processing is complete, the page is refreshed, and then check whether the

Core XMLHTTP objects and methods of AJAX

XMLHTTP object and its method------------------MSXML provides Microsoft. XMLHTTP objects, which can complete conversion from data packets to request objects and send tasks.The statement for creating an XMLHTTP object is as follows:Set objxml =

Javascript Ajax tabs

Guidance:   The tab function on the page is the most commonly used, which can save a lot of layout. Javascript Ajax, which completes such a tab function, has multiple options, including the following:     1.Jquery coda Slider-With good dynamic

Design and Implementation of Dynamic Tree Structure Based on AJAX

Tree structure is a type of widely used data structure. The Genealogy of clan in human society and the organization form of modern enterprises are tree structures. In the computer field, the file management structure in the file system, the page

Solve Ajax Chinese problems thoroughly

The Chinese issue is inseparable from web programmers. The Chinese issue of JSP pages, the Chinese issue of URL passing parameters, and the Chinese issue of request value ....... Now that AJAX is becoming more and more mature, its Chinese problems

Jquery Ajax cross-origin call (jsonp)

Recently, I have been working on e-commerce projects, including buyers and sellers in seller.com, buyer.com, and www.xxx.com.One of the drop-down boxes for viewing the second-level product categories needs to be queried. If these three items are not

Compile a simple album with Ajax

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a technology that uses JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language (XML) to transmit or accept data between Web browsers and servers. It is mainly used in the development of RIA (rich Internet

Thoughts on AJAX applications

The profession can change people's thinking, and by the way, it involves people's behavior. This is exactly what we need to develop Java applications. You have to try it out for any new things. Sometimes it is not really necessary to apply the

Javascript encapsulates data transmitted by Ajax

Javascript array # Join When Using ajax to transmit data, it is essential to transcode the passed characters. My implementation method is to save the data to a JS bean, place the JS bean in the array. When the transmission parameter is generated,

Ajax request/response garbled

Ajax request/response garbled Today, we first encountered a situation where the status management function, which was independently developed by the user, encountered garbled code during partial refresh. We checked the code carefully and found that

One of the complete solutions of Ajax technology

Ajax is called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. It organically includes the following technologies: Ajax (Asynchronous

Ajax technical solution 2

The term Ajax is used to describe a group of technologies that allow browsers to provide users with a more natural browsing experience. Before Ajax, the Web site forces the user to enter the submit/Wait/re-display example, and the user's actions are

Ajax technology 3

Ajax application scenarios 1. Form-driven Interaction For traditional form submission, after entering the content in the text box, click the button. After the background processing is complete, the page is refreshed, and then check whether the

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