Ajax implementation of the two-level linkage menu __ajax

index.jsp level Two menu linkage demo Two-level linkage example Please select Beijing Tianjin

Examples of AJAX operations using promise encapsulation

var getjson=function (URL) { var promise=new promise (Function (resolve,reject) { var client=new xmlhttprequest ( ); Client.open ("get", url); Client.onreadystatechange=handler; Client.responsetype= "JSON";

Encapsulating Ajax and Promise

encapsulating Ajax and Promise First, Ajax Ajax is called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) refers to the development of interactive Web applications to create a technology, improve the user experience, achieve no

Using AJAX+J2EE to develop organization management system

Using AJAX+J2EE to develop organization management system I. OverviewAjax is a new technology that came out early this year, and is an

Boa CGI Implementation Ajax

The main is to see an online blog http://blog.csdn.net/fdemon/article/details/6358520#quote, according to this blog does not achieve the correct results. The amendment is as follows: 1. Create an HTML Web page file. FileName: test.html

Ajax Authentication User Login and remember password

A person alone in charge of a project, just write down the technology that has not been achieved before, today, starting from the landing function, the front-end is JS verification, the back end is PHP script verification and added to remember the

Native AJAX requests and promise requests

Simple Ajax native implementation of the var url = ' https://hq.tigerbrokers.com/fundamental/finance_calendar/getType/2017-02-26/2017-06-10 '; var result; var XHR = new XMLHttpRequest (); Xhr.open (' Get ', url, true); Xhr.send ();

JavaScript series using promise encapsulation Ajax

Invoke function ajax ({URL: ' Your request URL ', method: ' Get ', async:true, timeout:1000, Data: {test:1, Aaa:2}}). Then (res => console.log (' Successful request: ' + res '), Err => Console.log (' request failed: ' + err ')//focus ...

Ajax+promise encapsulates HTTP requests

' Use strict '; Require (' native-promise-only '); Module.exports = {wrapperrequest:function (type, URL, data, ishideloading) {var type = arguments[0], url = ARGUMENTS[1], data, ishideloading; if (arguments[2] && typeof arguments[2]

Servlet. Ajax implementation upload file progress bar __ajax

Here about the servlet how to upload the file without saying, how will get the percentage of file data already uploaded ... First we write a class this class to implement Progresslistener this interface, implement the inside of the update (...)

Native Ajax notation

Although many JS frameworks now provide Ajax call methods, we do not even have to understand their specific implementation of the principle can be directly invoked, but I do not think from the most basic level to understand a thing, it is difficult

jquery Ajax two-level linkage

First implementation of jquery Ajax two-level linkage to download a jquery.js I'm not ready here. Baidu Download Background: Through the Department ID to find all the classes under the Department I realize the two-level linkage of the idea is: First

Ajax implementation cascading Pull-down menu

Ajax implementation cascading Pull-down menu is very simple, the following is an AJAX implementation of the provincial and municipal cascading Drop-down menu; In the JSP, add the onchange event to the , triggering the event call to implement the

The operation realization of Ajax in struts2 and the use of its core object XMLHttpRequest object __ajax

In a Web page file, the following XMLHttpRequest object can be used to implement the asynchronous operation of Ajax function Getvaluefromserver () {var xmlhttprequest = null; if (window. ActiveXObject) {//If the XMLHttpRequest is

jquery Ajax () method to submit array problem

When a parameter is submitted to the background with $.ajax (), the array in the parameter is generally received in the background by an array object such as list, or integer[]. Like what: $.ajax ({Type:

Using Apache Commons-fileupload and Ajax to implement file upload progress bar __ajax

realize the idea: 1, first of all, customize a progress to implement the class Progresslistener interface, rewrite the upload method. 2, by the number of bytes read and the total number of bytes to generate a percentage, the value into the session 3.

The Done method in Ajax in jquery


1 The Done method in Ajax can be used after version 1.5 of jquery. This method has a similar effect as success in Ajax. It must first be after the 1.5 version in jquery. such as: 2 Ajax's done. Parameters can be written as a method. is a

An initial understanding of Ajax proxy Proxies

This is just a preliminary understanding of proxy, analysis of an example Let's look at a JS file first: proxy.js   (function () { ext.onready (function () {  ext.define (" Person ", {    Extend: ' Ext.data.Model ',       Fields: [        {name: '

Ajax in the 008-JQ

POST $.ajax ({ type: "POST", Url:base_info.sub_url, dataType: ' JSON ', data: { action: ' Addreview ', Info: $ (' #review_info '). Val (), raider_id:base_info.raider_id }, xhrfields: {//cookie

Ajax form data Duplicate commit processing mode

$ (function () { $ (' #user_data_submit '). Click (function () { $.post ( { URL: '/blog/reg_del/'), Data: $ (' #form_data '). Serialize (), headers: {'

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