What are the common problems with Ajax?

Today I would often use JS when the three problems encountered, netizens can also give me a message to write more frequently asked questions. One, JS script caching problem A: This problem is one of the most common problems that you have

Page update after DataTable delete Row use Ajax to solve

Using the jquery DataTable for data table processing is very convenient, often encountered a problem is to delete a row after the page must be updated, you need to pay attention to the following methods: When initializing table in the foreground

CSS3 to make Ajax loader icon implementation ideas and code

The two CSS3 attributes used in this article are: Transform, animationOne, HTML Copy Code code as follows: Second, CSS Copy Code code as follows: . ajax-loading { position:relative; width:100px; height:100px; margin:25px;

jquery method to cancel Ajax requests

The example in this article describes jquery's approach to canceling AJAX requests. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: It should be noted here that the AJAX request can be canceled before the response is

Ajax implementation static Refresh page with load rotate picture

//Using the ScriptManager in Ajax extensitons //Use places such as //Put code onclick= "Ibtnfbsj_click"/> //When the page is statically refreshed updateprogress but this backstage is also the need for code to look below

Ajax Generate streaming file downloads (

The ability to use AJAX to generate streaming file downloads can be used to hide the form. Need friends can refer to the following copy code code as follows: //Binding export button $ ("#btnExport"). Clickchecklogin (function () { var form =

Analysis of Ajax garbled and wrong solution

It's unreliable message JavaScript is used as an UTF-8 with Unicode, but there are all sorts of bugs in the current cluttered browser environment, especially after a more cluttered Ajax A class is garbled, the other is a JavaScript system error:-107

One of the more clear articles that Ajax says

Ajax generally do two if judgments, to determine whether the readystate is equal to 4, that is, the response completed, status is equal to 200. 1. Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML)Ajax definition: Allows the client browser to communicate with

Ajax verifies that the registration name is present in the database

Use AJAX to verify the registration name to determine whether it exists in the database, the specific implementation of the following, perceptual friends can refer to the hope for everyone to help This is a mistake I saw on the Internet Ajax I

Ajax example of generating XMLHttpRequest objects in different browsers

This article describes how Ajax in different browsers XMLHttpRequest object is generated, in order to facilitate our testing for different browsers, interested friends can refer to, I hope to help you copy code code as follows:

Ajax prevents users from submitting 2 of solutions over and over again

The submission of the situation of friends can refer to, I hope to help you   The method can be loaded on the server side: Copy Code code as follows: private void onloading () { System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder (

Ajax Cross-domain Query Perfect solution through $.getjson () implementation

Reason: browser security restrictions have been made to prohibit Ajax Cross-domain access to data.Workaround: the $.getjson () provided through jquery can get JSON-formatted data across domains. Advantages: Strong compatibility.Java background code:

Methods of obtaining and sending binary data in Ajax

When using Ajax to get binaries from the server side, you need to set the request header with Overridemimttype so that the browser does not modify the read data as follows: var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest (); Xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {

Using jquery to implement simple Ajax

This article is the use of jquery to achieve a simple AJAX implementation of a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to refer to the -->html page Copy Code code as follows: Jax Example of users ' famous

Solution JS data contains plus + + through Ajax to the background when there is a connection error

The testing process found that JS data contains plus + via AJAX to the background when the connection error, delete +, link unblocked, it is this problem, the plus to escape Yesterday someone proposed a bug, said "B + Detective" and "Detective c+"

Discussion on the problem of Ajax browser compatibility

 ajax Browser compatibility problem has always been a lot of students worry about, here is a good example you can refer to, I hope to help you! Code as follows:

Simple implementation of Ajax synchronous asynchronous

This article describes the Ajax synchronous asynchronous simple implementation, interested friends can refer to the following copy code code: $ ("#btn_saveFWSB"). Click (function () {var obj=checkdata (arr);  if (obj.flag==true) {hideadddiv ();

$.ajax JSON data to the background error problem resolution

$.ajax Pass the JSON data to the background, there will always be some errors, this article sorted out some considerations, interested friends can refer to the followingThe code is as follows: $.ajax ({url: "...) /services.ashx ", type:" POST

Flash & Ajax Operations XML instance: no Refresh Paging

ajax|xml| Page | refresh | No refresh in fact, the title is just a gimmick, just to talk about how Javascript and Actionscript manipulate XML. Hope to help some friends who only use Javascript or only Actionscript to understand the similarities and

. Ajax based MVC scheme in net environment

Ajax 1, the problem backgroundNow, more and more people are trying to make web development without refreshing based on Ajax, but in the. NET environment, it is not very convenient to apply Ajax, which may be caused by some of the following reasons:?

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