Android Baidu Map Application layer display _android

First, Introduction 1. Map type The Google Maps Android SDK 3.7.1 provides two types of map resources (general vector maps and satellite maps), and developers can use the Maptype attribute (C #) in Baidumap to set the map type. The C # core code is

Android development environment installation and configuration graphics and text tutorial _android

First, install JDK, SDK, NDK Whether you're developing Androd apps with C # and VS2015, or developing Androd apps with Java and Eclipse, you'll need to install both the JDK and the Android SDK. After installing these, then configure the

A summary of performance optimization techniques for Android programming development _android

In this paper, the performance optimization techniques of Android programming development are summarized in detail. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1.http with gzip compression, set connection timeout and response timeout

Android platform generates two-dimensional code and implements scan & recognition functions _android

1. The two-D code of the past life "Two-dimensional barcode/two-D code" (2-dimensional bar code) is a Black-and-white graphic recording data symbol information distributed in a plane (two-dimensional direction) by a certain geometry. Cleverly

Android Three network communication methods and the network communication mechanism of Android _android

The Android platform has three network interfaces that can be used:* (Standard Java interface), Org.apache interface, and* (Android network interface). The functions and roles of these interfaces are described below. 1.

Realization of Baidu Map localization process based on Android _android

I. Description of the problem LBS Location Service is an important function of Android applications, the application is more and more extensive, the following we gradually learn and realize lbs related applications such as positioning, map,

Android Recyclerview Layout replaces the GridView to implement a Alipay-like interface _android

Using the GridView alonetwo common methods for adding a split line to the GridView; a split line to the GridView, that is, to achieve the grid layout, it is not clear why

How Android applies the automatic Update function _android

This article is for you to share the implementation of the Android app version update feature. A good application software is a need for good maintenance, from the beginning of the publication to the last boutique, the process needs to update

Android Service Lifecycle Detailed _android

Introduction The application component has a lifecycle--the beginning of the Android instantiation they respond to the intent until the end instance is destroyed. During this time, they are sometimes active, sometimes inactive, and sometimes

Common errors and solution totals for Android notes _android

One, No active compatible AVD ' s or devices found. Relaunch this configuration after connecting a device or starting a AVD. Modify the port of ADB server, set up a system environment variable android_adb_server_port, value 7913 (random a number),

The method of battery information update (based on batteryservice implementation) of Android programming _android

This article is an example of how to update the battery power information of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Battery information, voltage, temperature, charging status, etc., are provided by

Android timed Task Process detailed _android

In Android development, the following three methods are used to perform tasks on a regular basis: First, the use of handler and thread sleep (long) method (not recommended, Java implementation) Second, the use of handler postdelayed (Runnable,

The Android development Framework customizes the zxing two-dimensional code scanning interface and solves frame stretching problems _android

First to show you the effect of the picture: The scan is the following one, and the two-dimensional code is generated using the Zxing library. Because of the change of several classes, or last year's things are almost forgotten, so only on the

Android Custom View detailed _android

Reprint please indicate the source: lot of Android Getting Started program apes may be more fearful about Android custom view, but this is the only way to get to the master's level, all

Android Custom View Password box instance code _android

Exposes any properties or behaviors that affect the visible appearance in your view. • Adding and setting styles through XML • Control the appearance and behavior of elements by their attributes, and event listeners that support and communicate

Android UI Design Series custom ListView imitation QQ space damping Drop-down Refresh and Gradient menu bar effects (8) _android

Haven't written about UI for a long time, just turned over the previous blog, a recent blog about the UI: the Android UI Design series of the custom dialog implementation of various styles of dialog box effect (7), to achieve a variety of style

The Android UI design family's custom Drawview component implements digital signature effects (5) _android

There is a new requirement in the recent project, users in the end of the transaction needs to enter payment password payment, to allow users to sign their own signature, brought to the digital signature of this thing, feeling a little tall, and

The Android UI Design series ImageView Achieve ProgressBar rotation (1) _android

Lift ProgressBar, presumably we are familiar with, use is more convenient, directly in the XML file reference, and then add properties, run OK, although the use of ProgressBar is very convenient but in our development of each application basically

Android Development--Status bar notification notification, Notificationmanager detailed _android

I would like to write one, but after seeing this, I would like to turn over, it is very detailed: In the Android system, it is convenient to send a status bar notification. Let's take a look at, how to send status bar notification, status bar

Android based on Google zxing to achieve two-dimensional code generation _android

Recent projects have used the generation and identification of two-dimensional codes, before contact with this piece, and then on the Internet search, found that there are a lot of resources in this area, especially the Google zxing to the

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