Android's approach to using Bytebuffer in JNI

Android's approach to using Bytebuffer in JNI The examples in this article describe the way Android uses Bytebuffer in JNI. Share to everyone for your reference. as follows: I. Definition of Bytebuffer In NiO, the read-write operation of the data

Android custom camera for autofocus and manual focus _android

Android custom camera for autofocus and manual focus:Do not call the system camera, because different machines to open the camera rendering the interface is not uniform and can not meet the requirements.So in order to allow the program on different

The difference between the asset folder and the raw folder in Android deep parsing _android

*res/raw and assets the same point:1. The files in both directories will be stored intact in the APK package after being packaged and will not be compiled into binary systems.The differences between *res/raw and assets:The files in the 1.res/raw are

Android real-time access to volume decibel value detailed _android

Basic knowledge The most familiar unit for measuring sound intensity is decibels (decibel, abbreviated to DB). This is an dimensionless relative unit , and the formula is as follows: The molecule is the measured sound pressure, the denominator

Android Clipchildren Attribute Example detailed _android

Objective A few days ago, a blog was recommended on Weibo to find this attribute when reading his article. Some properties are not commonly used, but they are very useful when needed, so an example is used, just to share with you. Body One, the

A short black screen solution for activity switching between activity in Android development _android

This example describes the solution to a short black screen between activity in Android development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: By default, the Android application starts with a black screen period, because the first

Android WebView not allowed to load local resource error Resolution __web

Previously wrote several blog is about the simple use of webview and how and JS interaction.Students who are not familiar with the use of WebView and web interaction can look first.Simple use of WebViewAndroid's interaction with Web pagesAdd a

Android Login Username Remember password--preferences (sharedpreferences)

sharedpreferences: Preference Settings Preferences refer to "personalization", that is, the same software, the different users, the results are not the same, such as "whether to download the lyrics on WiFi" in a music player, "whether to turn on

[Android] [Framework] Crop systemserver service and close systemfeature

This article links[android][framework]crop-systemserver-and-systemfeature/Systemserver Service Clipping Some systems, because of the different scenarios, need the same services. Android things, for example,

Android Project Scratch award detailed (iv)

Android Project Scratch award details (iii)Objective In the previous issue we have completed the basic function of scraping card, this issue is to add a function to our project and beautifyGoal Add functionality users scrape to a certain

Android Project Scratch award details (iii)

Android Project Scratch award detailed (ii)Objective In the previous issue we have implemented a simple scratch card function, this issue we will improve itGoal Change the Scratch award width height to fit Center The Scratch award position

Android 9.0 new Features

1, Full screen support, Android P added support for Haiping Liu, Google called the Notch screen (display with a cutout). With the latest available Displaycutout class, developers can find the location and shape of non-functional areas, not

Android Service (top)

A service brief Service is a subclass of context Service is one of the four components used to process some more time-consuming operations in the background or to perform certain tasks that require long-term operation Second note The service cannot

Android Project Scratch award detailed (ii)

Android Project Scratch award details (i)Objective In the last period we simply realized the function of an artboard, the user can scribble on the above, in fact, scraping award is also the case, the user scraping the prize is also a random graffiti.

Android Development Long Distance Xix--http

This article is a series of articles, I am in the long-distance development of Android a little thoughts and records, I will try to follow the first easy after the difficult sequence to write the series. The series cited the "Android Development art

Wmrouter: Android Open Source routing framework for us-American takeout

Wmrouter is an Android routing framework that is flexible and easy to use, based on a modular design approach. Wmrouter was originally used to solve the actual problems in the business evolution of the C-terminal app, and then it was gradually

Deep Learning Application Series (iii) | Build your own image recognition app using Tflite Android

Deep learning to practice, an indispensable path is to the intelligent terminal, embedded equipment and other directions. But the terminal device does not have the powerful performance of GPU server, how to make the end device application deep

Android and JS call each other

Have something to say: This article mainly summarizes the simple method of invoking Android and JS to each other. In the development process encountered the need to call the JS method in wirelessly needs, so the specific implementation process is

Android studio 1.0 (135.1629389) download, install, and solve the problem. android135.1629389

Android studio 1.0 (135.1629389) download, install, and solve the problem. android135.1629389 This article is intended for developers who are on the wall. What you can see is a detour. 1. Download Links for all resources: link to my Baidu network

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