Android development asynchronously acquires and downloads network resources

  1) get the corresponding stream from the specified URL Since you want to get network resources, then first have to have a URL, so here I first encapsulate an open URL connection to get the InputStream stream, so whether it is a picture resource

How to use the Baidu Map SDK under Android

The Android SDK is a set of application interfaces based on the Android 2.1 (v1.3.5 and previous versions that support Android more than 1.5 systems) and above-version devices You can use this SDK to develop map applications for Android mobile

5 Types of Android data storage method Rollup _android

This article describes 5 ways to store data in Android. Data storage is the most frequently used in development, and here are 5 ways to implement data storage in the Android platform, respectively: 1 Storing data using sharedpreferences2 File

Detailed information on the Android data storage Sqlcipher database encryption _android

Objective: Recently studied the Android SQLite database and data sharing between contentprovider programs, we clearly know SQLite database default storage location Data/data/pakage/database directory, There is no security for a mobile phone that

Design and implementation code _android of Android custom soft keyboard

Accidentally found the Android.inputmethodservice.Keyboard class, that is, Android can customize the keyboard class, made a simple example for everyone to refer to. The effect is as follows: First look at the interface layout file

In-depth understanding of the Android matrix theory and use of the detailed _android

In the linear algebra before learning the matrix, there are some understanding of the basic operation of the Matrix, some time ago in the use of GDI + to learn how to use the matrix to change the image, after reading here to summarize the

Android Advanced Development's performance Optimization model _android

This chapter describes the performance aspects of the Android advanced development process. Mainly includes the electricity, the view, the memory three performance aspect knowledge point. 1. View Performance (1) Overdraw Introduction Overdraw is

Monthly download volume on thousands of Android to achieve the two-dimensional code generator app source Sharing _android

On the 360 above the line for one months, download the amount of Chihu. Here the code is shared out for everyone to learn ha! Also include teaching how to access ads, earn a little money flower, like to help the top one, the big God saw not spray,

Android implementation of desktop suspension window, mask effect instance code _android

Now a lot of security software, such as 360 mobile phone assistant, Baidu mobile phone assistant, etc., have a floating window, you can float on the desktop, user-friendly use of some commonly used operations. Today, this article is about how to

Handler message passing mechanism in Android _android

What is Handler used for? 1 Execution of Scheduled tasks, you can perform certain tasks at the scheduled time, you can simulate the timer 2) communication between threads. When the Android application starts, a main thread is created, and the main

Introductory tutorials for Recyclerview components in Android application development _android

Recyclerview is a list container that has been published for a long time before remembering what to write. Compared to ListView, Recyclerview is more flexible when reusing reuse, which is low coupling and provides an extension. When loading

Android Regular Expressions __ Regular expressions

In the Sun's Java JDK 1.40 version, Java has its own package that supports regular expressions, and this article introduces how to use the Java.util.regex package. To make a rough estimate, other Linu x users will encounter regular expressions

Android 5.0 ART GC vs Android 4.x Dalvik GC

To study the memory management mechanism in the Android virtual machine, a preliminary investigation was made, and the following is a summary of the updates for GC in Android 5.0 ART for reference, from the web and the initial reading of the source

Android Open Source Network framework retrofit (Getting started) __android

RESTful style interface has become the mainstream of the industry, retrofit framework also fire special fire, the recent project also decided to upgrade, the use of retrofit. In the spirit of learning, but also to the next learners have some help,

Springmvc+volley Implement Android Upload file

The Android side uses the volley request base class to implement several of its methods to upload files in a mosaic form The server side uses the spring framework to receive files. One, Android: three categories:

Android Ant's simplest packaging signature and obfuscation method

With ant packaging, it's a bit of a hassle if the script is written step-by-step. For Ant, let's look at it in detail: Ant supports commands such as Ant debug,ant release, we need the signature to be confused, then we need ant release this command.

On the callback thought in the design of Android system

Why do I write this article As I get closer to Android development, I'm increasingly discovering that Android (at least the application that used to have it) uses a lot of callback thinking. For example, the life cycle of activity, fragment life

Getting Started with Android development (19) database 19.1 Creating a Database helper class

The method currently described is only used to store some simple data. If you want to store relational data, it will be more efficient to use the database. For example, if you want to store the scores of every student in the school, it's best to use

[Android] Chapter 2 2D graphics and animation, Chapter 2 of android

[Android] Chapter 2 2D graphics and animation, Chapter 2 of android Category: C #, Android, VS2015; Created on: 1. Introduction The Android system defines a series of independent graphic processing classes. The 2D graphic processing classes are

Android time acquisition and use

Android time acquisition and useWhen compiling an Android network program, you will inevitably encounter inaccurate mobile phone time. This article summarizes some common time acquisition and Correction Methods: for reprinting, please note:

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