Android Contacts (ii) SMS messages are associated with Contacts contacts

Android SMS Read SMS, you can get the sender/recipient's mobile phone number (address), contacts contact, can filter mobile phone number (addressed), so SMS can be connected to contacts contact via mobile phone number (address) Sms-contacts

Android apps use ContentProvider to scan local pictures and display _android

Before a group of friends asked me, there is no local picture selection demo, similar to the effect of micro-letter, he said there is no online demo, asked me if I can write a demo on this effect, so I studied the next micro-letter of the local

A tutorial on the use of control reversal IOC design patterns in Android application development _android

1, overview First, let's brag, what is the IOC, control reversal (inversion, English abbreviation for IOC), what do you mean? is that you need to use a lot of member variables within a class, the traditional way of writing, you want to use these

Android calls micro-letter login, share, pay _android

With the micro-mail SDK all kinds of pain, feel more trouble than QQ SDK call, callback is too troublesome, but also must be in the name of the designated package Actvity callback, so I write a blog here, there is a need for friends can learn from,

Android 5.0 most expected to achieve 8 expectations _android

Android 5.0 is the new Android operating system released by Google on October 15, 2014 (US Pacific Time). Beijing Time June 26, 2014 0 o'clock, the Google I/O 2014 Developers Conference was officially convened in San Francisco, released the Android 5

Android Andbase Framework Internal Package Implementation Progress box, Toast box, pop-up box, confirmation box (ii) _android

This article is for the Andbase framework to learn to organize the second note, want to understand the andbase framework of friends can read this article, we learn together. Implement a Progress box, Toast box, pop-up box, confirmation box using

Android implementation pull up load more and pull down refresh function (ListView) _android

First for you to introduce Andorid5.0 original Drop-down refresh simple implementation. First on the effect chart; It looks a lot better than the bars in the previous version 19.1.0. It's easy to use. Package

Android Imitation Taobao product browsing interface picture scrolling effect _android

Use the mobile phone Taobao browsing merchandise details, the product picture is placed in the back, in the first ScrollView scroll to the bottom will be prompted, continue to drag to browse pictures. Imitate this effect write a come out is not

The realization method of touch-screen gesture recognition in Android application development _android

Many times, the use of touch screen fling, scroll, such as gesture (gesture) operation will make the user experience of the application greatly increased, such as using scroll gestures in the browser to roll the screen, with the Fling in the reader

Example analysis of GridView and Arrayadapter usages in Android _android

The example of this article analyzes the use of GridView and Arrayadapter in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The GridView is a tabular two-dimensional layout view, when the GridView text will appear scrolling

Android Development uses Exifinterface to get picture properties after a photo _android

This example describes the Android development using Exifinterface to get picture properties after taking pictures. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Exifinterface exif = new Exifinterface (File.getpath ()); String

How to use gzip to deliver data in Android

The gzip encoding on the HTTP protocol is a technique used to improve the performance of Web applications. Large-volume Web sites often use the gzip compression technology to reduce file size, there are two obvious advantages of reducing file size,

How to add a Hibernate feature to the Android Tablet power button Menu

1. Modify/frameworks/base/core/res/res/values/strings.xml Declare several variables here: Sleep Sleep the machine screen would turn off. 2. Modify/frameworks/base/core/java/com/android/internal/app/ To refer to a few

Android to build database and efficient database operation code to write

When beginners are learning Android, it's a bit complicated to see how SQLite database programming is on the books. The difficulty of the beginner stage: Set Up Database table field (field) data type (text,interge) Select more, consider more.

Solution of HttpURLConnection throw exception in Android

HTTP URL link, an error occurs, mainly because in the main UI thread, the Networkonmainthreadexception exception is thrown by using network invoke (network call). Version: API level above 11. You can avoid this situation by using a simple thread

Android Quick Start

Project Source Download Https:// Directory structure for Android projects Activity: The interface that is displayed when the application is opened SRC: Project Code Resource IDs for all resource

Parse cloud-based services for Android applications

The Parse Mobile SDK delivers cloud-based APIs and services for IOS, Android, and Windows applications. The Parse SDK also provides JavaScript and REST APIs. With the Parse API, you can quickly and with minimal effort allow your mobile applications

How Android uses broadcastreceiver backstage to monitor incoming call records

Android How to use Broadcastreceiver background to realize the interception of call records and access to the Sqllite database through Contentprovilder implementation interface Broadcastreceiver is one of the four major Android components,

Android uses service background update Schedule Task

Service is one of the four components of Android, there is no longer too much to describe, the following main implementation of the use of the service background to perform the task of planning, exit the application, close service, only exist

Getting Started with Android development (19) database 19.3 pre-create database

In the development process, it is sometimes more efficient to create a database beforehand than to create it when the program is running. For example, you want to write a program that shows the coordinates of the places you've been to. In this case,

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