The solution to using the pull parser to manipulate XML files in Android _android

First, use the Pull parser to read XML files In addition to using SAX or DOM to parse XML files, you can also use the Android built-in pull parser to parse XML files. The pull parser is an Open-source Java project that can be used for both Android

Android phone to connect the example code of the _android printer via Bluetooth

The printer used is a good Bo printer, support Bluetooth, WiFi, USB I am using Bluetooth to connect. On the internet to find a good Bo official for Android development of the app source code, but a variety of jumps, did not see too understand, so

Android access to mobile phone folder and file list method _android

First look at the effect chart: Package; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import Java.text.DecimalFormat; Import

Android effective solution to the problem of memory leaks example detailed _android

Android is an effective solution to the problem of memory leaks Android memory leak, I want to do the Android application when I encountered a headache, here is a good information I find on the Internet, examples of the solution to this problem

Android implementation upload file to server instance detailed _android

This example realizes every 5 seconds to upload, through the server to obtain the mobile phone uploaded file information and do the corresponding processing; using ANDROID+STRUTS2 technology. One, the Android side implementation file upload1, a new

Android Learning Notes ContentProvider and URI detailed _android

This article describes the content of the custom content provider and fully resolves the usage of the contents provider. Content Provider, the contents of the provider, I believe that the name of this component are not unfamiliar, may be their usual

Android Development notes: The difference between Handler runnable and thread is detailed _android

There are two ways to implement multithreading in Java, one is to inherit the thread class, the other is to implement the Runnable interface; the thread class is defined in the Java.lang package. A class can implement multithreading as long as it

Using gzip in the Android system for data-passing instance code _android

Next, let me explain how to use gzip for data delivery in the Android system. The gzip encoding on the HTTP protocol is a technique used to improve the performance of Web applications. Large-volume Web sites often use the gzip compression technology

Android Development Popwindow Imitation micro-letter in the upper right corner drop-down menu Instance Code _android

Let's take a look at the effect chart: Menupopwindow: Package; Import; Import Android.content.Context; Import; Import Android.view.LayoutInflater;

A detailed explanation of the complex parameter transfer between Android intent _android

This paper describes in detail the method of complex parameter transfer between Android intent. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Intent is a medium for passing arguments between activity and activity, between activity and

The method of acquiring IMEI code in Android _android

Core code: Imei = ((Telephonymanager) Getsystemservice (Telephony_service)). Getdeviceid (); 1. Permission to joinTo add 2. Code Copy Code code as follows: Package; Import; Import

Android phone defender's binding SIM card serial number _android

Now start to deal with the logic of each navigation page, first look at the second navigation page Here you need to implement the ability to bind the SIM card serial number, and note that the appropriate permissions are added: Uses-permission

Android operating system Get root permission principle detailed analysis _android

Android Root access cracking analysis Many friends of the new Android machine has not cracked the root permissions, can not use some high privileges of the software, as well as a number of highly privileged operations, in fact, crack the root of

Android Network Request library Volley method detailed _android

Using volley to make network requests: you need to first import volley packages into Androidstudio Project Structrue under File, point Plus Guide package Volley Network Request steps: 1. Create request queue Requestqueue queue =

Encryption des encryption _android of Android data

Preface: A colleague consulted me about the implementation of Android DES Encryption, a simple implementation, today to sum up. Several other encryption methods:RSA encryption of Android data encryptionAES encryption of Android data encryptionDes

AES Encryption _android for Android data encryption

Objective: In addition to landing in the project, payment and other interfaces using RSA asymmetric encryption, outside the use of AES symmetric encryption, today we come to understand the AES encryption. Several other encryption methods:RSA

The SHA secure hashing algorithm for Android data encryption _android

Objective: For the SHA Safe hashing algorithm, before how to use, just stay in the heard of the stage, today in the picture Caching framework Glide source code found that its cache key is not MD5 encryption algorithm, but SHA-256 encryption

The Android messaging mechanism and handler memory leaks _android

Handler Every beginner Android development is not open handler this "ridge", why it is a ridge, first of all, this is one of the essence of Android architecture, and then most people are aware of it but do not know why. Today, see This

Android implements daemon through JNI _android

The development of a need to live in the background of the app is actually a very headache, not only to deal with the major domestic manufacturers ROM, but also need to deal with various types of safety butler ... Although the continuous research of

Android Obfuscation Code and example _android

To prevent the results of their work from being stolen, confusing code can effectively prevent being decompile, the following is a summary of the following confusing code steps: 1. You may have noticed that a new project would see a file like this

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