Android Contacts (i) Read contacts

Introduction to Android Contacts Learn to work with the Android contacts database. Basic knowledge of accessing SQLite in Android along with using Cursors is expected. The Android SQLite and Cursor Article for more information. Google changed the

Two common types of Android network operations

The Android SDK integrates the Apache httpclient module. Note that the Apache HttpClient module here is httpclient 4.0 (org.apache.http.*) rather than the common Jakarta Commons httpclient 3.x (org.apache.commons.httpclient.*). HttpClient commonly

Android Bluetooth Communication overview

Under normal circumstances, our main operation of Bluetooth is: Turn on and off Bluetooth, search peripheral equipment, can be found by peripheral devices, to obtain matching equipment, Bluetooth equipment between the data transmission. 1, open

An overview of performance design for Android application operation

Android applications run on mobile devices that are limited by their computing power, storage space, and battery endurance. From this, it must be efficient. Battery Endurance may be a reason for you to optimize your program, even if it seems to be

Android to realize Sina Weibo client's expressive function

Recently engaged in the Android Sina Weibo client, have some experience to share To get the Android client expression function can use the following ideas 1. Home page to download the expression of Sina to a local folder species, expression of the

Android ToDoList (custom style) detailed

Android allows you to derive subclasses from the existing View toolbox (Widget Tool Box) or implement your own view controls; By overriding the event handlers and the OnDraw () method, but still recalling the superclass (super) method, you can

Android Custom View imitation QQ level days progress

I've been looking at the custom view piece lately. It's been almost one weeks. This week, keep updating the blog every day, feel that their technology has a bit of breakthrough, the custom view of the calculation also has a deeper understanding.

Send push messages to Android phone from. NET project (Windows Service)

The recently made. NET project (Windows Service) needs to send a push message to the Android phone, it's a little hard to keep searching the document, and finally see an open source project Pushsharp, Can be in the. NET platform to push

The perfect combination of Android and db4o: Password Manager

Project Introduction The Password Manager project provided here is a rewritten version of the Passwordsafe (released under Apache license) written by Steven Osborn, and has now implemented the basic password management functionality under the

Android implements ListView filtering function, inherits from Baseadapter, non arrayadapter

In fact, the most convenient way to achieve ListView filtering is to use Arrayadapter, which comes with the GetFilter () method can be very convenient to achieve this function, but in the actual development, is generally inherited from the

Department of Famous Door Android (9)

Introduced Using SQLite in Android, ContentProvider Database Support (SQLite)-The Android development platform provides an API for manipulating SQLite databases Content provider (ContentProvider)-when data needs to be shared between applications,

Android Please ensure the solution to the correctly located at problem

Problem description encountered: Running the Android program console output [2013-11-04 16:18:26-] The connection to ADB are down, and a severe error has occured. [2013-11-04 16:18:26-] You must restart ADB and Eclipse. [2012-11-04 16:18:26-]

Android sensor; draw a lottery function

Package com.kane.sensortest; Import Java.util.Random; Import Android.hardware.Sensor; Import android.hardware.SensorEvent; Import Android.hardware.SensorEventListener; Import Android.hardware.SensorManager; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import

How to use dialog boxes in Android and how to clear resources on bitmaps

We know that one of the things that we often need to use when writing Java code is the dialog box (Dialog), for example, we write the program, others in use, we need to give users some hints, and these tips if always in the form of the window to

Getting Started with Android development (20) content provider 20.1 data sharing

In the previous section, we covered several methods for data persistence: preferences, files, and databases. It is recommended that you use Sqlitedatabase when you are saving complex data structures. However, sharing data is a challenge because the

Getting Started with Android Development (vii) handling information such as Change 7.2 save status

So far, we've learned that when you change the direction of the screen, the activity will be destroyed and then rebuilt. Keep in mind that when an activity is rebuilt, its current information may disappear. When an activity is killed, one or two of

Android Test Tutorial: TestCase sample

The Android test framework is based on JUnit, so some classes that are not related to the platform can be tested directly using the testcase in JUnit. Morsecodeconvertertest is used to test morsecodeconverter classes, Morsecodeconverter

Android Init process (i) Init initialization

The software version used in this article android:4.2.2 Linux kernel: 3.1.10 This article and subsequent articles will be on the Android initialization (INIT) process of detailed, stripping and cocoon analysis, and interspersed with a lot of

Android RoboGuice2 Usage Guide (1) overview

Roboguice recently launched the 2.0 version. Compared with 1.1, it has: Improve the stability Support Fragment More concise and easy to use However, because RoboGuice2 is not fully backward compatible with RoboGuice1.1, the project that

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (44)

App->service->service Start Arguments Controller This example is the last example of Apidemos about service, and the main purpose of this example is to describe how to pass parameters to a service. The previous example ignores an important problem:

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