Android Third party login, share (SHARESDK, friends) _android

Prepare for the project below, write a demo of third party login and share. Use the SHARESDK and the Alliance respectively to achieve. First of all, I feel the use of both, personal feeling sharesdk better than the league, but where? Fortunately,

Android Timer, Time Calculator implementation method _android

Requirements: Default to "00:00:00", click the Start button when the 0 start time, appear as 10:28:34. Stop timing when the click stops.Problem: Using the Calendar DateFormat method, do not set the time zone gets to the hour is the local time zone

Android WebView loading HTML5 introduction _android

Multi-resolution problems with Android devices Android Browser default preview mode Browse will reduce the page WebView will be displayed in the original size The Android browser and webview default to MDPI. HDPI equivalent to MDPI 1.5 times times

How to download the Android SDK source code based on Linux and Windows platform detailed _android

This article is mainly divided into 2 parts . The 1th part describes how to download the source code for the Android SDK , and the 2nd part describes how to add the source code of the Android SDK to eclipse . 1th part How to download the Android

Android Development Note: Use Enum (enum type) to replace integer set of application detailed _android

In the Android API you can find a lot of places that use integer sets as parameters, and look at the examples first. LinearLayout is a familiar UI basic element that has a directional attribute in it, which can be set in the following ways:

Android Hands-on tutorial The third simple implementation call function _android

The example of this article for you to share the Android phone function of the implementation code, need a text input box input number, need a button to call. Essence: Click on the button to invoke the system call function. XML layout file code::

The use method of AES encryption and decryption in Android _android

Today in the Android project using AES to decrypt the data, encountered a lot of problems, the Internet also found a lot of information, also not. But finally let me get out, here to record this, do not let others go my detour, because most of the

Android Setup Example _android for taking pictures or uploading local pictures

A few days ago, we client side of the market received a demand, we need to order after the deal, our client has a copy of the transaction voucher function, then how to upload the image on the Android function? Before I code, I ask myself a few

Android projects similar to Taobao's search function, monitor soft keyboard search events, delay automatic search, and time-ordered search history of the implementation _android

Recently job-hopping to a new company, accepted the first task is in an Electronic Business module search function as well as the search history of the implementation. Demand and Taobao and other electrical functions roughly similar to the top of a

Android rights Operation Uses-permission detailed _android

This example describes the uses-permission of the Android permissions operation. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: When we install the Android software, the system prompts the software for the permissions it needs, and

Android self-setting view realizes _android of imitation QQ movement steps arc and animation effect

In the previous Android ultra-precision pedometer development-dylan step of the home page to use a custom control, and the QQ movement of the interface is a bit similar, and animation effect, the following is to tell how this view is drawn. 1. See

Analysis of Libcurl porting, compiling and testing in Android _android

Because the project needs to use the network development in the NDK, for C language network development, the Libcurl library is a very good choice, but the Android system does not own this library, therefore has to transplant itself.The following is

The specific modification method of Android splash screen _android

Make the boot logoMethod One:DRIVERS/VIDEO/LOGO/LOGO_LINUX_CLUT224.PPM is the default startup logo image, convert your logo image (PNG format) to PPM format, replace this file, and delete logo_linux_ clut224.c logo_linux_clut224.o files,

The implementation of the Android modification system shutdown Animation _android

In the Android system porting to do their own mobile devices, will certainly encounter changes on the boot or shutdown screen, configure their own product logo this is necessary, these are to be modified in the source code, and then compiled, the

Android realizes the effect of text flip animation _android

This article realizes the Android program text to flip the animation of the small program, the specific code is as follows: The first effect chart is as follows: Requirements: Along the y-axis positive direction, the value minus 1 o'clock the

Introduction of SD card and system files based on Android scan _android

If you have done multimedia applications, will certainly be distressed, how to obtain the SD card multimedia files. Android is still very powerful, and if you know how to invoke the Android API, everything is OK. When a cell phone or simulator is

A detailed explanation of the file _c language in an Android system

OverviewThe file is used to describe how to compile your source code to the compilation system. Rather, the file is actually a small makefile. Because the file is parsed several times by the NDK compilation tool, you should minimize the

RSA encryption _android for Android data encryption

Objective: Recently accidentally and colleagues to exchange data security transmission problems, think of their own used RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm, idle down to sum up. Several other encryption methods: RSA encryption of Android data

Android uses native component webview to load Web pages and data _android

An introduction to this class in the API is basically this is a view that can display a Web page, such as: Webview.loadurl (; Show Results: You can also load some HTML strings, such as: String str = "you

Android image caching principle, characteristic contrast _android

This is what I share on the MDCC (slightly changes), but also the source analysis of the first release of the source analysis introduced in the following will slowly do. Comparing several picture caches from the overall design and principle, it is

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