Android Thread Action Object Asynctask threading mechanism

Simply put, a program has only one main thread, and can have multiple main threads. The same is true in the Android world, Android is a single-threaded model, and time-consuming operations must be performed in a non main thread, so Google provides

Android Development: An automatic switch machine implementation tutorial

1. Introduction My implementation is in the Setup program to add an interface to allow users to set the automatic switching machine, this automatic switching machine settings can refer to the setting of the alarm clock. About the automatic shutdown,

Android Development Implementation HttpClient Tool class

In Android development, we often use the network connection function and the server data interaction, this Android SDK provides Apache httpclient to facilitate our use of a variety of HTTP services. You can think of httpclient as a browser, and

Android using Baidu Map API: Bus transfer Scheme search

This is the 3rd article I wrote about the call Baidu Map API Search service article, so the search to do before the other work no longer introduced, plus the code in the comments on the relevant operations, methods to do as much as possible detailed

Android network programming: URL get data and pictures

First of all, start the simplest network programming combat, URL to achieve network connectivity, do not understand the children's shoes can refer to the Java URL programming, the principle is the same, here no longer to do more explanation.

How to get file extensions and remove file extensions in Android

* * * java file operation get file extension */public static string Getextensionname (string filename) { if (filename! = null) && (filename.length () > 0)) { int dot = filename.lastindexof ('. ');

Android security Issue (eight) forged SMS (using native android4.0 vulnerabilities)

It's been a long, long, long time ago that android4.0 was released. This loophole has long been reported out, the reason why write this article now, is that the upgrade of the basic has been upgraded, the basic patching has been patched, so now is

Android gets mobile screen width, status bar height and string width information method


Android gets mobile screen width, status bar height and string width information method This article mainly introduces Android to get the phone screen width, status bar height and string width high information method, involving Android to get text

Android Universal Flashlight Code

Speaking of mobile phone flashlight function, many people are directly call the Flash, and this article to introduce you to the camera function to achieve, there is a need for small partners to refer to. A few days ago this side of a community

The combination of shape and selector in Android

This article mainly introduces the combination of shape and selector in Android, this article directly gives the example code, the need for friends can refer to the following One: In Android development, we often use shape to define a variety of

ListView Example of horizontal sliding (horizontal sliding) in Android

This article mainly introduces the android to achieve horizontal sliding (transverse sliding) ListView example, this article with its own encapsulation of a control method to solve this requirement, the need for friends can refer to the The use of

Analysis of three kinds of menu examples of Android

The examples in this article describe the three kinds of menus for Android. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The Android menu is divided into three types: Option menu, context menu, submenu (Sub menu) A.

Several ways for Android to get data from the server side

In Android, sometimes we don't need to use the local SQLite database to provide data, more often from the network to get data, then how does Android get data from the server? There are many kinds of One: Obtain data method based on HTTP protocol.

Android programming for erasing a piece of bitmap

Android programming for erasing a piece of bitmap Previously to intercept bitmap in the picture used by a piece of stitching, although it can be achieved, but the efficiency is very low. Think for a long time, inadvertently see the online bitmap

2010 Android and iphone best top five apps and games

A list of the top five apps and games for Android and iphone 2010 is listed in the Foreign Technology Web site as follows: One, 2010 Android best top five games 1, Robot tower Protection (Robo Defense). This is the most fun tower defense game on the

Where the IPhone 4 is better than the Android phone

Article Description: Why is the iphone better than Android ? Once in different occasions with a lot of An Zhouqing discussed some or shallow or deep knowledge level problems, now want to have a truly independent thinking ability and

Android implements left-sliding exit activity (perfect encapsulation)

In Android apps, there are many ways to exit an activity, such as setting a return navigation key at the top and clicking on the return key to exit. Of course, perhaps now also noticed that many of the app has adopted a left-sliding exit, such as

Android Zip Compression Tool class

Package com.chy.utils; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import Java.util.Locale; Import

Android Development Rights Knowledge Summary

This paper summarizes the knowledge points related to permissions (permission) during the Android development process, and some friends in need can look at them. Allow applications to write new words to

Introduction to Cookie Management in Android

Cookie management is an unavoidable problem in Android apps. I would like to make some humble remarks here. Let's look at where the cookie might be stored. 1.Httpclient stores the cookie content at the time of the request, where the storage

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