Android GUI system Surfaceflinger (9) Project Butter Butter Program

1.1 Surfaceflinger Starting from this section, we formally cut into Surfaceflinger's analysis. In order to maintain the continuity of the presentation, some of the content may have been covered in the previous chapters, and the details will be

Android GUI system Surfaceflinger (8) application and Bufferqueue relationship

The relationship between 1.1.1 application and Bufferqueue Then continue to explain the unresolved issues in the previous section. Now that we understand the general process by which an application uses Surfaceflinger to draw work, it is only in

Android Chat tool based on socket implementation _android

It's simple, there's no database, and there's no handling of exceptions.Login: Enter user name click on login.Send message: Specific format->touser:message1. Server: Save online users public class Online { private static online monline =

Android dial Phone Function Example detailed _android

An example of this article is an analysis of the Android dial phone function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The phone is one of the most basic features of mobile phones, and now Android smartphones are very popular,

Android uses bitmap to get image pixel data _android

This article illustrates the way Android uses bitmap to get image pixel data. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The references on the Internet are: int[] pixels = new Int[bit.getwidth () *bit.getheight ()];//saves an

Android Multithreading Research (5) sharing data between threads

One, if each thread executes the same code, you can use the same runnable to implement the shared public class Multithreadsharedata {public static void Main (string[] args) { new Thread (New Sharedata ()). Start () ; New

Android Multithreading Research (4) from a face test

There is an interview question: Open a child thread and the main thread run at the same time, the child thread output 10 times after the main thread output 100 times, so repeated 50 times. First look at the following code: Package com.maso.test; /

The cause and solution of repetitive flicker in image display during slide of Android ListView

The main analysis of the Android ListView scrolling process of image display repetition, confusion, flashing reasons and solutions, incidentally mentioned ListView caching mechanism. 1. Reason Analysis ListView Item caching mechanism: To make

How to achieve scraping effect in Android

A few months ago, when I was in touch with Android, I did a small project that used a scratch-like effect, and now I'm going to post the code The first thing to do is something like eraser, then you can erase the handwriting on the paper. /** *

Android Custom View Imitation vivo I housekeeper virus scanning animation effect

Technology is never-ending, if the true love of technology, then brave to stick to it. I like this sentence very much, when I encountered the problem, when I think the code is boring, I will ask myself, in the end is not really love technology, this

How to rewrite Baseadapter and optimize ListView in Android

Background For ListView, GridView, Gallery, spinner, and so on, it is their adapter, directly inherit from the interface class adapter, the use of baseadapter need to rewrite many methods, the most important of which is GetView, Because this

Android Tips: Surfaceview's introduction to the Android game framework

1. Introduce We know that the Android game consists of two main aspects. On the one hand is the control class, which through some loops and monitoring mechanism to achieve. The other is the display class. In the real class, the most common is the

Android Custom View implementation of the wealth management app 7th profit line chart effect

This time the custom view learning, learned to draw a bar chart, draw a line chart, draw progress control, then we come to talk about another custom view, this is our common 7th-year profit line chart effect. First look what looks like. This is

The decompression tool on Android devices: RAR for Android


RAR for Android is an old WinRAR free Android tool that allows you to compress and decompress files on Android devices. Via @Xang Azu WinRAR, who ranks ahead of the piracy rate in China, has released a free decompression tool to support RAR, ZIP,

How to enable ADB to support Udev rule configuration for Android devices under Linux

1.Connect andriod Device to your Linux * * * *. 2.Use "Lsusb". Use LSUSB to check the Android device ID into USB subsystem, like below (Does not care "$"): $ lsusb Bus 001 Device 002:id 0fce:6156 Sony Ericsson Mobile Number "0FCE" is the

Discussion on the optimization of Android G-sensor

Recently in 2.2 to solve a g-sensor bug, the unexpected discovery of 2.3 in fact, this kind of problem has been optimized for reference to 2.3 of the source code, gave me a lot of help. 2.3 is mainly extended to the expansion of the rotary screen 180

Maxima on Android: lets you experience algebraic computing on the Android platform

Maxima, one of the oldest computer algebra systems (CAS), was transplanted to the Android platform by Tian Kan (Yasuaki Honda) in 2012. It can be used for symbolic calculation and numerical calculation, such as solving polynomial root, limit,

Android axis rotation effect implementation, make a different image browser

There are a lot of nice examples in the Android API demos, and the code for these examples is pretty good, so if you're working through every single example in the API demos, congratulations on being a real Android player. It's also a way for some

Android Modified version: CyanogenMod 10 stable version is now available

CyanogenMod (CM10), the latest based on the Android 4.1 jelly Beans version of ROM, today on a handful of devices launched. Version 10 has undergone countless nightly beta developments in the past few months, but the final stable version will be

Android Two-way sliding menu complete parsing, teach you how to achieve bidirectional sliding effects in one minute

I remember writing an article about the Android sliding menu a long time ago, in which a friend left a message in the comments, hoping I could help him change the sliding menu to a two-way slide. At that time did not want to spend too much time, a

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