Android pull down Refresh load control (for all view) _android

I've written an article about the Drop-down Refresh control. Drop-down Refresh control Terminator:pulltorefreshlayout, and then see a lot of people and pull load more requirements, so on the previous Drop-down refresh control on the basis of the

The whole process analysis of the Android system shutdown _android

In the PowerManager API documentation, a shutdown/reboot interface is given:public void reboot (String reason) The description of this interface is simple, just a few words.The function of the interface is to reboot the device, and there is no

How to implement item drag-and-drop on the GridView grid view in Android _android

GridView Basicsa new Hellogridview project.Modify the Main.xml code as follows: It's simple, it's a gridview. Set the column width to 90DP so that when our numcolumns is set to Auto_fit, Android automatically calculates the size

The adapter model of the actual combat the Android round menu of the Hong Yang Group, CCB _android

For many developers, the cool UI effect is the most attractive, and many people are learning some of the more well-known UI libraries because of these cool effects. The premise of the cool effect is that you have to understand the custom view, as 90

Android uses multithreading to implement breakpoints to download _android

Multi-threaded downloads are a way to speed up downloads by opening multiple threads to perform a task. You can make tasks run faster ... Multi-threaded task downloads are always available. For example, our mobile phone internal application treasure

Analyze the intent components in Android from the source code _android

We know that intent is primarily used to activate Android components, so how exactly is it activated? Can I bring Java objects when I activate? Why should objects be serialized before they are passed? First, intent official website

Deep understanding of handler asynchronous communication mechanism in Android _android

First, the problem: After Android startup will create a main thread in the new process, also known as the UI thread (not thread-safe) This thread is mainly responsible for monitoring screen click events and interface drawing. When the application

Some optimization points of view rendering in Android application development _android

A common misconception is that the basic layout structure (e.g. linearlayout, framelayout, etc.) can be used in most casesproduce an efficient layout. Obviously, every control and every layout you add to your application needs to be initialized,

The Android implementation sends the application crash message to the developer and restarts the application method _android

The example in this article describes how the Android implementation will apply crash information to developers and restart applications. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In the development process, although tested, but

Set up the Android system never locks the screen never sleeps _android

In the development of the Android system, there are certain situations that require the system to never lock the screen and never sleep. This article to introduce Android never lock screen, turn on the screen, delete settings in the Sleep time

Android implementation file download progress display function _android

Share with you the learning experience, how to achieve the android file download progress display function, I hope to help the general beginners.First up Effect chart:    The blue progress bar above will be loaded according to the percentage of

Liquid level indicator for custom controls in Android _android

Since Android is widely used, in the industry also have a number of applications, such as the use of Android to the industry in some data to achieve monitoring, display, and can do some automation control, of course, here, I do not do these

Android Imitation American Group Pull-down menu (commodity selection) Instance code _android

We use a lot of applications platform, the following small series through this article to introduce you to the electric business application platform commonly used in the selection of the Drop-down list of the implementation of the category. First

Android image Level Three cache policy (network, local, memory cache) _android

First, Introduction Now in the Android application, the inevitable use of the picture, if every time the picture is loaded from the network to pull back, this not only very time-consuming user traffic, and the picture load will be very slow, user

Android to determine whether app foreground is running or running in the background (running state) _android

In this paper, we introduce the content of Android to Judge app state by the way of illustration, as follows: To understand this piece, first of all need to understand some concepts, app,process,task 1.process is the process, the concept of Linux.

Common usage Summary of fragment in Android application UI development _android

1.Fragment Overviewin an activity, fragment represents a part of the UI or an action. An activity can combine multiple fragment objects or different objects corresponding to the same fragment byte code in multiple activity. A fragment object must be

Using source code to compile the Android system's apk and executable command method _android

Build Android System apk1, set up the environment Export android_home=/home/administrator/soft/android export path= $PATH: $ANDROID _home/out/host/linux-x86/bin Export android_product_out= $ANDROID _home/out/target/product/generic 2,

Android serializable and Parcelable serialization object detailed _android

In this paper, the serializable and Parcelable serialization objects in Android are studied in detail as follows Learning content: 1. The purpose of serialization Two ways to serialize in 2.Android Performance comparison of 3.Parcelable and

Android dial Phone Function Example detailed _android

An example of this article is an analysis of the Android dial phone function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The phone is one of the most basic features of mobile phones, and now Android smartphones are very popular,

Android APK application signature mechanism and read Signature method _android

Friends who have posted Android apps should all know that the Android apk is a sign that needs to be signed. The signature mechanism plays a very important role in Android applications and frameworks. For example, the Android system prohibits

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