Android development Environment Builds _android

1 Software Downloads (1) jdk: (2) eclipse: (3) Android sdk: Download: Installer_r22.6.2-windows.exe or

Android Custom window Title style instance _android

Android offers a number of controls that allow developers to design UI-related programs. However, many times, the default UI settings are not sufficient to meet our needs, either not good-looking, or highly inadequate, or are not in harmony with the

Android webview to open Web page while sending HTTP header information method _android

As we all know, when you click on a hyperlink to jump, WebView will automatically send the current address as referer (referral) to the server, so many server-side programs through whether to contain referer to control hotlinking, so sometimes,

An example analysis of the Android Observer model _android

This example describes the Android observer model. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: First, the environment: Host: WIN8Development environment: Eclipse Second, note: 1. Open the XML file in the SD card,

The processing method of the thread in Android _android

The example of this article is about the method of dealing with the thread in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific methods are as follows: I now register with a user feature1. Use ProgressDialog to set the current page to be

The realization of the water ripple of the Android special effect _android

Objective Water ripple effects, presumably we have seen more or less, in my impression, there are roughly the following: Alipay "Xiu Xiu Xiu" type Flow Ball "rippling" type Real water ripple effect, based on bitmap processing Say not much,

In Android, let the button have the return key function and rewrite the return key function _android

Let the button have the Return key function is very simple, in the Click event Plus Finish (); OK.Such as: Copy Code code as follows: public void OnClick (View v) { Finish (); } Finish () simply exits the activity from its current

Packaged Android monitor finger left and right sliding screen event class sharing _android

The right and left sliding is the most commonly used mobile phone, this simple encapsulation a bit, later directly to use on it. Just a few lines is all it takes, and the following class is encapsulated. package com.example.test; Import

Some rules about drawable in Android _android

Objective A deep sea of Android, I believe many Android developers are aware of the fragmentation of the Android version, the diversity of Android hardware devices, and the uncertainties of third-party Rom. Now it's not easy to develop a qualified

Android Studio Tutorial (iii): Common shortcut keys _android

Android Studio 1.0 Official release Today is a big day, Android Studio 1.0 finally released the official version, which for Android developers is simply the big news ah, then decisively to download the use. Official Download Address:

Android download and decompress zip file feature code sharing _android

This article provides 2 pieces of Android code, the implementation of the download from the Android client zip file and implementation of the ZIP file decompression function, very practical, the need for Android developers can try. Download:

Android uses Vitamio to build its own universal player (9)--online playback (online TV) _android


Objective If you do not want to find the video, the traditional way to watch TV is also good, such as CCTV, Hunan TV and so on. This chapter collects hundreds of television stations from the network address, uses the multi-level classification

Android Imitation micro-letter implementation of the first-letter navigation bar _android

This article introduces the Android implementation of the first letter navigation bar, first look at the picture, how to implement the code to see The specific steps 1. Overall layout of the display2. Realize A-Z grouping3. Customize A-Z

Android Layout Properties Encyclopedia _android

This article summarizes the meaning and usage of the layout attribute in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Layout: Absolutelayout (Absolute layout):Xmlns:android=

Android game development of the Black-and-white chess _android

Introduction to Black and white chess Black and white, also known as Apple Chess, was first popular in western countries. The game by flipping each other's pieces, and finally on the chessboard who more to judge the outcome. Black and white is very

Android uses Pulltorefresh to implement a pull load and drop down refresh effect code _android

In not to introduce the text before you, first to introduce the show under the Operation diagram, if you feel that the good, please continue to read: related reading: sharing the experience of using Pulltorefresh in Android Project synchronized

Android Game development Collision Detection (rectangular collision, circular collision, pixel collision) _android

This article for everyone to share the Android game development Collision detection, for your reference, the specific content as follows The principle of rectangular collision : Four kinds of two rectangular positions not in these four cases are

The intent and use method of open file for Android programming development _android


This article illustrates the intent and usage of the open file of Android programming development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In writing file management system will be used to open a variety of different formats of

Android gets the MD5 value of the APK signature fingerprint (to prevent repackaging) _android

The example in this article describes the implementation of Android acquiring the MD5 value of APK signature fingerprint to prevent repackaging. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Make a record (here is only the Java layer

Android example Analysis for JSON data parsing method _android

This example describes the Android approach to JSON data parsing. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The definition of JSON: A lightweight data interchange format with good readability and fast-coding features. The

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