Android Custom DataGridView Data Table Control _android

I'm a. NET programmer, but I'm stuck with the company's request to develop an Android app. Because many parts of the project need to use the data display control (similar to the DataGridView of. net), Niang looked for the next found no one to

Android Common XML parsing method _android

1. Why do I need to write a general XML parsing method. When you need to parse a different XML node. You might be able to match different nodes in XML parsing, and the node names are written to death, so you need different parsing methods to parse

Microlog4android the Android log log to the SD card file to implement the method _java

When we do Android development, we often have this experience, because the customer's device models are different, resulting in a variety of problems, but for developers, because there is no log log files, it is not easy to locate the exact location

Android realizes infinite loop effect of automatic wheel-seeding with indication point _android

To achieve infinite carousel, always slide to the left, when the last view, will slide to the first, infinite ... Can write their own viewpager and then add handler first to achieve automatic scrolling, of course, here I for the progress of the

A detailed explanation of how to parse XML in Android _android

XML is widely used in all kinds of development, and Android is no exception. As an important role in hosting data, how to read and write XML becomes an important skill in Android development. Today I'd like to introduce you to several common XML

How to parse XML files using sax in Android _android

Sax is an XML parser that is fast and consumes less memory, and is ideal for mobile devices such as Android. The Sax parsing XML file takes event-driven, that is, it does not need to parse through the entire document, and in the process of parsing

Android Custom View implementation damping effect of loading animation _android

Effect: Need knowledge: 1. two times Bezier curve 2. Animation knowledge 3. Basic Custom View Knowledge Let's explain what the damping motion is. Damping is the vibration of vibration system, which is caused by friction and medium resistance

Android audio processing through Audiorecord to save PCM files for recording, playback, stop, delete function _android

Audio this aspect is very profound, I certainly can not speak what advanced things, at most also just some basic knowledge, first, we want to introduce Android he provided the recording class, in fact, he has two, one is Mediarecorder, There is

Android integrated micro-credit payment function _android

Ready to work here will not say, including signing and application AppID, attached to the micro-letter open Platform App Development steps, do not understand the students can refer to here: Https://

Android to create a smooth nine Sudoku lottery results _android

Because the company project needs to do nine lottery, has not done similar functions before, although before browsing the blog of the Great Gods, inadvertently also saw a lot about the lottery project, but because there is no need for the project,

An in-depth analysis of the message cycle of Android handler _android

Handler is a class that is used to manipulate message queues within a thread. It's a bit round, it's okay, let's take it slow. The previous looper mentioned that Looper is used to create message queues for threads, that is, looper can allow Message

Android Tween Animation rotateanimation implementation of the picture rotation effect of the example introduction _android

This paper mainly introduces how to use rotate to realize the effect of rotating picture in Android. Android platform provides two kinds of animation, one is Tween animation, that is, through the scene of the object constantly doing image

Detailed Android using SAX to parse XML files _android

There are many ways to parse XML, and it may be that Dom parsing is more familiar. Dom (file object Model) Resolution: The parser reads the entire document and then constructs a tree structure that resides in memory, and then the code can

Android MMS: The use of PDU detailed _android

MMS in Android to MMS (multimedia messaging Service) The operation of the MMS protocol is done through the APIs provided in frameworks: This package is not open in the SDK and can only be used by internal programs,

Android custom histogram with growth animation and click on the Bullet window effect demo_android

The project recently used a variety of charts, originally intended to use a third party, such as Mpandroid, this is a very powerful chart library, the application is very convenient, but finally found and design is not the same, no way, can only

Android implements the item free drag effect in the GridView _android

Before the work, the need to implement a function is the GridView in the item can be free to drag, think about it, in fact, not very difficult to achieve, the main work is to exchange nodes, as well as the moving effect of the drag, the following

Getting Started with Android: Multithreading breakpoint Download Detail Introduction _android

This case is to implement a multithreaded breakpoint download of a file, that is, after a file has been interrupted by a download, you can continue with the progress download and show progress through the progress bar. That is, in the beginning of

Android soft references and weak quotes and example code _android

Android soft references and weak references 1. Softreference: Soft Reference--> when the virtual machine is out of memory, the object it points to is recycled, and the Get method can be invoked when an object is needed. 2. Weakreference: Weak

Learning Research of dynamic loading mechanism in Android _android

In the current software and hardware environment, Native app and web app have obvious advantages in user experience, but in actual project some will upgrade clients frequently because of frequent changes in the business, resulting in poor user

Android Custom View Implementation Switch button _android

Introduction: Android Custom view for beginners and even work for a few years of programmers are very afraid, but also is the Android advanced learning, peacetime projects often have some harsh requirements, we can find a variety of GitHub on the

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