Android Studio calls the. NET

1. First I do is also simple webserivce and can debug pass, so a new empty site: The name can be taken casually. 2. It's a good idea to create a Web form so that you have an initial page when you publish it, so there's no initial page. The inside

Android Bugreport Analysis

reproduced from: Author: blueskyhff_firef Get Log from Androidsystem ADB bugreport> Bugreport.txt Copy bugreport tothe current directory. Bugreport contains a variety of log information, most of

Android Getting Started: interprocess communication through Aidl

First, Aidl introduction Aidl:android Interface definition Language, Interface Definition language, as the name implies, is the language that defines the interface, that is, the interface can be defined using Aidl; Aidl is simply a method of

Android Development 8--Use pull parser to read and write XML files

First, the basic introduction There are many ways to parse XML, including sax and Dom, and it is highly recommended in Android to parse XML in Xmlpull mode. Xmlpull not only can be used on Android as well as Javase, but in javase environments it is

Gradle Android Project opens Multidex

Environment Gradle 2.2 (if the version is different. The following script needs to adjust the version number) Build.gradle (note the place marked red) Buildscript {repositories {mavencentral ()} dependencies

"Android" Typedarray and Obtainstyledattributes use (R.STYLEABLE.XX_XX)

Original: On the basis of writing the Android custom button example, if you want to specify the font size to produce this effect: In fact, you do not need to customize variables, you can directly use the

Android upload image compress picture size

Now mobile phone photos are several trillion, directly to the original image uploaded to the server, for users, directly collapsed, in the case of WiFi is OK. But when other users look at the list, it is estimated that the phone will owe you a fee.

5 solutions to the disappearance of r files during Android development

Android automatically generates a file in development, which is automatically generated and is best not to be changed. But sometimes, this Java file will play Hide-and-seek with us, the in the program will appear error. 1. right

The differences and advantages of V storage in Android

Data storage is the most frequently used in development, where the 5 main ways to implement data storage in the Android platform are: 1 using sharedpreferences storage data 2 file storage data 3 SQLite database storage data 4 Using ContentProvider

The development specification of Android Development notes

Preface Come to a new company, write code before, I usually find the leader to develop norms. However, many companies do not have any development specifications, or the development of specifications is really very simple, only to modify the

[Android] Multi-activity creation registration and mutual Switching Basics (1)

Today I learned to create a second activity and switch from main_activity to second_activity Here's a summary of the process: Create a new XML layout file, (res>layout) write a layout class to create a new activity Class (Class)

H264 Decoder Source code (Android version 1.6 and QT can be called)

H264 decoder source code, porting the H264 decoding part of the FFmpeg to Android, depth pruning optimization, in the simulator (320x480) validated through. The application of the JNI architecture. Interface section, file reading, video display is

Android limit input box 10 characters or 20 letters perfect implementation

In Android development, you often encounter the requirement that the text content entered in the input box should limit 10 characters or 20 letters. Before also on the internet to see a lot of solutions, the effect is not very good, most are

Three different ways to parse XML in Android

Comparison of SAX,DOM,PULL SAX,DOM,PULL each have their own characteristics, the specific operation of XML how to choose it. 1. Memory Footprint This is a fundamental issue. Because of the limited performance of Android phones compared to current

Android multi-Threaded download file principle domineering resolution introduction (end Version)-----Greendao database storage, breakpoint download

This article mainly describes, if paused, or network segment, and then there is a recovery, and then continue to download. First, we'll add the database Greendao Step 1: First create a Java modle in the project. As shown in figure Step 2: Create the

Android Rxjava Implementation Rxbus__java

Preface Previous use of Eventbus in projects for event notifications and subscriptions.Now implement a publish/Subscribe event bus using Rxjava: Rxbus. Rxjava 1.x Implementation Rxbus Code: /** * Desc: Take advantage of the Publishsubject feature:

Android's Rxbus detailed

2016, rxjava/rxandroid Fire, many people have joined the ranks of responsive programming, today we come to talk about Rxbus Before we wanted to pass information between activity or fragment, we would receive information through Onactvityresult. But

The writing of makefile file of "" Android compiling system

(1) The file first needs to specify the Local_path variable to find the source file. As a general and the source files that need to be compiled are in the same directory, so they are defined as follows:local_path:=$ (call

Graphics and text parsing of Android concurrent programming volatile key word __ programming

I believe many people are familiar with the volatile keyword and unfamiliar, familiar with the name is very familiar with, unfamiliar with his principles and usage is very unfamiliar, in recent days through a large number of information and books,

The ubiquitous design pattern in Android development--Observer mode

Ubiquitous design Patterns in Android development--the ubiquitous design pattern--builder pattern in the single case model Android development The previous introduction of the single case mode and builder mode, interested in see the above two links,

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