Surfaceflinger of the Android GUI system (6) Bufferqueue buffer allocation

Buffer Allocation in 1.1.1 Bufferqueue We know that there is a mslots array in the bufferqueue that manages each buffer within it, with a maximum capacity of 32. From the way it is declared, this mslots is statically allocated 32 bufferslot size

Using the Baidu Map API in Android apps

This article describes how to use the Baidu map API in Android applications step-by-step through a simple example. 1) Download Baidu map mobile version API (Android) Development Package To use the Baidu map API in Android applications, you need to

Android WebView downloads Two of times via HTTP Get download files and solutions

First, the phenomenon The usual way to download files via the Android WebView is 1. Rewrite the Downloadlistener Ondownloadstart method, pop-up dialog box in Ondownloadstart method prompts the user to have a new file to download 2. After the user

Android Multithreading Research (3) thread synchronization and mutex and deadlock

Why is the concept of thread synchronization? Why sync? What is thread synchronization? First look at a piece of code: Package com.maso.test; public class ThreadTest2 implements runnable{private testobj testobj = new Testobj ();

Android: Beat system, monitor home button

This is an Android learning note about the home key The question of the proposed The Android Home Key System is responsible for monitoring and capturing the system to automatically process it. Sometimes, the processing of the system often does not

A problem with Android ListView

The function you need is simple, a list with a checkbox, and you need to know what the user has chosen for the project, as shown in the following figure: Using Simpleadapter as the data adapter, rewrite the Simpleadapter.viewbinder method so that

Introduction to the android Window management framework

Window management is a core part of Android. It manages the creation and destruction of windows, layout and size, control of focus, and so on. Windows can be divided into two categories: One is the application window, which is a window created by

Department of famous Door Android series articles index

Introduced Famous Door Android Series Articles index: Build development environment, layout, menus, dialogs, announcements, events, services, broadcasts, broadcast receivers, controls, database support, content provider, HTTP communication, XML

Android Push service: Baidu Cloud push

Introduction of Push Service Message push, as the name suggests, is initiated by a party, and the other party and the initiator in a certain way to establish a connection and receive messages. In Android development, the initiator here we call it

Android Surfaceview Game Development Example

When we need to develop a complex game, and the execution efficiency of the program is very high, the view class can not meet the requirements, then must be developed with the Surfaceview class. For example, when it comes to a game with a high

Android Surfaceview Learning Example

Surfaceview is a subclass of view that is used in exactly the same way as any view-derived class, and can be applied to animations like other view and placed in a layout. The surface in the Surfaceview package supports drawing using all the

Multiple ways to listen for Android listener

In Android, the listener method of view has different ways to use anonymous anonymous objects. Onclicklistener, like other listener methods, is the interface of the view class, which can be used after the overload is implemented, and its interface

Android Roboguice Use Guide (19) Send Receive events

Roboguice provides send and receive for events related to the context lifecycle, and events supported by the system defaults are: Onactivityresultevent Onconfigurationchangedevent ONCONTENTC hangedevent Oncontentviewavailableevent Oncreateevent

Android Roboguice Usage Guide (12) How to bind generic type

If you need to inject a parameterized type, such as List: Class Example { @Inject void setlist (list List) { ... } } You can use Typeliteral to create this binding. Typeliteral is a special type that can be used to

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (a): Content->resources->resources

The Android SDK corresponds to a resource ID that defines one dimension one for resources that are not defined in the Res directory. The is generated in the Gen directory at compile time, and the resource ID is in the format R.[type]. [ID]

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution: App->text-to-speech

Starting with Android1.6 (API level 4), the Android platform is beginning to support Text-to-Speech (TTS), which is "synthetic speech", which supports the ability to read text in a sound way. Currently, Android TTS can support a variety of

Android Concise Development Tutorial One: overview

Since Google launched the Android phone platform, the use of Android as a platform for mobile phones and tablets increasingly popular. The figure below is a chart of the market share of several mainstream smartphone platforms in the United States in

Add userspace I2C read-write tool (I2c-util) in the Android source tree

Through the/dev/i2c-n node, the user can directly access the I2C peripheral registers on the userspace board, mainly through i2c_rdwr this IO control command to pass i2c_msg array to kernel to execute. The following code can complete this function:

Android Multi-Touch technology, free to scale and move pictures

In the last article I took you all together to achieve the effect of the Android waterfall flow photo wall, although this effect is very cool, but in fact, it is only a semi-finished product, because all the pictures in the wall of the picture is

Android Apidemos Sample resolution (m) App->alarm->alarm Service

The Alarm service and the Alarm Controller example are very similar, except that the Alarm service is used to schedule a service, and the previous example is to schedule a broadcast. Previously said Pendingintent, can describe an activity,

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