Using the Mina framework to develop QQ Android client (3) Landing function implementation

In the blog has the landing interface article It's not repeated, just look at the login code, Passing the string with Mina has been looked at, and to implement the object is also very simple,

Android GUI system Surfaceflinger (Handlerepaint)

1.1.1 Handlerepaint After the handletransaction and handlepageflip steps are ready, you can now synthesize the layer data. void Surfaceflinger::handlerepaint () {... Mswapregion.orself (mdirtyregion); Const DISPLAYHARDWARE&HW (graphicplane (0).

A brief analysis of Android Multiple Alertdialog dialog box effect _android

Android offers four types of commonly used dialog boxes, and this article shares specific implementation methods: 1.AlertDialog, the most extensive function, the most widely used in practice 2.progressDialog, Progress Bar dialog box

On the memory optimization of Android application and the handler memory leaking problem _android

One, Android Memory basicsPhysical memory and process memoryphysical memory is the RAM on the mobile device, and when you start an Android program, a Dalvik VM process is started and the system assigns it a fixed amount of memory (16m,32m), which

Android ListView Multi View nested multi-View _android

First show you the effect of the picture: public class Homeedumoreadapter extends Baseadapter {private final String TAG = "Homeedumoreadapter"; private static fin Al int Type_common =; private static final int type_bl =; private static final

How to use the Android checkbox _android

0 and 1 are the basis of the computer, in mathematical logic, 0 and 1 represent two states, true and false. 0 and 1 seem simple, in fact, infinitely different. Today I'm going to talk about the Magic control checkbox with 0 and 1 features in the

A video control that HTML5 play videos only supports the default format of Android mp4 and 3gp_javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Because JS level is limited, do not like to spray, all when nothing to see, video is the new control in HTML5, we can see

About Android phone micro-mail browser using XMLHttpRequest 2 to upload images showing byte number of 0 solution _javascript Tips

The front-end JS use XMLHttpRequest 2 upload pictures to the server, PC end and most mobile phones are normal, but in a small number of Android phone upload failed, the server to view the picture, displaying a byte count of 0. Here is the core code

How to implement socket large file breakpoint upload in Android

What is a socket? The so-called socket is also commonly referred to as "socket", used to describe the IP address and port, is a communication of the handle, the application usually through the "socket" to the network to send requests or answer

Fragment and Acitvity Communication in Android development


We talked about the common functions related to fragment, since fragment is called "small activity", now let's talk about how fragment communicates with Acitivity. If you do not know the last article, you can look again. Transmission door. Fragment

Abstract public classes in Android, reuse common methods for multiple objects

Today learning how to realize Angry Birds, using jbox2d to build the physical world (this is not the focus of this article, but thank you for this open source thing) An entity class of an individual object. Import Org.jbox2d.dynamics.Body; Import

Introduction to Android Resources (Resource)

Android Apps (APP) resources are stored in the Res folder at the project level; The types of resources include values (value), drawable, colors (color), layouts (layout), animations (animation), styles (style), menus (menu), XML files, and raw

Android ToDoList (custom arrayadapter)

Environment: Android Studio 0.5.1 Arrayadapter uses a generic (template) to bind the adapter view to an array of objects of the specified class; Custom Arrayadapter need to rewrite the GetView () method to assign object attributes to the layout

How the Android Neutron thread updates the UI

Why do I write this article Do you often see a lot of books saying: You can't manipulate the UI in a child thread, or you'll get an error. Do you also encounter the following puzzle (see the code below): (Bundle savedinstancestate) {

Android uses Jsoup to parse HTML development website Client Small note

These days more spare time, idle to Nothing, think of the past has seen the development of any Web site client an article, that is, using Jsoup to resolve Web pages, through the label to get the content. Okay, no more nonsense, use the tool for

Android Roboguice Use Guide (4) linked bindings

One of the most commonly used bindings in Roboguice is linked bindings, which maps a type to its implementation. Here we use the class in the two-dimensional graphics library of the guide bee as an example, the use of the two-dimensional graphics

Android common Controls Radiogroup,radiobutton,checkbox and toast

I. Radiogroup and RadioButton The RadioButton radio button is a dual-state button that can be selected or unchecked. When the radio button is not selected, the user can click or click to select it. However, in contrast to the checkbox, the user is

The activity and intent of Android

An Android application typically has more than one activity that communicates with each other and transmits data or jumps from one activity to another. This allows an application to have a rich functional and diverse interface. Intent objects are

Android animated dynamic menu based on Translateanimation

Notice that the menu here is not on the menu that is on the machine, but on the android.view.animation.TranslateAnimation provided by the Android SDK (extends Android.view.animation.Animation) An instance of the class is appended to a menu of

Introduction to Android Development (20) content provider 20.3 predefined query string constants

In addition to using your own manual write query Uri, you can also use the built-in URI query constants for Android. For example, in addition to using Content://contacts/people, you can write this assignment statement. Uri allcontacts =

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