Radiogroup Usage example of Android programming development _android

This example describes the Radiogroup usage of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Radiogroup is sometimes more useful. The main feature is to provide users with a more selective mechanism.

Android composite controls enable powerful custom controls _android

In general, Android implements custom controls in three different ways. Ⅰ, inherits existing controls, and expands the functionality of its controls. Ⅱ, combine existing controls to achieve more powerful controls. Ⅲ, overriding view

How to implement message push using socket communication in Android _android

Principlerecently used a socket to write a message to push the demo, here and share with you. Mainly realized: a mobile phone to another cell phone to send messages, the two mobile phones can be free to send text messages to communicate, similar to

The method of automatically detecting version and automatic upgrade of Android programming _android

The example of this article is about the automatic detection version of Android programming and the method of auto upgrade. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Steps: 1. Detect the current version of the information

Android solution EditText put into the Popupwindow, the original copy, paste, select all, the failure of the selection function _android

1, the original is EditView put to the Popupwindow, found that EditView original copy, paste, select all, the selection function is invalid, so they replaced with dialogfragment Popupwindow Directly on the code ①, first look at the layout file

Android Create dialog box (OK Cancel dialog box, Radio dialog box, multi-selection dialog box) instance code _android

Android can create three kinds of dialog boxes, OK Cancel dialog box, Radio dialog box, multiple selection dialog box The OK Cancel dialog box Demo example in Android Demo case using a Radio dialog box in Android Demo case with

Android Recyclerview layout is so simple _android

What is Recyclerview? I personally think that Recyclerview is just a ListView upgrade, the main purpose of this upgrade is to make this view more efficient, and more convenient to use.We know that ListView improves performance by using Viewholder.

The Android app uses Surfaceview to make a walkthrough of a multithreaded Animation _android

1. Definition of SurfaceviewTypically, the view and user responses of a program are handled in the same thread, which is why handling long time events (such as accessing a network) needs to be placed in another thread (preventing the current UI

A detailed interpretation of application tags in Android systems _android

: declaration of application. The element contains child elements that declare the applied component, and the attributes of the element will affect all components under the application. Many properties set a default value for a component, and some

Android Development Art Study notes (vii) _android

Seventh chapter Android Animation in-depth analysis Android animation is divided into three kinds: view animation, frame animation, property animation. The frame animation belongs to the view animation. 7.1 View Animation The view animation has

An example of using ContentProvider management system resources in Android _android

ContentProvider An instance of managing a contact: Package; Import java.util.ArrayList; Import; Import; Import Android.content.ContentUris;

Android (Android) how to achieve Drop-down refresh _android

The scenario we'll take here is to use a combination view to customize a layout to inherit from LinearLayout, and then add the Drop-down and ListView two child elements to the layout, and let the two child elements be vertically arranged. When

Android file browser to invoke the system and a self-made simple file browser _android

Call the system's own file browserThis is simple: /** call file selection software to select the file **/ private void Showfilechooser () { intent = new Intent (intent.action_get_content); Intent.settype ("*/*"); Intent.addcategory

An example tutorial on the animation property animation written in Android _android

1, overview Android offers several types of animations: View Animation, drawable Animation, property Animation. View animation is fairly simple, but it can only support simple scaling, translation, rotation, transparency, basic animation, and has

A detailed explanation of HTTP service usage in Android programming _android

This example describes the HTTP service usage in Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In Android, in addition to using the API under the package to access the HTTP service, we can do the job in a

A detailed example of the message mechanism in Android programming _android

This example describes the messaging mechanism in Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Before we analyze the Android messaging mechanism, let's look at a piece of code: public class Mainactivity

The use and fabrication of 9.png images in Android _android

We have a textview, the contents of which can be changed through the code dynamically, we want to use a picture as a textview background, to achieve similar to the mobile phone QQ bubble text effect. The TextView definition is as follows:

A brief explanation of the related programming methods for touch and click events in Android Development _java

On Android, there are more than one way to listen for events that interact between users and applications. For events in the user interface, the listener method is to intercept these events from a particular view object that interacts with the user.

A tutorial on using XmlSerializer to serialize XML data in Android applications _android

First, let's take a look at what is Serializer,serializer and serialization. It's not just a simple way to keep objects in memory, it allows us to transfer objects in a stream so that objects can be passed like basic data.XmlSerializer is a class

A brief analysis of multi-process shared data in Android development _android

The background has recently encountered a need to save the pushed data for use when the app is launched when it receives a push. Do we think this is not easy? Just save the data in Sharedpreferences and let the app open the same sharedpreferences

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