Detailed Android to achieve ListView left-right Sliding Delete entry method _android

use Scroller to implement the gorgeous ListView sliding Delete Item Effect Here's a little example of using scroller, At the same time can also be used to help the initial release of the reader more familiar with the use of scroller mastered the

Android Touch Event Distribution deep understanding of _android

This article with you in-depth learning touch event distribution, the specific contents are as follows1. Touch action and event sequence (1) The action of touching the event Touch action A total of three kinds: Action_down, Action_move, action_up.

Android loading from XML to view object process parsing _android

We start with the activity of Setcontentview (), starting source analysis, Activity.setcontentview public void Setcontentview (int layoutresid) { GetWindow (). Setcontentview ( LAYOUTRESID); Initactionbar (); } Phonewindow.setcontentview

Parsing the serializable serialization _android in Android

1. Why do you want to serialize? --Keep Java objects in memory on disk for persistent storage --Transfer objects over the network --Transmitted via RMI (remote Procedure call invocation). By serialization, the object can be transformed into a

Android program Development Gets the first letter of Chinese characters _android

The Gets the phonetic first letter of a Chinese character. GB code two bytes respectively minus 160, converted into 10 code combination can get location code such as Chinese characters "You" GB code is 0XC4/0XE3, respectively minus 0xa0 (160) is 0x2

Android exception handling Best Practices _android

A good app exception handling mechanism I think it should contain at least the following features: 1. Can upload error messages to the server so that developers can continue to improve the app 2. The error message should at least contain

Detailed Android context abstract class _android

The first thing we should know about the context:(1) It describes the information of an application environment, that is, the context.(2) The class is an abstract (abstract class) class, and Android provides the specific implementation class for

Android app to implement the most basic method of applying internal automatic updating example _android


This is only a preliminary implementation, and does not include automatic compilation and other functions. You need to manually change the updated XML file and the latest apk.A total of four documents involved!First, the

8 Kinds of Android dialog box (Dialog) using the method detailed _android

This article summarizes the Android 8 kinds of dialog box (Dialog) Use method, share for everyone to reference, specific content as follows 1. Written in front Android provides a rich dialog function, this article describes the use of the 8 most

Android gets the current type of mobile phone network (2g, 3g, 4g, WiFi) and mobile phone model, version number code _android

Get mobile phone Model: Android.os.Build.MODEL Get the phone's SDK version number: Android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK Get the phone's current network type code as follows: This is a tool class that you can save for later use. Package com.iqtogether.

Examples explain some advanced use techniques for Viewpager components in Android _android

We often see apps that use Viewpager, and on each page there is a slider to flag which page is currently on. There are and two components in the Pagerview package, which

Android Top Bar timed push message _android

When using an Android device, it is often applied to pop-up push messages. Here I write before the push code to share to everyone, for everyone to refer to, have different views of friends Welcome to propose, common learning progress! Recent search

Explore the Android threading problem _android

What is a thread? Thread or thread execution is essentially a sequence of commands (also program code), and then we send it to the operating system for execution. Multithreaded_process In general, our CPU can only handle one thread at any one

Android Activity Recycling and Operation timeout processing _android

This example for you to share the Android activity recovery and Operation timeout processing for your reference, the specific content as follows 1. Recovery of activity Handling for multiple activity exits Key code: 1), New Activity management

Solution to the Android Surfaceview drawing touch path flicker problem _android

This article has shared the solution to the Surfaceview touch path flicker problem The method, for everybody reference, the concrete content is as follows The first way to solve the surfaceview touch path flicker problem: Because Surfaceview uses

A comprehensive analysis of Android in the EditText input implementation of the monitoring method _android

The Android Design support package provides a hint that the input characters has been displayed, and is now starting to be used in more applications; these Android apps The different ways they use when displaying their error cues often make people

The effect of fixing the price and the purchase bar in Android apps that mimics American reviews _android

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, it has been closely related to our life, in the public transit subway can see a lot of people looking down at their own mobile phone screen, from the "Bow family" a word, as a mobile industry developers,

Android Bluetooth 2.0 method of using the detailed _android

This article for you to share the Android Operation Bluetooth 2.0 use method, for everyone's reference, the specific content as follows 1.Android Operation Bluetooth 2.0 usage process(1) Find device UUID(2) Obtain the Bluetooth adapter, makes the

Start with a coloring game to explain the method of color filling in the area of Android _android

A, Coloring game overview The recent group accidentally saw a friend in the group chat irregular image fill what four unicom, eight unicom What, on its own studious pragmatic attitude to consult the relevant information. For this kind of coloring

A summary of data preservation methods in Android application development _android

One, save the file to the phone memory /** * Save the data to the cell phone rom file. * @param context Application contexts provide environment * @param name username * @param password Password * @throws Exception * *

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