A brief analysis of Android's retrofit application Development Framework source code _android

In the face of a project, I think of three options for Android application Development framework:1. The use of loader + httpclient + Greendao + Gson + Fragment, the advantage is a strong customization, because of the use of Google's own loader and

Analysis of the implementation of built-in skin-changing functions in Android apps _android

The Android platform API does not specifically provide a simple mechanism for skin rejuvenation, which may be that foreign software is more functional and easy to use and less popular for skin changes. The system does not provide direct support and

Android Remote service Authoring and calling tutorials _android

Online voluminous articles are introduced to the Android remote service, one will binder mechanism, aidl speak well, but few people can give a clear example of how to use the fastest way to learn to write and invoke an Android remote service. If you'

An introductory course in Android application development using fragment _android

Fragment is the new concept of Android Honeycomb 3.0, fragment is known as fragmentation but is very similar to activity, below describes the role and usage of the Android fragment. Fragment used to describe some behavior or part of the user

Quickly improve Android development efficiency with Web tools _android

It's called 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. Learning and applying the best wheels can make us run faster and go farther. The tools referred to here are broadly defined as things that help us develop, or that improve our efficiency, including: development

Android multi-touch implementation to zoom in and out of the image of translation, inertia sliding and other functions _android

The article will be based on the original foundation to do some extended functions: 1. Inertial sliding of pictures2. Picture scaling is less than the normal ratio, let go will automatically rebound into normal proportions3. Picture shrink enlarge

Android based on Google zxing to achieve a variety of two-dimensional code scanning effect _android

With the arrival of micro-letter, two-dimensional code more and more hot, everywhere can see two-dimensional code, such as the mall inside, KFC, restaurants and so on, for two-dimensional code scanning we are using Google's Open source framework

A brief analysis of Android Multiple Alertdialog dialog box effect _android

Android offers four types of commonly used dialog boxes, and this article shares specific implementation methods: 1.AlertDialog, the most extensive function, the most widely used in practice 2.progressDialog, Progress Bar dialog box

The principle analysis and development thinking of the plugin of micro-letter robbery in Android _android

First, the preface Since the last year, the micro-letter to add the function of red envelopes, micro-letter of the electric business trip is officially officially started to hot up. But as an Android developer, we're aware of a lot of problems

Android Baidu Map Custom bus route navigation _android

I. Description of the problem Based on the Baidu map to retrieve the designated city designated public transport road map, the effect as shown in the figure Second, the common component application class, the main creation and initialization of

Android event-Passing mechanism _android

Experimental environment OS X 10.9Eclipse (ADT)Android Source version: API level (Android 4.4) Android Event composition In Android, events include Dots, long press, drag, slide, etc., click and double-click, and also include a single point of

Android SDcard realizes picture storage, networked download _android

This article introduces the sdcard storage picture Download simple operation, share to everyone for your reference, the specific contents are as follows Step--After adding network permissions to the configuration manifest 1, Res/layout interface

On the memory optimization of Android application and the handler memory leaking problem _android

One, Android Memory basicsPhysical memory and process memoryphysical memory is the RAM on the mobile device, and when you start an Android program, a Dalvik VM process is started and the system assigns it a fixed amount of memory (16m,32m), which

Android ListView Multi View nested multi-View _android

First show you the effect of the picture: public class Homeedumoreadapter extends Baseadapter {private final String TAG = "Homeedumoreadapter"; private static fin Al int Type_common =; private static final int type_bl =; private static final

How to load data caching in Android _android

Recently the app is almost finished, but a lot of list loading, news consulting and other data has been requested from the network, slow, affecting the user experience, so thinking to use the cache to load some update requirements not too high data

Android TextView How to set the font size _android

Nonsense not to say more, directly to everyone to paste the code, the specific code as follows: Package com.example.yanlei.yl4; Import Android.graphics.Color; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import android.support.v7.app.AppCompatActivity; Import

The method of judging network connection state in Android _android

App to determine whether users are connected to the network is a very common demand, the realization of the idea is probably the following several Take advantage of Android's own Connectivitymanager class Sometimes wifi, but this wifi is

How to use the Android checkbox _android

0 and 1 are the basis of the computer, in mathematical logic, 0 and 1 represent two states, true and false. 0 and 1 seem simple, in fact, infinitely different. Today I'm going to talk about the Magic control checkbox with 0 and 1 features in the

A video control that HTML5 play videos only supports the default format of Android mp4 and 3gp_javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: Because JS level is limited, do not like to spray, all when nothing to see, video is the new control in HTML5, we can see

About Android phone micro-mail browser using XMLHttpRequest 2 to upload images showing byte number of 0 solution _javascript Tips

The front-end JS use XMLHttpRequest 2 upload pictures to the server, PC end and most mobile phones are normal, but in a small number of Android phone upload failed, the server to view the picture, displaying a byte count of 0. Here is the core code

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