Differences in user experience and product layer positioning: Android and iphone

Article Description: the difference between Android and iphone experience. Apple released its Android system at the end of Iphone,2007 in 2007 years. this year has overtaken the iphone to become America's number one smartphone system! In

Several techniques for improving the performance of Android ListView

How does the listview work? ListView is where the design applies to scalability and high performance requirements. In fact, this means that ListView has the following 2 requirements: Create a view as few as possible; Just draw and layout the

Android Development: Detailed program directory structure

Overview of the directory structure of the HelloWorld program we can see in the folder, the directory of the HelloWorld program mainly includes: Src folder, gen folder, Android folder, assets, res folder, Androidmanifest.xml, Default.properties.

Android Development tips for iOS developers

I've been working on iOS for five years, and I've been trying to avoid dealing with Android for a while-but things are different now. Whether you believe it or not, Android development is actually fun and not as different from iOS development as you

Using the Baidu Map API in Android apps

This article describes how to use the Baidu map API in Android applications step-by-step through a simple example. 1) Download Baidu map mobile version API (Android) Development Package To use the Baidu map API in Android applications, you need to

The constant Default_keys_shortcut in Android

1. Introduction to API documentation for Default_keys_shortcut Use with Setdefaultkeymode (int) to execute a menu shortcut in default key handling. That's, the user does not need to hold down the menu key to execute menu shortcuts. Literally, it

An example of Android implementing Parcelable object serialization

Bundle.putparcelable can implement passing objects, but the object's class must implement the Parcelable interface before it can be used. Here is a simple example of passing an object between the activity. Parcel realizes the serialization of

Button controls in Android

The button control in Android should count as a simpler control, however, it's used very high, and today I've summed up three common ways to achieve its function by clicking button. 1. Most of the time, when we use the button control, it is often

Android Display GIF Picture example detailed

android Display GIF Picture example detailed Images in GIF format are not supported on Android, but because I want to be loaded in my program just when a villain is running indicates that it is loading. And this villain runs is a GIF picture. That

Android Development: Memory mechanism analysis-heap and stack

1, Dalvik heap and Stack This is just dalvik the Java part of the memory, in fact, in addition to the Dalvik part, there are native. I'll talk about it later. The following is a description of the data types listed above, and we can

Why the iphone is better than Android

I have always believed that the dialogue must be based on the intersection of knowledge between the two sides, of course, the premise of independent thinking of knowledge rather than Google or Wikipedia. On the basis of the theory of human nature or

Design successful user experience design for Android Tablet PC

Article Description: Android Tablet PC design. There is no longer a need for designers to create experiences for a variety of mobile devices than they do now. As tablets are being accepted, we are in the post-PC era, and the company will

Android 3.0 Design idea specification and UI design specification

Article Description: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) interactive &ui design specification. Android OS since the listing, because of the lack of unified planning, so that different equipment in 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 several major versions

Android to achieve vertical Seekbar

The Android system has its own drag bar (Seekbar) only horizontally, where a vertical seekbar is shared. The principle is simple: (1) to exchange width and height when measuring the size of the control (including when the control is found to be

Android UDP Code

Package com.chy.socket; Import java.io.IOException; Import Java.net.DatagramPacket; Import Java.net.DatagramSocket; Import java.net.SocketException; Import Com.chy.global.GlobalValue; public class UdpClient {private Boolean isstop =

Android Context Introduction

First, what is context? The document is vague, say is resource what, anyway is not understand, can actually think it is a pointer to the parent object, subject to the control of the parent object. Two. Why do I need context? Consider this

Android Development and testing tutorials

Android Concise Development Tutorial One: overview Android Simple Development Tutorial Two: Install development environment Android Concise Development Tutorial III: The first application Hello World Android Simple development tutorial four:

Android Roboguice Use detailed guide

Android Roboguice Usage Guide (1) overview Android Roboguice Use Guide (2) First example Hello World Android Roboguice Usage Guide (3) Bindings overview Android Roboguice Use Guide (4) linked bindings Android Roboguice Use Guide (5) Binding

Android based OpenFire Development Instant Messaging Tool (1) Build OpenFire server

The use of OpenFire as a server, so no need to write a server, will save a lot of things, openfire after a simple configuration can realize a communication server basic functions, OpenFire With Java development, open source real-time collaboration

Department of famous Door Android series articles index

Introduced Famous Door Android Series Articles index: Build development environment, layout, menus, dialogs, announcements, events, services, broadcasts, broadcast receivers, controls, database support, content provider, HTTP communication, XML

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