How Android realizes the Candid Camera feature (phone shutdown still takes photos) tutorial

Android Candid Camera function/Phone shutdown can take photos The effect is as follows: In fact, the camera and the record to achieve the same way, are used to WindowManager to draw the principle of small desktop controls. Then I will not say

Android-based PROTOBUF socket Communication development tutorial

Protobuf the applicable languageAuthentic (Google's own in-house) Protobuf supports three languages: Java, C + +, and Pyton, and unfortunately does not support languages such as. Net or Lua, but the power of the community cannot be overlooked

Implementation method of ContentProvider data sharing in Android

Then we can also define our own ContentProvider to share the data across applications. Data can be stored in a specific way for databases, files, or other forms of persistent or non-persistent storage. Here we still use the SQLite database storage

Android Photography and photo upload implementation code

The code is as follows Copy Code Package;Import;Import;Import Java.util.HashMap;Import Java.util.Map;Import;Import

Common memory leaks and avoidance summaries in Android development

Why memory leaks occurA memory leak occurs when an object does not need to be reused, it should be reclaimed, and another object in use holds its reference so that it cannot be reclaimed, which causes the object that should be reclaimed to not be

Android scrollview rolling mechanism and nested sliding mechanism nestedscrolling

Android ScrollView rolling mechanism We all know that by View#scrollto (x,y) You can achieve the effect of scrolling view, and if you add a Scroller class, you can roll to the effect. But how did this happen? This problem involves the mapping

Share the technical essentials of Android Development performance optimization

Android performance tuning involves many aspects of work, because of my limited technical level, currently only summed up the following parts, I hope you will continue to add.Main pointsusing asynchronousKeep the APP highly responsive, don't take

Android apps add allies statistics and calculations new users

Hardware and Software EnvironmentMacbook Pro MGX 72Android Studio 1.3.2Genymotion SimulatorIntegrated friend of the Alliance SDKFirst to the league's official website account, completed to the admin back to add the

The role of handler.removecallbacksandmessages (null) in Android

Today is a piece of code, in the OnDestroy () method, the following code is used: Mhandler.removecallbacksandmessages (NULL);At first I could not understand why the parameter is NULL, and if it is null, what callbacks and messages need to be

Android usage tips and some common solutions

Resolve Signal Gate *#* #4636 #*#* Change the network mode to GSM; Set-> Wireless and network-> mobile network Settings-> network mode-> GSM only custom ringtones, beep tones By default, you can only use the system with some of the ring and the

How to crack the nine-Sudoku lock on an Android phone

The Android phone's graphics lock (nine Sudoku) is a 3x3 lattice that connects several dots in order to achieve lock/unlock functions. You need to connect at least 4 points to connect up to 9 points. Online also has the violence deletes the mobile

Analysis of the quick-pass vulnerability of the Android version of eggplant


Lenovo Security Bulletin: LEN-6421 Potential impact: Users with older versions of Android may be susceptible to remote code execution or UXSS attacks, and users with any version of Android may be susceptible to Intent Scheme attacks. Importance:

Android MIUI system call does not return the current activity how to resolve

What you've been doing with Android is the WYSIWYG editor, the idea is to use the built-in browser WebView HTML5 attribute contenteditable to implement, such as: Please enter Content . In the actual application process, because needs to insert the

Remove file name in Android to display garbled files method

The original intention is to back up a hosts file, and then modify the contents of the hosts (the role of everyone understand), with the re copy, and then paste on the appearance of this garbled file , with the re delete, prompt deletion of success,

Android phones Clear Lock-screen password method

To achieve the first problem of cracking Make sure the phone is connected to the computer properly, and the phone driver is properly installed on the computer. , usually, the mobile phone and computer connected, open the mobile phone management

Android high-imitation QQ immersion status bar _android

Objective: Before entering today's topic, or the old way to talk about feeling it, recently feel the whole lost sense of direction, good confused! Looking for a job has failed again, is Android really saturated? These two days I have not gone out,

Android realizes photo capture and photo capture _android

On the photo interception and photo album interception, read a lot of information on the Internet, they have collated a more detailed, for people in need of reference 1 photo shoot The principle is to call the system through the intent camera,

Detailed Android login That's the point _android

With the rapid development of the Internet, an application to protect the privacy of users, usually by setting the user name + Password authentication method to ensure the relative security of user privacy, I know the general Web site login

How to brush the Android phone bus card? Android Phone Brush Bus method

December 19, Samsung Samsung Pay finally supported the public transport card function, the first batch of cities to open only Beijing Shanghai, and the previous MI pay also pioneered the support of mobile phone brush bus, and earlier is the operator

How do I customize the header of a file in Android studio?

In the use of Android Studio development Tools , if we can grasp a few tips, then our development work can often be more effective, today to introduce a very simple "small" technique.normally , when we develop Android in Android Studio, we always

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