How to implement item drag-and-drop on the GridView grid view in Android _android

GridView Basicsa new Hellogridview project.Modify the Main.xml code as follows: It's simple, it's a gridview. Set the column width to 90DP so that when our numcolumns is set to Auto_fit, Android automatically calculates the size

Android Development Activiti Node Jump _android

When used by Activiti, it usually needs to be closely tied to the business, and some business is very complex, such as a simple procurement process: The process is as follows: When a new product is delivered to the supplier, the business audit is

The button control of Android programming with Toast control usage Analysis _android

This example describes the button control for Android programming with the toast control usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In this chapter tutorial, we will learn about the use of the button control and, incidentally,

Android programming development implements multithreaded downloads with progress bars and percentages _android

This article describes the Android programming development implementation with a progress bar and a percentage of multithreaded downloads. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Following the previous "Java Multithreading

Android programming to implement network Picture Viewer and Web page Source Viewer instance _android

This article describes the Android programming implementation of Network Image Viewer and Web page Source viewer. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Network Picture Viewer Manifest to join the network access rights:

The method of DOM parsing XML file of Android development _android

The examples in this article describe the way DOM parses XML files in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Write an XML file in a assets file liming 30 Li Xiangmei 25

Android Imitation QQ buddy list Implementation list shrink and expand _android

Expandablelistview is a view with a vertical scrolling display of level two list items, unlike ListView, which can have two layers: each layer can be expanded independently and displayed with its subkeys.Friends QQ list, you can expand, you can put

Android Handy Note 44 JSON data parsing _android

JSON (JavaScript Object notation) is a lightweight data interchange format that uses a completely language-independent text format to provide an ideal data interchange Format for Web application development. This article will focus on how to create

A tutorial on using the Downloadmanager class to manage data downloads in Android _android

Starting with the Android 2.3 (API level 9), Android uses system Services (service) to provide download Manager to optimize the processing of long time downloads. Download Manager handles HTTP connections and monitors the state changes in the

Android uses camera to realize the rollover effect of the central axis 3D card _android

In the Android system API, there are two camera classes: Android.hardware.Camera The second application in the mobile phone hardware related to the operation of the camera, this article is about using the first

Image caching, gesture and oom analysis of Android development notes _android

The three themes of image caching, gestures, and oom are put together because these three issues are often linked in the Android application development process. First, preview large image needs to support gesture scaling, rotation, translation, and

Android programming Parsing XML Method details (Sax,dom and pull) _android

This example describes the Android programming parsing XML method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: XML is widely used in all kinds of development, and Android is no exception. As an important role in hosting data, how to

Android Programming uses content provider methods (ContentProvider) to store methods _android

The examples in this article describe how Android programming uses content providers to store them. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The primary role of content providers (ContentProvider) is to share data externally, and

Android Development APK and two-pack tutorials _android

As an Android developer, the job is to decompile others ' apk, of course, the main purpose is to learn more, take the long, make up for the short. Let's summarize some of the knowledge about Android Decompile and two packaging today. First of all,

Surface libraries in Android development and examples of using them to make the player UI _android

1, Surface1.1, as in C language programming, through a file handle, you can manipulate the file, get the contents of the file. Similarly, the contents of raw buffer can be obtained by surface. Native buffers (raw buffer) store the pixel data for the

Android uses soft references and weak references to avoid oom methods _android

Presumably many friends of Oom (outofmemory) This error is not unfamiliar, and when encountered this error how to effectively solve the problem? Today we are going to say how to use soft references and weak references to effectively resolve oom

Example to parse XML using pull parser in Android _android

1.Pull IntroductionThe pull parser is built into the Android system, and the pull parser, like the SAX parser, provides similar events, such as the start element and the intro element event, using () to go to the next element and trigger

A guide to the related processing of pictures in the material design of Android applications _android

Scalable Vector pictures do not lose sharpness, and a single color of App-icon is perfectYou can define a bitmap as transparency (Alpha) and run time colorsYou can take a color from a bitmap image and remove its more conspicuous color.Website

Android image Level Three cache policy (network, local, memory cache) _android

First, Introduction Now in the Android application, the inevitable use of the picture, if every time the picture is loaded from the network to pull back, this not only very time-consuming user traffic, and the picture load will be very slow, user

Android to determine whether app foreground is running or running in the background (running state) _android

In this paper, we introduce the content of Android to Judge app state by the way of illustration, as follows: To understand this piece, first of all need to understand some concepts, app,process,task 1.process is the process, the concept of Linux.

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