Recyclerview simple to use in Android development

So with the ListView, the GridView Why do you need recyclerview such a control? The Recyclerview architecture as a whole provides a pluggable experience, highly decoupled, unusually flexible, and itemanimator achieve stunning results by setting the

A detailed tutorial on sending and receiving SMS between simulators during Android development

This article introduces how to achieve the function of SMS service (Sms,short message services) in Android by running two Android simulators. In this case, I would like to bring you more familiar with the concept and technical details of the Android

Android Image drawing--get local picture or photo code

Get a picture resource from an SD card, or take a new picture.Note: If you take a photo, you can specify the save address for the picture, which is not indicated here.Get a picture resource from an SD card, or take a new picture.Post Code FirstGet

Android density[Turn] +gentoo system time adjustment [Turn]__android

1. What is density 1) Density Density represents the number of display points per inch (logical value), its unit is DPI:DOT/inch, usually large screen, density large, screen hours, density small, usually When the actual screen resolution is 240

Linux under the Getsockopt/setsockopt function Description _ Android

Linux below getsockopt/setsockopt function description "Getsockopt/setsockopt system call"Function Description:Gets or sets the options associated with a socket. Options may exist in multi-tier protocols, and they always appear on the

Android Interview list----okhttp source code Analysis (iii)

SendRequest () In the last article we talked about the SendRequest () method, which goes on to look at the Readresponse method: /** from Httpengine class */public void Readresponse () throws IOException {if (This.userresponse = null) {if (th

Telephonymanager: Android phone and SIM card status acquisition

Reprint Address: AndroidAcquisition of the local number and SIM card status Telephonymanager This class is useful and can get a lot of information about mobile phones and SIM

{Android} Test Google Play in-app-billing pay

Google Play's payment access is not much to say, basically is to build an Android engineering framework, the payment framework, the Google example inside the helper code copy in, and then the relevant code export a jar for unity use. Pay attention

Android uses pull to parse XML files

Pull parsing xml files, like sax and DOM, can be used separately from Android, pull and sax, and the difference is that pull reads an XML file and then calls the method to return a number.The declaration read to XML returns the number 0

Android Image level Three caching strategy and implementation

Preface: The level three cache here refers to the three levels of memory caching, file caching, and networking. In general, we load pictures for the first time, memory and files are not cached, so we need to load from the network, after loading, we

"Android Network Development" (i) HTTP request messages and HTTP response messages

HTTP messages are text-oriented, and each field in a message is an ASCII string, and the length of each field is indeterminate. HTTP has two kinds of messages: Request message and Response message. HTTP Request message An HTTP request message

Android platform USB WiFi drive porting and usage

A. Android platform WiFi Basic code path 1. wpa_supplicant Source Section external/wpa_supplicant_6/ Build library and daemon wpa_supplicant 2. WiFi HAL Layer Code Located in hardware/libhardware_legary/wifi/ 3. The JNI part of

Overall overview of SE for Android series (ii)

Supported Mac ServicesMac and Mmac features Overview:The standard SELinux MAC strategy is based on type enforcement (TE, that is, type mandatory access)/multi-level security (MLS, that is, multiple-level safety mechanism), or it can be understood as

Android sends HTTP GET POST requests and uploads files via Multipartentitybuilder

After several days of the HTTP finally finished, the test is normal, but the preliminary use case test, because the following will be modified to first save the current version of the blog. Post because of the need to import more than two package

How Android uses httpclient to get data and add HTTP header information

How to get the data on the HTTP server and append HTTP first class authentication information when getting the data, see the following code: public void Httpgetdata () { try { httpclient httpclient = new Defaulthttpclient (); String uri =

Android Learning Notes (48): Provide your own content Provider

In the last study, the use of the original content provider Contact,contact has a multi-level mapping relationship, more complex, not as a good choice for small examples, in this study, we will learn how to create content Provider, and through the

Android System Level service detailed

First, Android system-level service brief description The Android system-level service includes both Android and native services. The Android service, also known as the Java Service, is written in the Java language and is implemented at the

Litepal Basics of Android Database Framework Learning (i) __ Database

Android's own database has a sqlite, but usually development time if we need the table structure is very complex, so some business logic and version upgrade using SQLite is not convenient, usually we will encapsulate a framework or with some open

Android Login Username Remember password--preferences (sharedpreferences)

sharedpreferences: Preference Settings Preferences refer to "personalization", that is, the same software, the different users, the results are not the same, such as "whether to download the lyrics on WiFi" in a music player, "whether to turn on

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