Android Custom window Title sample sharing _android

1, after the construction of the project in its layout folder to create a Title.xml file, as a custom window title file. Copy Code code as follows: Android:layout_width= "Match_parent" android:layout_height= "Match_parent"

Android uses Recyclerview to implement a horizontal scrolling control _android

Objective I believe we all know that there are many ways to implement the Android scrolling control, and it is easier to use Recyclerview. To do a simple age scrolling control, let's look at the use of Recyclerview, mainly the following points: (1)

Android NDK Development Detailed Introduction _android

Android's NDK development I. Background of the creation of NDK Since its inception, the Android platform has supported C and C + + development. As we all know, the Android SDK is based on Java implementation, which means that third-party

Android Utility class Sharing (get memory/Check network/Screen height/mobile resolution) _android

Copy Code code as follows: public class Commonutil { public static Boolean Hassdcard () { String status = Environment.getexternalstoragestate ();Return Status.equals (environment.media_mounted);} /*** Get maximum memory**

Android System interprocess Communication (IPC) mechanism binder server and client Get Service Manager interface _android

In the previous article talking about Service Manager as the path of Binder daemon of the Android interprocess communication (IPC) mechanism, this paper introduces how Service Manager becomes the daemon of binder mechanism. As a daemon, Service

An analysis of the working principle of the new Google Authenticator verification system introduced in Android _android

To improve the security of Android, Google has introduced Google's verification app (Google Authenticator) to secure its account in Android. Google verified the use of the application is: Users install mobile clients, generate temporary

Introduction to Android Sensor (onsensorchanged) _android

The following are several constants defined in the API that represent sensor. Int Type_accelerometer A constant describing an accelerometer sensor type. Acceleration Sensor Int Type_all A constant describing

Android Serial Operation Method Example _android

1. First download a, create a new directory Libs/armeabi, put the so file into the directory.2. Define the serial port class, modify the permissions in the constructor of the class, open the device, create the input stream and

Android realizes the development of telephone interception and interception cue sound function _android

The content of this article is in the Android system how to write the program to intercept the phone, and issued a blocking prompt to remind users, you can say this function is more practical. 1. Telephone interception This function you may all

Make a standalone Android emulator implementation _android

What if we wrote an Android app and wanted to show it to people in a machine that didn't have an Android SDK or build environment? Typically, when we develop an Android application, we use an emulator to run the program, either in the SDK

Android to receive and send SMS implementation code _ANDROID

Android broadcasts Android.provider.Telephony.SMS_RECEIVED messages when it receives text messages, so you can receive text messages by defining a receiver and listening to the message. You can also add a priority

Android Client POST request server-side instance _android

Android client Request server-side detailed explanation 1. Android client and server-side communication methods:Android communicates with the server in the form of HTTP communication and socket communication, while HTTP communication methods are

Android source is downloaded on Ubuntu, compiled and installed _android

After reading the previous several books, on the Linux kernel and Android have a certain understanding, is not in the heart, want to try to build a small test the Android source code it? have been accustomed to using Windows systems, and the Android

Android Data Encryption des encryption detailed _android

Android DES encryption related implementation, a simple implementation of a moment, today to sum up: DES encryption Introduction:des is a symmetric encryption algorithm, the so-called symmetric encryption algorithm is: Encryption and decryption

Android Image Caching First Glide (iii) _android

Objective: The previous summary learned the use of pictures and LRU algorithm, today to learn more excellent image caching open source framework. Technology itself will be constantly changing, from the initial use of their own softreference to

How the Android program deals with image format classes and image conversion _android

In the process of developing Android programs, it is important to identify which image format classes (ImageFormat, PixelFormat, bitmapconfig, etc.) and the image (JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.) are converted. Will play a very important role in the future

PC version and Android phone version with breakpoints continued to download _android

One, multithreading download Multi-threaded download is to preempt server resources Principle: The server CPU allocated to each thread of the same time slice, the server bandwidth evenly allocated to each thread, so the more threads the client

Android Custom View make dynamic Cool button instance resolution _android

Ordinary buttons are so several styles, looking at all aesthetic fatigue, first put the effect chart: Do you think this button is assembled with a lot of animation products, I tell you, and No. All implementations are based on Custom view, using

Example analysis of bitmap usage (display, save, zoom, rotate) in Android _android

This example describes the bitmap usage in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The image formats you can support in the Android SDK are as follows: PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP. Creation of 1.Bitmap With the help of

Android Game Development Learning Engine usage examples detailed _android

This example describes the engine usage of Android game development learning. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: The car engine is the heart of the car, which determines the performance and stability of the car, is a

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