Android Custom WebView Network video playback Control Example

Because of business needs, the following code is based on YouTube online video for example Implementation features: 1. Display title and video cover when initializing 2, the initialization of the time to display a play button 3, no need to

Android uses button buttons to change font size, font color, background color code

Implementation logic: By traversing the view, determine if the view is TextView, edittext, and button type, and if so, modify it. The code is as follows:1, XML layout file, FileName: Test4.xml, the contents are as follows: The code is

Organize several ways to send emails in the background of Android

Android Background email (without intent)The Android SDK makes it easy to send e-mail from one application, but only through the intent approach, through the built-in mail application. This can satisfy most of the requirements, but if you want to

Creating and parsing XML tutorials on the Android 3.0 platform

To use the examples given in this article, you need to install and configure the following software. See resources for RELATED links. Common abbreviations adt:android Development tools,android Development toolsApi:application programming interface,

Android Development Notes Simple base station location program implementation _ios

After learning, has a general understanding of the development process of the Android program, in order to improve our interest in learning, in this section we will write a simple base station locator program. Now lbs (Location Based service,

Android Custom Control Case Rollup 2 (custom switch, drop down refresh, sideslip menu) _android

Case four custom switches: Function Introduction: The function of this case is to create a custom switch, you can decide the background of the switch. When the slide switch, the slider of the switch can follow the finger to move. When the finger is

Android Development Concise coding rules detailed

Please use the UTF-8 format to view the code to avoid the occurrence of garbled Chinese.As for the comments should be in Chinese or English, please make your own decision, according to the company or project requirements, the recommended use of

Android 2.0 and Android 4.0 phone back to factory settings

Android 2.0 System Operation steps Tip: Restore the factory settings will empty the phone's built-in data, so please back up your personal data in advance. 1. In the "main interface" click the "Application Menu" below to enter

Android Development Animationdrawable control frame play animation

When we click on the button, the picture will rotate continuously, and when we click the button again, it will stop in the current state. Activity code: The code is as follows Copy Code Package

Static routing function setting method of Android 4.0 system

Android 4.0 system static routing function setting Method! As follows: 1. Open WiFi 2. Click the WiFi access point name you want to connect to. 3, enter the password, the input method hidden will find "Show password" and "Show advanced options."

Android Recyclerview Drop-down Refresh and pull up load more _android

Today finally a bit of time, to write: for Recyclerview implementation Drop-down refresh and pull load more. Today will be based on the previous two articles:Recyclerview Series (1): Add header and footer for RecyclerviewRecyclerview Series (2): Add

Android Custom ListView Layout implements pull-load drop-down refresh function _android

There are a number of ways that ListView can implement pull loads and drop-down refreshes. The following is a custom layout I wrote, and the reusability is also relatively strong. The first is the inherited ListView custom View.

Android-the method of acquiring network time, obtaining time and time synchronization of a particular time zone _android

Recently sorted out the android-to get the network time, to obtain a specific time zone, time synchronization method. Specifically as follows: Method One: SimpleDateFormat DFF = new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"); Dff.settimezone

Android Studio EditText Click the icon to clear the text content of the instance resolution _android

  This article is after the custom EditText style function enhancement, has the very big reference to the actual application project, the interested friend may step on the previous article, "The Android studion custom EditText style". Specific clear

Android Development: Micro-Letter Authorization login and micro-credit sharing complete analysis _android

Objective In the mobile internet wave, the network app has been shot dead on the beach, many companies want their own applications can have a set of account system, but many users do not necessarily buy: Why do I register your home application

Android micro-letter Roll dice and Scissors cheat principle analysis _android

First, the preface In a previous article, we have introduced an artifact of the Android Hook work xposed tool: xposed Framework principle Analysis and use case study in that article we described how to install the xposed framework, And how to use

Three kinds of parsing methods for Android XML data _android

This article contains the following content: DOM parsing of XML dataSax parsing of XML dataPull parsing of XML dataThree kinds of resolution used in activityThe difference between Sax parsing and pull parsing Three ways to resolve the process: 1.

Android developer uses Webuploader to solve the bug_android of uploaded images in an Android micro-mail browser

First of all to analyze the micro-letter browser upload image bug Reason In its new version, the micro-letter uses its own X5 kernel browser, and in older versions it could be Android's native browser. I don't know much about the environment, but

Android silent installation Implementation Imitation 360 mobile phone assistant Second Pack and intelligent installation function _android

I've had a lot of friends ask me, how can I install a silent installation in the Android system? The so-called silent installation, is not to eject the system installation interface, without affecting the user any operation of the circumstances

Android Development has to look at the 11 practical small projects

Do you want to learn Android development ( but don't know how to do it? Do you know a little bit about the basics of getting started and not applying to real development? See the relevant information think

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