Analysis on the notification system of Android 4.0

Through the mobile phone notification system, you can inform the user of some important information about the application. Fluent, comfortable, and friendly applications are inseparable from well-designed message alerting mechanisms. But not all of

Blue Finger Android Simulator bluestacks how to use

There were a lot of Chinese users. The operation interface of the Blue finger simulator is neither beautiful nor commercial, so we have specially prepared this tutorial, hoping to make up for the lack of commercialization with a more convenient

How to use the mouse keyboard to control the Android phone

The internet is mostly 91 assistants for Android to connect mobile phones and computers, I am more inclined to pea pod, can be, the following gives my steps and process encountered a few small problems, for your reference! One, the mouse keyboard

What is PCMark for Android?

What is Q:pcmark for Android? A: There is news today Futuremark released PCMark for Android, but such a string of English makes many domestic users puzzled, PCMark for Android is what? Although you don't know PCMark but you probably know

Download Android SDK standalone for offline installation

Original reproduced from: How to install the Android SDK without Internet connection? I searched the internet and found no posts like this, hence I ' m making one

Android WebView not allowed to load local resource error Resolution __web

Previously wrote several blog is about the simple use of webview and how and JS interaction.Students who are not familiar with the use of WebView and web interaction can look first.Simple use of WebViewAndroid's interaction with Web pagesAdd a

Android ORM Series of Activeandroid

From the Java Web to Android students should know SSH or SSI, used to hibernate or mybatis, to go to Android after the easy to find the ORM is not feel very uncomfortable. In fact, there are many Orm in Android. Activeandroid sugarorm Siminov

[Android Development] RXJAVA2 Road seven-error handling operator Example Demo__java

a list of error-handling operators Used to respond to observable launch onError notifications or to recover from errors, for example, youCan: Swallow this error, switch to a standby observable continue to launch data swallow this error and then

WebSocket Android client implementation and code encapsulation

Websocketdemo WebSocket How to implement the Android client. introduce If you do not want to understand the principle can be directly pulled to the end of the use of the chapter, according to the tutorial can be used, or directly open the demo view

[Android] Tips for Opendir failed when using ADB, Permission denied solution

Most of the time, we'll go through the ADB to view SQLite database and table creation But today I used the "ls" command to view the file, but reported the "Opendir failed, Permission denied" error. The reason for this error is that the program did

Android contentresolver Usage Instructions

How Android implements data sharing between applications. An application can expose its own data completely, it's not important to see how the data is stored by the application, or whether it's using a database or a file, or whether it's online, and

Android Initial Learning-four startup modes for activity (fallback stack) __java

In an Android application, there will inevitably be multiple activity, and when you turn on multiple activity, when you press the Back button, you typically fall back to the previous activity, which is a bit like the browser. But note that the

Android Learning Notes (2) ———— Android four component bis (Service) __android

/********************************************************************************************* author:conowen@ Big Bell** Http://* Note: This article for the original, only as a learning exchange use,

Android access network via Get and Post methods

This demo demo shows that Android interacts with the server through get and POST request methods, so you need to build a server test that you can use Tomcat for reference: details/52524006, Demo: Download

[Android] Get HTML data from a Web page __html

If you want to use the Internet for your Android, you must have access to the Internet in Androidmanifest.xml (that is, add Code) As shown in the following illustration: Then it's the code that writes the page, (that is, the Activity_main.xml

Android Phone number access problem with APN to get cell phone number

Original: Mobile phone numbers are not all available. Just a part of it can be got. This is because the mobile operator did not write the phone number data to the SIM card. SIM card

ZSL Description of Android 5.0 Camera

the concept of ZSL The ZSL (zero shutter lag) Chinese name is the time delay photography, is in order to reduce the photo delay, lets the photograph & Echo instantaneous completes one kind of technique. Single Shot When the preview is started,

About Android UI is not thread safe

Today occasionally on the Internet to see this article 1, as we all know, in the development of Android, non-UI threads cannot manipulate controls in the UI thread, that is, the UI is not thread safe; 2, but

[Free resources] The latest stm32 series video tutorials and stm32 video tutorials

[Free resources] The latest stm32 series video tutorials and stm32 video tutorials MCU basics & GPIO The STM32 series of tutorials were officially launched. We will be able to explain the series by David, the gold medal lecturer of the far-sighted

Unity3D series tutorials-use free tools to develop 2D games in Unity3D Section 1

Disclaimer: the translation categories of this blog post are personal translations, All rights reserved. Source:,personal blog: Translator's note: This is a series of tutorials. You can use Unity3

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