Android Game Development Introduction Simple Example _android

Developing games on Android is something that Android developers aspire to, have a sense of achievement and fun, and get financial rewards. So how do you develop Android games? Here's a simple example of getting started. First, the creation of new

An analysis of the operating mechanism of Android Surfaceview--the exception to the process of switching to the background and then back into the program _android

A lot of friends have encountered this problem, program execution switch to the background, and then re-enter the report of the exception, this article on this issue to explain the overall operation of the Surfaceview mechanism, understand these

Android cracked micro-mail get chat record and address book information (static mode) _android

One, guess data storage path Micro-letter is now suitable for all ages, the streets are in use, has replaced the traditional SMS chat way, as long as the chat must have privacy information, then this article to explain how to obtain micro-letter

Android processing Apple-touch-icon Detailed _android

Apple's touch icon is relatively familiar to us, is Apple in order to support the Web application (or the Web page) to add to the desktop needs of the icon, with these touch icon of the Web links more and native application more similar. Because the

Android clipping Image Implementation Method Example _android

This example describes the implementation of the Android cropping image. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Package Com.xiaoma.piccut.demo; Import; Import; Import

Android implementation reads the picture from the cache and asynchronously loads the function class _android

This article illustrates an Android implementation that reads pictures from the cache and loads the function classes asynchronously. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In the microblog list of Sina Weibo pictures, in order

Android XMPP Communication Custom Packet&provider_android

Summary In the XMPP communication process, Asmack provides the packet component is iq,message,presence three kinds: IQ is used for query messages for message passing presence for state interaction they are all packet subclasses, The essence is the

Android implementation of the stopwatch timer sample _android

This example describes the stopwatch timer implemented by Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Package com.liu.time; Import Java.util.Timer; Import Java.util.TimerTask; Import; Import Android.

Android Desktop Plugin App widget usage analysis _android

This example describes the Android Desktop plugin app widget usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: application window Widget App Widgets The application window widget (widget) is a tiny application view that can be

Android uses Vitamio to build its own universal player (10)--local playback (thumbnail, video information, video scanning service) _android


Objective Vitamio is our team's good faith, in addition to the Vplayer to make the best Android player, but also to the Vitamio to create the best player components Android. The new release of the Beta SDK although there are some problems, but

Six ways to create Alertdialog in Android _android

To create a alertdialog: 1. Create Alertdialog.builder objects 2, call the Builder object Settitle method set the caption, SetIcon method set icon 3, call Builder related methods such as Setmessage method, Setitems method, Setsinglechoiceitems

How to use Android to implement interface real information in the message board display _android

Below through the illustrated way to share the following how to use the Android interface real information display in the message board. See the title, as the name suggests, I just talk to you today about how to implement the display of interface

An example analysis of key value pair usage for spinner control in Android _android

This example describes the use of key-value pairs for spinner controls in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: A dictionary table for storing key-value pairs of information Package com.ljq.activity; Import

Android Development Portal dialog box simple usage _android

This example describes the simple use of the Android Introduction dialog box. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Note: This article is just a learning note to record where you have learned 1. Get alertdialog static internal

Forcing Android apps to use a locale method _android

The examples in this article describe a way to force an Android application to use a locale. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: When developing an internationalized Android application, it is sometimes necessary to

Android Persistent Attribute Usage _android

This example describes the use of persistent properties in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: During the study of telephony, the telephony initialization (Makedefaultphones function in has not

Android custom control's imitation cool menu _android

Last year's Youku HD edition had such a menu as the following figure: After the application is opened, a three-arc three-level menu is first click the Entity key menu, the three menus rotate and exit, then click the Entity key menu, the first

Android to take photos, select pictures, and crop picture features _android

First, the realization of taking pictures, select pictures and crop picture effects According to the style of the previous blog, first look at the implementation effect. II. Application of Ucrop project Think of the previous yalantis/ucrop

Vectordrawable class free fill color _android of Android vector graphs

The June 26, 2014 I/O 2014 developers Conference Google officially launched the Android L, which brings a new design language material designs, the new API also provides this class vectordrawable. That is, Android supports SVG-type resources, which

Android ListView Implementation Pull up load more and pull down refresh function _android

The example of this article introduces the implementation method and function of the Android ListView down-Pull refresh function, for everyone's reference, the specific contents are as follows 1, ListView Optimization mode Interface Caching :

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