Using the Baidu Map API in Android: query address information based on latitude and longitude

Baidu Map Mobile version of the API contains not only the basic construction map interface, but also integrated a number of search services, including: Location search, peripheral search, range Search, public transport search, ride search, walking

Android: Manipulating picture Exif information

What is EXIF First to understand what is EXIF. EXIF is an image file format, its data stored in the JPEG format is exactly the same, in fact, the EXIF format is the JPEG format header inserted in the digital photos of information, including

Quickly project the Android phone screen to WIN7 's PC and projector

When it comes to application development and presentation, it's often necessary to project an Android phone onto a PC screen or a projector. Pea Pods or 91 mobile phone assistants Although the mobile phone screen can be projected to the PC via USB,

Windows uses SSH client to connect to Android phone


The original use of software quicksshd, but this software used in the process I found that the problem is that even if the port is not occupied, start, or will be the error, and for the port is occupied, so gave up the software, but a lot of people

Android based on XMPP protocol to implement IM chat program with multiplayer chat room _android

Simple IM Chat programbecause the project needs to do a XMPP protocol based on the Android communication software. So began to study XMPP.The XMPP protocol uses the client-server architecture, all messages and data sent from one client to another

Detailed implementation of cross-application data sharing in Android system _android

An important part of a andoird application is that they have the ability to communicate and integrate with each other, one application can interact with another, and then we'll look at the content sharing between Android apps.When you build intent,

Design and implementation code _android of Android custom soft keyboard

Accidentally found the Android.inputmethodservice.Keyboard class, that is, Android can customize the keyboard class, made a simple example for everyone to refer to. The effect is as follows: First look at the interface layout file

Android Imitation QQ6.0 homepage side sideslip effect _android

1. Overview Recently have been with interns to do projects, found that they have not written a blog for a long time, these days update will be more frequent, QQ today to find QQ home menu sliding effect has changed, it can not help the evening to

Android apps to get photo paths after taking photos and uploading instances sharing _android

The code in the activity, I only post important part of the event code public void Dophoto (view view) {Destorybimap (); String state = Environment.getexternalstoragestate (); if (State.equals (environment.media_mounted)) {Intent

Some problems with Viewpager and fragment in Android app _android

Before you know how Viewpager works, review how ListView works: ListView only when you need to display some list items does it request the available view objects; If you create a view object for all of the list item data, you waste memory;Who is

One touch, what did Android do?

Author: Zhing, Tencent Mobile client development engineerCommercial reprint please contact Tencent Wetest authorized, Non-commercial reprint please indicate the source.original link: wetest Guide When we write

[Android Development] RxJava2 Road 10-Boolean operator Example Demo__java

a list of Boolean operators The source of the original data is Boolean operation, after the Boolean operation, the receiver is the data received by the Observer is a Boolean value. name parsing All () To

Download the latest Android source from GitHub

At the end of May this year, Google was completely blocked by the wall, all Google's website can not visit, this time including the,, Android's official resources are inaccessible, and it's certainly

[Unity] Resolution on Unity5.5 and Ugui in Android with a bug that doesn't appear in the image

Using instantiate to create Ugui components, it is possible to see things that are not visible, not just see, even the event itself is unable to receive, if the debugging will find the object is in the scene. This is not a problem if canvas is

Android's own app analysis: SMS App

The Android operating system itself is a huge open source repository, familiar to both the design framework of the Android system and the efficient way to write applications. This article analyzes the source code from Google's official AOSP source 4.

Department of famous Door Android (10)

Introduced HTTP communication with server in Android, parsing XML, implementing asynchronous message processing via Handler HTTP communication-HTTP communication with the server, to be demonstrated in Get and POST mode, respectively XML

15 developers most pro-gaze android?? OID Code Editor

If you want your Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be able to write code at any time and anywhere, then take a look at the 15 Android code editors I'll cover below, which will be your ideal tool.1.Deuter IDEA mobile-based text

Some plugins from the Android app network are as low as 50 percent!

Zhuo Stream application network to give back to the new and old customers are now some plug-ins at the lowest discount for sale, the event time is December 1-December 5,Need a friend to act quickly!Active plug-in price after the original price

Android time acquisition and use, android Time Acquisition

Android time acquisition and use, android Time AcquisitionWhen compiling an Android network program, you will inevitably encounter inaccurate mobile phone time. This article summarizes some common time acquisition and Correction Methods: for

Unity3d 2D bone animation plug-in Puppet2D use 2, unity3dpuppet2d

Unity3d 2D bone animation plug-in Puppet2D use 2, unity3dpuppet2d Hello everyone, I am Sun Guangdong. Reprinted please indicate the source: More comprehensive content please see my game pretty cool address: http://www.

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