The conversion of Android bitmap and Base64 strings

Can bitmap picture and Base64 string to convert to each other ~ henceforth mother no longer have to worry about me to deal with bitmap ~ /** * Convert Bitmap to Base64 string * * @param bitmap * @return Base64 string */ Public String

Six major uses of Android mini PC

As Android devices become more integrated and more powerful, a product called the Android Mini pc has crept into the human vision. This miniature computer, which looks and sizes like a USB drive, really changes the way people understand PCs. Android

Explain the use of screen sliding function of Scroller class in Android application development _android

Today to introduce the Android in the slide screen function of a basic implementation process and principle, and finally give you the key to explain the view of the Scrollto and Scrollby the difference between the two functions.First, we have to

Android app Debug memory leak cursor article _android

Recently handled some memory leaks in the work, in this process I found some basic problems instead of causing memory leaks, such as static variables, cursor shutdown, thread, timer, reverse registration, bitmap and so on, I have a little statistics

Android message processing mechanism (graphic + source analysis)-looper/handler/message_android

This article is very good, simple, the key is a junior students to analyze their own experience. This is the reason why I like this article. Please see the text below: As a junior preparatory programmer, I learn the fun of Android is to learn from

Deep understanding of Android MD5 Data encryption _android

MD5 encryption MD5 by MD2, MD3, MD4 evolved, although the MD5 encryption algorithm now some people have to untie it, but its encryption mechanism is still very strong, I think the big logarithm will not be solved. MD5 encryption algorithm is

Only 4 lines of code to implement Android fast file download _android

Written in front of the nonsense Download files, almost all apps will use the function! Forget it, or no nonsense, directly open write it ... Simple to use Completion of a download task requires only 4 lines of code, what breakpoint continued,

The use of Android's glide library loading picture and its comparison with Picasso _android

Glide Glide is a media management framework for efficient, open source, Android devices that follows the BSD, MIT, and Apache 2.0 protocol releases. Glide has the ability to capture, decode, and display video stills, pictures, animations, and so on,

Troubleshoot plug-in download failures for JetBrains's products (IntelliJ idea, RubyMine, Webstorm, Phpstorm, Pycharm, Appcode, Android studio, etc.)

I used the idea to install Go language Plug-ins, almost every time the download failed, download speed is very slow, and midway interrupted, there is no break-through function, starting again or will be midway off. The solution is actually very

Android Nice's role in process and thread scheduling

Basic Concepts: Process: The basic unit of the resource allocation and height of a computer, the entity that the program runs, and the container of the thread. Threads: The unit that is actually executing in a process, the smallest unit of program

Android NDK Development (1) ———— Android JNI Introduction and call Process __android

/********************************************************************************************* author:conowen@ Big Bell** Http://* Note: This article for the original, only as a learning exchange use,

Use KSOAP2 in Android to invoke Webservice__android

The WebService is a remote invocation standard based on the SOAP protocol. Through the webservice can be different operating system platform, different languages, different technologies integrated together. There is no library to invoke WebService

Developed as a mobile end (Android) I've been overwhelmed by the front end frame bootstrap

One, Bootstrap introduction:A year ago I was immersed in the mobile end of the adaptation and optimization of the extricate, in order to adapt to the various resolution of the market, I took the Google percentage layout, but also to generate the

Android Multithreading Research (6) data isolation between multithreading

In the previous "Android Multithreading Research (5)--Thread sharing data" in the data sharing between threads to learn and research, this article we look at how to solve the problem of data isolation between multiple threads, what is data isolation?

Android Phone installation original Bt5[arm]

BT5 Full Name back Track 5 includes a security test/penetration/evaluation platform for a range of tools such as information collection, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, reverse engineering, continuous access, and password cracking.

Android Concise Development Tutorial 24: Summary and sample code download

Android Concise development tutorial using the Guide Bee two-dimensional graphics library as an example, the Guide bee two-dimensional graphics library is a guide Bee map development Package (HTTP://WWW.IMOBILEBBS.COM/WORDPRESS/?PAGE_ID=6) part of

Getting Started with Android Development (ii) using intent 2.5 to invoke a built-in application with intent

We've learned how to invoke an activity in a single application of our own. However, one of the more important developments in Android is the use of intent to invoke other application activity. In particular, your application can invoke many

15 developers most pro-gaze android?? OID Code Editor

If you want your Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be able to write code at any time and anywhere, then take a look at the 15 Android code editors I'll cover below, which will be your ideal tool.1.Deuter IDEA mobile-based text

The latest Android Development Environment Based on adt-bundle-windows-x86

A system must be equipped with an android client to quickly build an android development environment. The process is as follows: 1. Download JDK: Install JDK. My installation

Configure the android ndk environment in Windows: Install and update cygwin...

Recently, I want to see the JNI of Android and I don't want to switch back to Linux. So I have to choose windows + cygwin + ndk, When you start to install the cygwin environment, you generally do not know how to install it. Even after installation,

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