Android Development notes some attributes learned today

1. Last ProgramDuring packaging, files in the res folder are packaged only when used, and files in the assets folder must be packaged whether or not used. 2. Android mainly relies on XML files for layout. Otherwise, the layout will be messy when

Android Development Environment configuration problems

First download the latest Android SDK version. However, the latest SDK clearly states that "the android SDK Archive Now only contains the tools. it no longer comes populated with a specific Android platform or Google add-on. instead you use the SDK

How to Use RadioButton and RadioGroup In the Android control series

Objective: 1. Master how to establish RadioGroup and RadioButton in Android2. Master common RadioGroup attributes3. Understand the differences between RadioButton and CheckBox4. Master the events (listener) of RadioGroup selected status

How to Use android RadioGroup

Create a MainActivity. java main class Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: orientation = "vertical"> Android: id = "@ + id/radiobutton_textview" Android:

Android Touch Event Processing Mechanism

Android's Touch event processing mechanism is complicated, especially after considering multi-point Touch and event interception. Android Touch event processing has three layers: Activity layer, ViewGroup layer, and View layer. First, let's talk

Introduction to using XML static Resources in the Android control series

Objective: 1. Learn how to set and call XML resources in Android 2. Master how to use XML and JAVA code for collaborative development interface 3. Understand the role of R files When developing Android, you can always see an R. java file

Android Development notes Handler usage Summary

I. Handler definition: It mainly accepts data sent by sub-threads and uses this data with the master thread to update the UI.Explanation: When an application is started, Android will first enable a main thread (that is, the UI thread). The main

Three methods for changing the font color of Android Development notes

1. Set the font color directly in the configuration xml file under the layout file, and change the color by adding android: textcolor = "# FFFFFF" However, this effect only allows the font to display one color. 2. in the activity, use TextView

Common attributes of TableLayout in Android Development notes

Frequently Used attributes of TableLayout include: Android: collapseColumns: hides the specified column in sequence of 0th actions: Android: collapseColumns when this attribute is null, the effect is as follows: Remove columns 0th and 2nd from

Code for message push mechanism using App in Android

1. Message push mechanismThe server needs to be changed from passive to active, notifying the customer of information that the developer deems important, whether or not the application is running or disabled. I thought of a sentence: don't call me,

How to connect to an Android physical device

1. Connect the Android device to your computer and install the relevant driver. 2. Set the user's environment variables. [My computer] --> [properties] --> [advanced] --> [Administrator user environment variables] --> [Path] Click the edit button.

SQLite database operations in Android

I. Basic Knowledge: 1. SQLite data type: NULL: NULL. INTEGER: A signed INTEGER, depending on the size of the number to be saved. REAL: floating point number, which is stored as an 8-byte IEEE floating point number. TEXT: String TEXT. BLOB: binary

Android animation effect

The Android SDK provides three types of animations: Compensation animation, frame-by-frame animation, and interpolation attribute animation. Next we will first introduce the first animation effect-the animation of the population. The compensation

Use of the Android app development UI control ImageSwitcher

This article describes how to use the ImageSwitcher control in AndroidUI development. The ImageSwitcher control is similar to the ImageView control, which can be used to display images. However, the ImageSwitcher name can be used to display multiple

OpenGL ES color for Android Development

I. Basic Knowledge: 1. Smooth coloring ): Combine different colors of multiple vertices to create a beautiful color mix. 2. Monotonic coloring: Apply a fixed color to the image. 3. Triangle-defined color array (smooth coloring ): [Java] Int one = 0x1

Android development-OpenGL ES rotating glRotatef

1. Rotation function: GlRotatef (float angle, float X, float Y, float Z) Angle specifies the Rotation angle of an object. The X, Y, and Z parameters jointly determine the direction of the rotation axis. That is, the glRotatef function rotates the

Linear layout of Android Development

I. Basic Knowledge: Id = "@ + id/edtInput", which is a bridge between the UI and code Layout_width = "fill_parent", automatically filled to the screen width Layout_width = "wrap_content", automatically filled into the control size   Controls in

Dynamic Creation of multiple buttons for Android Development

// Obtain the screen size to properly set the button size and position DisplayMetrics dm = new DisplayMetrics (); GetWindowManager (). getDefaultDisplay (). getMetrics (dm ); Int width = dm. widthPixels; Int height = dm. heightPixels; // Customize

List controls for Android Development

I. Basic Knowledge: ListView is a commonly used control. Each Item in the ListView can be a string or a combination control. First, let's talk about the implementation of ListView: 1. Prepare the data to be displayed in ListView; 2. Use a

The route that cannot run Android is not a good route

Brush firmware for the router? It is very common, such as DD-WRT, Tomato, and OpenWRT. But can the router run the Android system? Droidifi. This project, by developing Android firmware and enhancing the wireless routing performance, has launched a

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