Nexus One running Android 2.1 + Sense UI

HTC released a new Android system, desire, at the mwc2010 Mobile World Congress. The mobile phone looks similar to Google's Nexus One and has little hardware configuration difference, as a mobile phone of HTC's own brand, it will install Android 2.1

Ten features that Google Android urgently needs to improve

According to EWeek, with the release of Windows Phone 7 series Operating System by Microsoft, the competition in the smartphone field has become increasingly fierce. This week, the EWeek website wrote a list of ten aspects that Google's Android OS

Android development basics 1-Overview and SDK installation and documentation

IPhone software porting is basically over. For details, refer to iPhone. Summary The development website is in harmony, and the content on the official SDK website needs to be turned over.

Android development basics 3-Development notes and references

ArticleDirectory Interface tools and Layout Code obfuscation Real machine debugging Software store Reference books Interface tools and layout Interface Design Specifications

10 classic Android open-source projects

I recently took the time to study Android system development and I am also interested in Android learning. At the beginning, I tried to find several project source codes on the Internet, the following lists the android project source code. I hope it

Android development my Sina Weibo client-opening part

It has been three weeks since I started learning about Android. I 've been writing tutorials from Hello world to notepad tutorial to Android SDK documents, just recently I was interested in Weibo and planned to develop an android Sina Weibo client

Use Android phones as wireless NICs and share the Wi-Fi network of mobile phones through USB cables

Although most computers now support WiFi, it does not. Now Android phones are equipped with WiFi devices, so I tried to get my computer to access the Internet through WiFi on my mobile phone. I didn't think of a success. Steps: 1. Enable mobile

Ebook download: professional flash mobile development: Creating Android and iPhone applications

  Book DescriptionProfessional flash mobile development: Creating Android and iPhone applications Everything Flash developers need to know to create native Android and iPhone apps This wrox guide shows Flash developers how to create native

Android SDK online installation failure troubleshooting

last question about sdk. then, I downloaded android-sdk-windows.rar from google, and then clicked SDK Manager. The API level cannot be refreshed, so I began to find a lot of information on the Internet to solve this problem and modify hosts, both

Android photo and Cut Processing Method

After taking a photo on Android, You can manually crop the image, sort out the public call library, and share the image. If you have such a requirement, you do not need to write it again.CodeA lot of code is also excerpted from the Internet, so it

Jqmobi + Android trial

One busy night, I got an interface, mainly spent a lot of time on the scroll bar and style. jqmobi's documents are really poor. I hope you can have more documents. Here are some references: Latest api reference:

Commonsware-reusable code repository on Android platform

Wednesday, July 14,201 0 Commonsware is an android teaching organization.CodeThe library contains the implementation code and some tutorials for many common functions of the Android platform. For example: Cwac-adapter: An adapterwrapper

Android simulator error, emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual Device Name

Android simulator error, emulator: Error: Unknown Virtual Device NameCause: the default position of my documents has changed. The error: Unknown Virtual Device name is generally caused by a file path reference error. For example, you can set a user

Android experiment: What will happen if the view ID is the same?

1. Experiment: Use the layout editor to forcibly specify the two buttons with the same ID, and then Code Obtain the handle through findviewbyid () and modify its text.   Experimental results: only the text of one button changes, and the other is not

Android Note 1

Start to read the summary of the book "advanced for Android mobile development. 1 When a new button is added, @ must tell the XML parser to parse the part after the ID character,When referencing an android ID, you do not need the "+" sign, as

Android + HTML development mobile app DEMO code

Recently, I have been engaged in mobile projects. To manage mobile project development in the future, I have to learn something about it, and I have to reverse my work on Android. Because the technology selection uses the phonegap + native plug-in,

How to use a real machine to debug Android applications

This articleArticleThis section describes how to use a real machine to debug Android applications.Before proceeding, we need to clarify one thing: using a real machine to debug Android applications is very necessary and can be said to be necessary!

Android environment variable settings

To facilitate the use of commands in the android SDK tools directory, we recommend that youPanel): System → advanced → environment under the startup and recovery fieldVariables) "option, edit the PATH environment variable, and add the working path

Install and use Android 2-ndk (figure)

ArticleDirectory Cygwin Installation Development Document Debugging You can use this SDK for C/C ++ development.CodeIs a key part. The android ndk is a complement to the android SDK that helps you: -Generate

Android and IIS Authentication-basic verification

  Content summary Preface 1. Server Side 2. Android Client 3. IIS deployment 4. Running Effect   In Android mobile project development, we often use http protocol to transmit data in JSON format for simplicity and convenience when accessing the

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