Android 4.0 enables boot Animation

  The platform is Qualcomm's 8225. I don't know if other platforms will be different. I have read mtk6575, and the change method is similar. The modified path is frameworks/base/data/sounds/allaudio. mk. Local_path: = frameworks/base/data/sounds

On the technical level of Android Development

The technical staff of any mobile development ecosystem are distributed in a pyramid. That is to say, most people are developers, and only a few of them are actuallyProgramMember. The same is true for Android systems. Among the large groups of

How to Use third-party jar libraries for Android

 Import: Third-party external jar library files can be used on the Android platform. In the eclipse development environment, third-party. Jar files can be used in only three steps. 1. on the package explorer panel, right-click and choose

Thoughts on Android technology insider-system volume

Chapter 1 kernel mechanism and structure analysis of Android is full of "very simple" and there is no need to introduce it if it is simple. Besides, these simpleCode, Called manyProgramIt may not be well written. Chapter 2: Analysis of Several CPP

How to add a new language for Android

Some time ago, because the customer requested to add the Persian language, but currently android2.3.1 does not have this language, the customer must have the Persian language, after a long time of exploration and online help, finally, the Persian

Android build boot. img

  Taking tcc88xx as an example, when the top-level Source Code directory of Android is compiled using make, such a directory is generated: Out/target/product/tcc8800. This directory contains the required boot. IMG and system. IMG, Boot. mg It is

Android standby Process Analysis

  The following is an analysis of Google source code based on android2.2. When starting the system, run phonewindowmanager. systemready () (the previous process is not analyzed ). Call keyguardviewmediator. onsystemready () to lock the screen by

Key factors for the android physical keyboard

Refer to the adjustconfigurationlw () method of phonewindowmanager. Java to find out the following key factors: Config_inclukeyboardaccessibility: defined in frameworks/base/CORE/RES/values/config. xml. The meaning is as follows: Indicate whether

Git/repo proxy settings when downloading Android source code.

The background of this article is what I encountered when I configured the android environment in Ubuntu and obtained the android source code. I don't know much about how to use the android environment in Ubuntu/Linux, for details, refer to the

How to modify the language in Android

  I checked a lot of webpages and only wrote the product_locales field to be modified. However, there are too many. mk files. I haven't found the definition of this field for a long time. Final result: ./Device/rockchip/sdkdemo/boardconfig. mk. This

How to enable Android boot

Background: when Android is started, it sends out a system broadcast with the content action_boot_completed.The constant of the string is Android. Intent. Action. boot_completed. Just "capture" the message in the program and start it againYou can.

Android WiFi usage

In Android, all WiFi operations are performed in wiFi bag, And the commonly used classes only use a few. For general developers, the commonly used operations are also limited and do not need to be deliberately remembered, when I use it,

Hard keyboard character ing for Android-keycharactermap

Hard keyboard ing for Android-character ing keycharactermap Basic preparation knowledge: Http:// Http:// keyboard ing process, has been very

How to add buttons in Android

To add a general key:Qwerty. Kl/keycodelabels. h/attrs. xml/keyevent. JavaYou can add key information to map basic keys to key values.Device/rockchip/rk29sdk/proprietary/internettv/Qwerty. KL: Add hardware ScanCode ing to key names// Scan the code

INIT process analysis for Android startup

  The first application running after Linux kernel is init,Init is the next application in Linux. Its source code is in system/CORE/init. Main is the entry of the application. From the main () function, you can know the main functions of

Android sensor system (gsensor ).

The bug about gsensor has not been solved recently. Instead, the android gsensor process has been gone through. I haven't written a blog for a long time, so I can't be lazy. I still have to summarize what I learned so that later people don't have to

Android development experience and development environment considerations

    I. development environment considerations   When Elipse is used for development, it will not be compiled as long as Eclipse is used for import, prompting that class R is redefined because the R will be automatically generated after Elipse is

How can I modify the logo displayed on Android?

  1. The small logo shown at the beginning Code File: System/CORE/init. c If (load_565rle_image (init_image_file )){ FD = open ("/dev/tty0", o_wronly ); If (FD> = 0 ){ Const char * MSG; MSG = "\ n" "\ N" "\ N" "\ N" "\ N" "\ N" "\ N" // console is 40

Android sleep wake-up mechanism-kernel state

I. Introduction Several low-power States are defined in the Android system: earlysuspend, suspend, and hibernation.1) earlysuspend: it is a low power consumption State. Some devices can choose to enter a low power consumption state. For example, the

Android sleep wake-up mechanism-Hal-> kernel

1. Analysis of kernel and Hal Interfaces The kernel and Hal interfaces are implemented through a system file under/sys/power, such as/sys/power/state. The file implementation process in/sys/power in kernel is as follows: 1. sysfs attribute File In

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