Analyzing scopes in JavaScript

Scopes in 1.javascriptAs in other languages, in JavaScript, the scope of a variable also has global and local scope divisions.2. Global scope1) All variables in the outermost definition (not defined in the function body) have global scope2) Direct

ExtJS Learning-----------Ext.string,extjs extension to String in JavaScript

For a ExtJS extension to a string in JavaScript, refer to its Help documentation, document: of these methods are described below:(1) CapitalizeCapitalize (String String): StringReturns a string

JavaScript in-depth understanding of JS closures

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.the scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript.The

JavaScript Cache function Test

!function () { var /* */_a =function(x) {; X.foreach (function(v) {returnv*v})}, _b=function(x) {var_each=function(v) {returnv*v}; X.foreach (_each)}, _c= (function () { var_each=function(v) {returnv*v}; return function(x) {; X.

Summary of JavaScript numeric conversions

In JavaScript, there are generally three ways to convert a numeric value:One, number (param) function: param can be used for any data type1.1 Param is a Boolean value, and True and false are converted to 1 and 0 respectively;1.2 param is a numeric

Talk about JavaScript. Gets the value of the server control

Search from the Internet a lot of information, toss a half-day, finally fix, write down for everyone to referenceThis was found on the Internet.RadioButtonList put it in the form and run.But in the Ajax control Tabcontainer, the method fails.So look

Use JavaScript to take the float type decimal point two, example 22.127456 to take 22.13, how to do?

Use JavaScript to take the float type decimal point two, example 22.127456 to take 22.13, how to do?1. The dumbest way ... [I'll do what I do ...]1function get ()2{3 var s = 22.127456 + "";4 var str = s.substring (0,s.indexof (".") + 3);5 alert (str)

Formatting of date objects in JavaScript

Many languages have date-formatted functions, but JavaScript does not provide a similar approach.The following code was found in one of the previous posts, and it was very concise and reserved./** * Formatting of the time

JavaScript defines the difference between a function statement and an expression

Usually we see the following two ways to define a function:// function Statements function fn (str) { console.log (str);}; // definition of an expression var fnx=function(str) { console.log (str+ ' from FNX ');};Both methods create a new function

Two examples of JavaScript that determine native functions

Original link: Detect If a Function is Native Code with JavaScriptOriginal Date: 2014-08-17Translation Date: 2014-08-20Translators: AnchorI always run into situations where I need to check if a function is native code-a very important part of the

JavaScript special effects Source (2, image effects)

1. Constantly flashing imagesflashing pictures [Modify the displayed picture and the link address followed by a total of 1 steps] 1, the following code is placed in a new page of the HTML area can: [page must have nothing]blink image 2. Photo

Open the Pit! Design and implementation of JavaScript AMD modules

Open a hole and learn to summarize JavaScript's AMD specificationsFirst write your own simple implementation to put up, and then slowly starting from 0 to explain how AMD, has done its own implementation of an AMD/*amd*/var DOC = Window.document;var

Implement page jump function code via JavaScript library jquery

The four snippet code example that implements the page jump function code through the JavaScript library jquery is as follows.Example 1: 1234 $(function(){varpn = $("#gotopagenum").val();//#gotopagenum是文本框的id属性location.href

"JavaScript" HTML5/CSS3 implementation of the colorful progress bar application

Today's introduction is a progress bar application based on HTML5 and CSS3, which is static and provides only the multicolored appearance of the progress bar. Of course, you can dynamically set the progress value in the CSS to make it dynamic, a

"JavaScript" registering JavaScript Object methods as callbacks

The registration of callback functions is very common in JavaScript Web programming, for example to attach user interface Event handlers (such as onclick), or to provide a function to handle an XHR response. Registering an object method as a

"JavaScript" Understanding callback functions in JavaScript

Callback functions is extremely important in Javascript. They ' re pretty much everywhere. Originally coming from a to traditional C/java background I had trouble with this (and the whole idea of asynchronous PR ogramming), but I ' m starting to get

"JavaScript" JavaScript callback function

What is a JavaScript callback function?functions, like other data, can be assigned, deleted, copied, and so on, so you can also pass functions as arguments into another function. This function is called a callback function. Example:Casefunction A

No nonsense JavaScript (on)

"Programmer" No. 2008.09 has a "no nonsense Erlang" article, which reminds me of a lot of such as "no Nonsense C", "NoNonsense book review "This kind of article, also think of JavaScript can not a" no nonsense ", so decided to open an article to

Judging nan in JavaScript

"NaN action is used to indicate that a value is not a number"Nan behaves strangely in JavaScript because that Nan and any value are not equal (including itself).Nan = = = Nan; FalseBecause the following code can cause some people to freak

"JavaScript" JS cross-domain settings and fetch cookies

A cookie is a variable stored on a visitor's computer. This cookie is sent whenever a page is requested by the same computer through a browser. You can use JavaScript to create and retrieve the value of a cookie. This article mainly JS how to read

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