JavaScript XML string converted to JSON object

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Read JavaScript Advanced programming 14-Error handling and debugging

One error typeThe ECMA specifies 7 common types of errors: Error: Base type. Other common error types are inherited from this type, and are typically used by developers to throw custom errors. Evalerror: This type is thrown when the

Head first JavaScript (four)

If statementif (test condition) statement1;else statement2;Comments/* Comments ... */Script level: Variables declared directly in are equivalent to global variables and can be accessed directly within each function. The variables of life

High-performance JavaScript (2) DOM programming

Part Three DOM programmingThe Document Object Model (DOM) is a language-independent application interface (API) that uses XML and HTML document operations. In a browser, it is also common to work with HTML documents primarily, and to retrieve XML

Articles in the Var keyword in javascript

It is perfectly legal for JavaScript to ignore the VAR keyword when declaring a variable. JavaScript, as a weakly typed (loosely-typed) language, does not declare the variable type to be understandable, but the fact is not so straightforward,

JavaScript Custom Date function

1. Formatted Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Code:varDateFormat =function(date) {if(! (DateinstanceofDate)) {Date= Date.replace (/-/g, "/"); Date=Newdate (date); } varmonth = Date.getmonth () + 1; varYear =date.getfullyear (); varDay =date.getdate (); if(Month )

function declarations and function expressions in "javascript" javascript

JavaScript has a lot of interesting uses and can be found in Google Code search, for example:Try to know that the meaning of this code is to declare a function, and then immediately execute, because the scope of variables in JavaScript is based on

Conversion between HTML (DOM) and JavaScript nested arrays

Html2ja: Parse HTML target element into JavaScript array literal, each item's value is TagName, ClassName, ID and so on CSS selector combination;Showja: Indents the Html2ja generated array into a formatted display;Walkdom: Traverse the DOM target

The meaning of JavaScript regular expressions/g and/I and/GI

regularexpression=/pattern/[Switch]This switch has three values G: Global match I: Ignore case GI: Global match + ignore case JScript Language Reference--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Back-to-reference

JavaScript callback function

All along, the concept of a callback function is ambiguous:The following is an introduction to the callback function in the JavaScript language's pristine book:1. Functions make it easier to handle discontinuous events. For example, suppose you have

High-performance JavaScript (1)

The first part loads and runs script example When the browser encounters a A The code pops up three dialog boxes during page processing. If the browser does not support the defer property, the order in which the dialog box

How JavaScript gets the current timestamp

定义日期:Date 对象用于处理日期和时间。可以通过 new关键词来定义 Date 对象。以下代码定义了名为 myDate 的 Date 对象:varmyDate=newDate()注释:Date 对象自动使用当前的日期和时间作为其初始值。 varmyDate=newDate(2013-1-10)Javascript 获取当前时间戳(毫秒级别):第一种方法:vartimestamp1 = Date.parse( newDate());结果:1372751992000第二种方法:var

Analyzing scopes in JavaScript

Scopes in 1.javascriptAs in other languages, in JavaScript, the scope of a variable also has global and local scope divisions.2. Global scope1) All variables in the outermost definition (not defined in the function body) have global scope2) Direct

ExtJS Learning-----------Ext.string,extjs extension to String in JavaScript

For a ExtJS extension to a string in JavaScript, refer to its Help documentation, document: of these methods are described below:(1) CapitalizeCapitalize (String String): StringReturns a string

JavaScript in-depth understanding of JS closures

Closures (closure) are a difficult and unique feature of the JavaScript language, and many advanced applications rely on closures.the scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript.The

JavaScript Cache function Test

!function () { var /* */_a =function(x) {; X.foreach (function(v) {returnv*v})}, _b=function(x) {var_each=function(v) {returnv*v}; X.foreach (_each)}, _c= (function () { var_each=function(v) {returnv*v}; return function(x) {; X.

Summary of JavaScript numeric conversions

In JavaScript, there are generally three ways to convert a numeric value:One, number (param) function: param can be used for any data type1.1 Param is a Boolean value, and True and false are converted to 1 and 0 respectively;1.2 param is a numeric

Talk about JavaScript. Gets the value of the server control

Search from the Internet a lot of information, toss a half-day, finally fix, write down for everyone to referenceThis was found on the Internet.RadioButtonList put it in the form and run.But in the Ajax control Tabcontainer, the method fails.So look

Use JavaScript to take the float type decimal point two, example 22.127456 to take 22.13, how to do?

Use JavaScript to take the float type decimal point two, example 22.127456 to take 22.13, how to do?1. The dumbest way ... [I'll do what I do ...]1function get ()2{3 var s = 22.127456 + "";4 var str = s.substring (0,s.indexof (".") + 3);5 alert (str)

JavaScript special effects Source (2, image effects)

1. Constantly flashing imagesflashing pictures [Modify the displayed picture and the link address followed by a total of 1 steps] 1, the following code is placed in a new page of the HTML area can: [page must have nothing]blink image 2. Photo

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