Developing with JavaScript 2048

Well, team-mates have developed a simple 2048 ... Haha, no way, the game is so crazy, must be engaged, we can paste the code directly into an HTML file, directly execute canDependent files: jquery, if anything, you can download a copy of your -->

A detailed description of JavaScript advanced techniques

The use of the function JavaScript built-in type detection mechanism is not completely reliable. If the Object.prototype.toString () method is not modified, the following security detection method can be used to detect whether it is native: function

Javascript Strict mode details (top)

ECMAScript 5 was the first to introduce the concept of "strict mode" (strict). Strict mode allows you to select a more rigorous global or local error condition detection within the function. The advantage of using strict mode is that you can know

Scoped chains and closures in JavaScript

scoped chains and closures in JavaScript2012-06-29 11:41 1878 people read reviews ($) Collection report There is a concept in JavaScript that has not been learned before--closures. What is closure? The enclosing package, which is understood from

The unique var pattern in the body of the JavaScript base function (002)

Global variables are not good. So when it comes to the fame variable, you should use the unique var pattern in the function body (single Var). This model has a number of benefits: Provides a unique place to see the variables in the body of

JavaScript Basics Avoid using eval () (006)

Many people think that the eval () method is evil (evil). This method can be used to execute arbitrary strings as JavaScript code. We should not use the Eval () method as much as possible. For example, you can use square brackets to get the value of

JavaScript Grunt Installation and use

Grunt is the building tool for the JavaScript world.Why use build tools?Word: Automation. For tasks that require repeated repetition, such as compression (Minification), compilation, unit testing, linting, and so on. Automated tools can ease your

Effective JavaScript Item 13 creates a local domain using an instant-call function expression (Iife)

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. The so-called immediate invocation of the function expression, this translation may not be very accurate, it corresponds to the original English is Immediately invoked Function Expression (iife) .

JavaScript Basics-Instant functions (Immediate Functions)

1. Declaring methods for immediate functionsThe immediate function (Immediate Functions) is a special JavaScript syntax that allows the function to execute immediately after it is defined:(function () {Alert (' Watch out! ');}()); Here are a few of

javascript-variables and scope chains

jquery Fragment:1 var2/References to window, and allows munging its name.3 window = this,4/References to undefined, and allows munging its name.5 Undefined,6//Map over jQuery in case of overwrite7 _jquery = Window.jquery,8//Map over the $ in case of

Javascript--exec and Match

Title 17:read The following JavaScript code:var sometext= "web2.0. net2.0";var pattern=/(\w+) (\d) \. (\d)/g;var outcome_exec=pattern.exec (Sometext);var outcome_matc=sometext.match (pattern);What is outcome_exec[1] and outcome_matc[1]?Choice

JavaScript Object-oriented (3)--prototype and inheritance

1. Using prototype to implement inheritance  1 functionBaseClass ()2 {3 varPrivatename = "Private";4 5 This. pubicName1 = "Public1";6 7 varPrivatemethod =function()8 {9Alert ("Privatemethod");Ten } One A This.

Effective JavaScript Item 18 Understanding the difference between function, Method, constructor call

this series as effective JavaScript 's reading notes. Function is absolutely JavaScript In the middle of the weight. In JavaScript ,Function assumes procedures, methods, constructors Even the functions of classes and modules . in object-oriented

Javascript--this, constructor, prototype

ThisThis represents the current object, if this is used within the global scope, refers to the current Page Object window, and if this is used in the function, the this refers to what is called based on what object the function is running at. We can

JavaScript data types

The six data types that are common in JS are: string, NULL, number, Boolean, type Object.1, typeof Point of attentionWhen it comes to data types, it inevitably mentions that the operator typeof. Be aware that:1, typeof is an operator, not a method.

javascript--Event Model

Dom Event Flow:The DOM (Document Object model) structure is a tree structure, and when an HTML element produces an event, the event propagates in a particular order between the element node and the root node, and the node that passes through the

ArcGIS API for Javascript uses query queries for features within a circle with a point radius " not set" error

When querying with query, the following configuration is usedvar querytask = new Esri.tasks.QueryTask (applicationmodelonesearchpoiurl); var query = new Esri.tasks.Query (); Query.geometry = geometry;

The eval () function of JavaScript

Note that the eval () function is a global object of JavaScript, and some people wonder, not a function, how is it a global object ... Hehe, because functions are objects in JavaScript, objects are defined by function.Definition and usageThe eval ()

JavaScript control server Control instance one

Recently multiple pages need to load some drop-down list boxes for the user to choose, the original is loaded on the server side should be used. Finally, becauseBusiness logic considerations, you need to put some of the functionality of DropDownList

(v) Learn the FirstChild properties of JavaScript

Reference: and usageThe FirstChild property returns the first child node of the specified node, to the Node object.Note: In HTML, the text itself is the parent node of the HTML

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