javascript-table Sorting

First, knowledgeAppendChild (): First delete, in sortSort (): array sortparseint (): string = = = Integer (number)!!! -HTML"ID name Age Operations 2 Zhang San 236 Wangsi 241Blue275 Zhang Wei 243 John Doe 284 Harry 25!!! JsWindow.onload=function (){

JavaScript scopes and closures

In this article, I will introduce the following concepts in popular language and simple code: Variable Promotion Usage scenarios for this Scope Application of closures Finally, there is an example ofVariable PromotionFirst

The difference between json.parse () and eval () parsing JSON in JavaScript

varjsonData=‘{"data1":"Hello,","data2":"world!"}‘Call Method Jsondata.data1,jsondata.data2jsonData=[ {"name":"LiLei","age":19,"sex":"male"}, {"name":"HanMei","age":18,"sex" :"famale"}]Call Method

JavaScript Learning Notes (11)--closures

In the study of Liaoche predecessors of the JavaScript tutorial, encountered some points needing attention, so as a study notes listed, remind yourself to notice!If you have the need, welcome to visit the previous blog

JavaScript Basic Packaging Class Introduction

To facilitate operation of the base type value, ECMAScript provides 3 special reference types:Boolean, number, and String. These types are similar to other reference types, but also have special behaviors corresponding to their respective base types.

Javascript (Declaration, assignment)

In JavaScript, functions are objects, and programs can manipulate them arbitrarily. For example, JavaScript can assign a function to a variable, or pass it as a parameter to other functions, and you can set properties on them or even invoke their

The JavaScript code specification for the Airbnb frontend specification

1 references1.1 Use const for all references, do not use Var.(This ensures that you cannot reassign a reference, or cause a bug or a difficulty to understand)Bad var a = 1; var B = 2;//good const A = 1; Const B = 2;1.2 If you must require a

JavaScript Advanced Programming Learning

1. VariablesVariables are defined using the var operator, VAR message, which defines a message variable that can be used to hold any type of variable. The uninitialized variable value is undifided;If no variable is defined by Var, then it is

In-depth understanding of dynamic collections--nodelist, Htmlcollection, and NamedNodeMap in JavaScript

NodeListThe NodeList instance object is a class array object whose members are node objects, including the ChildNodes and Queryselectorall () method return valuesA dynamic collection is a change in the DOM structure that can be automatically

On the principle of JavaScript pre-compiling

These two days again the basis of JS review, a lot of do not know or to return to the foundation, we all know that JS is an explanatory language, is to compile a line to execute a line, but before executing, the system will do some work:1,

Front-end JavaScript Knowledge (iii)

function memory, judgment is not prime.方法一:function isPrime1(n){ if(n array de- method One: Var arr1=[1,2,3,2,1,2]; function Repeat1 (arr) {for (Var i=0,arr2=[];i Insert Sort var arr=[2,4,1,5,3]; function Insertsort (arr) {//traverse

Require.js and Sea.js of JavaScript modular programming

Individuals tend to require.jsAMD is the normalized output of the module defined by REQUIREJS during the promotion process.CMD is the normalized output of the module defined by SEAJS in the process of generalization.Similar to the CommonJS modules/2.

function promotion and variable promotion in JavaScript

Lexical analysis Lexical analysis method:JS Run before a similar compilation process is lexical analysis, lexical analysis is mainly three steps: Analysis parameters Declaration of the Re-analysis variable Analysis Function

JavaScript closures [Reprint]

This article reprinted: Nanyi JavaScript closure closure The scope of a variableTo understand closures, you must first understand the special variable scope of JavaScript.The scope of a variable is nothing more than two kinds: global variables

Serialization and JSON of JavaScript form forms [Form.js]

First, the application scenarioWhen a form is submitted, it is submitted using AJAX.Second, the effect    This tool enables fast serialization and JSON of all forms in the form, allowing front-end personnel to manually extract form attributes and

The difference between ToString and tolocalestring in JavaScript

ToString: No parameter, returns a string representing the value of the object that called the method. JavaScript calls this method when the object needs to be converted to a string.The return value of the default ToString () method has a very small

JavaScript Learning Notes

JavaScript Note BOM object (document type Object)Dom Object (Browser object)Variables are case-sensitive, multiple variables can be defined in the same row, middle use ', ' split JavaScript statements can be used at the end, or not, but

JavaScript Comments Add Exercise

JavaScript comments Add exercises this time learned content://var str = ' ' +value+ ' '; payment string and variable stitching//ul.innerhtml + = str; using + =  equals an append function. If the data for the string is to be converted to JSON data,

JavaScript exception handling

When the JavaScript engine executes the code, various errors occur, and the various error-handling statements are shown in table 1: Statement Description Try Statement to test code block errors

A detailed description of the JavaScript Object.defineproperty () method

Object.defineproperty ()The Object.defineproperty () method defines a new property directly on an object, or modifies an existing property and returns the object.GrammarObject.defineProperty(obj, prop, descriptor) 1 Parameters

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