JavaScript Basics callback function

Simply put, the callback function: that is, the function that will be executed.(1) Definition of callback functionfunction Add (X,Y,FN) { / * * this.x this.y: definition of global variable that belongs to the Add Class * / This

JavaScript in layman's language-learning notes

In MU class before learning JS to understand, recently found a lot of things are not very clear, and then review again good, feel this course is really super good, do notes, and then add some learning content?? Always addCourse Outline1. Data type2.

Basics of JavaScript

(function () {Global attribute infinity means that the value of positive infinity is Nan means values that are not numeric undefined undefind value global function decodeURI () decoding using encodeURI () Escaped string decodeuricomponent ()

JavaScript Loop Statement-6

Learning Goals1. Mastering loops and loops nesting2. Print stars3. Print 99 multiplication tableNestingDescriptionThe following rules are followed when loops and loops are nested:1. the outer layer is false when the inner layers do not execute;2.

Functions in JavaScript-7

functions are also objects, and are a class-one citizen in JavaScript that can be used to create normal objects. Object is just a collection of properties and valuesLearning Goals1. mastering the role of functions2. mastering the definition of

JavaScript Data Type-2

Learning Goals1. Mastering The data types of JavaScript2. mastering The typeof operator3. Mastering Undefined4. Master Nulldata types for JavaScriptThere are 5 simple data types (also known as basic data types) in ECMAScript:Undefined, Null,

JavaScript operator-3

Learning Goals1. Mastering What is an expression2. Mastering The classification of JavaScript operators3. Mastering Arithmetic OperatorsWhat is an expressionThe meaningful expression of a type of data (as usual, a variable, a function, etc.), which

JavaScript Conditional Statement-5

Learning Goals1. Mastering The application of the length attribute2. Mastering The nesting of If statementsLengthSyntax:string.lengthfunction: Gets The length of string stringsreturn value: NumberJavaScript Conditional StatementsLearning Goals1.

JavaScript writes a list of draggable sorts

I often try to write a list that can be dragged for custom sorting, may not write well, welcome to provide advice.My idea is to put all the items in the list in a parcel layer, set the parcel layer as relative positioning, each time you click on an

JavaScript Chapter-----Functions

Functions in ECMAScript are declared by using the function keyword followed by a set of parameters and the body of the function. The basic syntax is as follows,1 {2 function functionname (arg0, arg1,..., argN) {3 statement4 }5 }The function

Variable of 01-javascript

This series of articles focuses on common uses of JavaScript, suitable for junior-level front-end developers, and can be compared to Typescript's series of articles.First, we introduce the functions of JavaScript variables and common variables, and

5 ways to iterate arrays in JavaScript

Browser compatibility: ie9+ES5 defines 5 iterative methods for an array. Each of these methods receives two parameters. The function to run on each item and (optionally) the scope object that runs the function--affects the value of this. where

Talk about JavaScript inheritance

Tag: class This super Color const CTI function implements Func implementation inheritanceThere are roughly 5 ways that JavaScript implementations are inherited:1th, inheritance is implemented by constructor function function parent () {

JavaScript article-----data types

There are 6 types of data in ECMAScript, including 5 basic data Types (undefined,null,boolean,number,string) and a complex data type (Object). "ES6 adds a more symbol data type, but it's not a discussion here first."Undefined typeThe undefined type

JavaScript converts numbers to uppercase amounts

Use JavaScript to convert numbers to uppercase amounts, OK 0.0 to code!varDigituppercase =function(n) {varfraction = [' angle ', ' min ']; vardigit = [ ' 0 ', ' one ', ' II ', ' three ', ' the restaurant ', ' Wu ', ' Lu ', ' qi ', ' ba

Can the memory function of JavaScript really improve performance?

1 What is a memory function? Let the function remember the results of the parameters that have been calculated2 Then why do we use memory functions? The answer is to avoid repeating calculations.3 How do I use and implement function memory at work?

Dom manipulation of JavaScript

Dom manipulation of JavaScriptChildNodes returns an array of all child elements of the current elementFirstChild returns the first subordinate child element of the current elementLastChild returns the last child element of the current

JavaScript has learned the way

The 90.push () method can receive any number of arguments, added to the end one by one, and returns the length of the modified arrayThe Pop () method removes the last item from the end of the array, adheres to the value of length, and then returns

JavaScript functions, serialization/evel Time review

Function Classification:script> normal function () { } anonymous function: function func ( Arg) { return arg+1 } setinterval (function() {Console.log ( 123);},5000) self-executing functions :function func () {}

On the asynchronous processing in JavaScript

In the world of JavaScript, all code is single-threaded Due to this "flaw", all the network operations of JavaScript, browser events, must be performed asynchronously. Asynchronous execution can be implemented with a callback function An

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